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Packgod is a YouTuber and Discord user known for roasting and packing notable streamers and internet personalities, such as iShowSpeed and EDP, among others. Packgod's roasting freestyles became notable on TikTok and YouTube in 2022 after edits surfaced that added images and visuals to his Discord packing. He was originally an admin of the Discord packing server void and a co-admin of its YouTube channel, which posted rap diss tracks about topical influencers. Another admin of void was Leg. Packgod vs. Leg packing battles were frequent on the server, however, the two eventually had a falling out in mid-2022, leading to YouTube drama and Packgod being kicked out of their collab channels.

Online History

Void Discord Server

Packgod's online presence started in 2019 when he and Leg created the void Discord server along with the void YouTube[1] channel that was created on December 31st, 2018. The server became dedicated to "Discord packing," which means a fast-paced roasting battle that takes place over a Discord voice call.[2]

The server gained notoriety and members most notably in 2020 when Leg and Packgod posted a Pokimane diss track to the void YouTube[3] channel on August 3rd, 2020. Over the course of two years, the video received roughly 861,400 views and 56,000 likes (shown below). Keemstar through his channel DramaAlert left a comment on the video reading, "This song 10/10," gaining roughly 22,000 likes in two years. Keemstar's validation of the video notably led to a wider interest in the void Discord server.

Void Discord Packing

Going into 2021, Discord packing became commonplace on the void server. Battles were screen recorded, edited and then uploaded to YouTube. For instance, on December 12th, 2020, YouTuber[4] Mitchel 7346 posted a video of a packing battle between void members Delsin and Calm, earning over 1,000 views in two years (shown below, left). On April 24th, 2021, YouTuber[5] RaulForLife posted a packing session featuring Discord user Creedo, gaining over 15,000 views in a year and a half (shown below, right).

Packgod vs. Leg

Within the Discord packing battles in the void server, Packgod and Leg would often battle. Viral moments of their battles were posted to YouTube in 2021. For instance, Twitch streamer JustMaiko hosted a "Discord Talent Show" on his own server in January 2022 in which Leg and Packgod joined and battled. YouTuber[6] lebebe clips uploaded a clip of the battle to YouTube on January 16th, 2022, gaining roughly 368,100 views in ten months (shown below, left). Also, Leg uploaded a YouTube[7] video of the JustMaiko battle to his own channel on April 20th, 2022, gaining roughly 1.5 million views in seven months (shown below, right).

Packgod Leg Drama

On August 25th, 2022, Packgod posted a YouTube[8] video to his own channel that addressed issues he was having with Leg which led Leg to "deplatform" Packgod by removing him from the void Discord server, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and Spotify accounts. Packgod claimed that Leg had removed him from all of their accounts and socials so that he could make a profit on their work without having to give any of the profits to Packgod. Packgod also claimed that he did "90 percent" of the work on their YouTube channel, writing "90 percent" of the diss tracks.

Leg also deleted all of his messages with Packgod on Discord, changed the name of the Discord server to just Leg and purportedly painted it as if their split was mutual. Over the course of three months, Packgod's video received roughly 465,000 views and 35,000 likes (shown below).

On August 26th, 2022, Leg uploaded a YouTube[9] video called, "The Truth About Packgod," in which he addressed Packgod's accusations and the entire drama that was unfolding. Leg ultimately denied the allegations, however, a significant portion of his comment section was negative feedback, mostly comprised of comments that took Packgod's side or reiterated sadness regarding the duo's breakup. Leg's video received roughly 381,000 views and 16,000 likes in three months (shown below, left).

Packgod then posted a Leg diss track to YouTube[10] on September 14th, 2022, that featured a clip of Cr1TiKaL taking Packgod's side, earning roughly 818,300 views and 55,000 views in two months (shown below, right).

Packgod Discord Roasts

Following Leg and Packgod's split, Packgod started posting Discord packing content to his solo YouTube[11] channel. For instance, his first YouTube[12] video was uploaded on August 21st, 2022, in which he roasted YouTuber SNEAKO on YouTuber Jidion's Discord talent show. The video received roughly 354,500 views and 16,000 likes in three months (shown below, left). On November 19th, 2022, Packgod uploaded a YouTube[13] video of him roasting canceled YouTuber EDP, gaining roughly 414,700 views and 25,000 likes in 10 days (shown below, right).


As of November 29th, 2022, Packgod amassed roughly 499,000 subscribers on YouTube,[11] 8,300 followers on Twitter,[14] 8,100 followers on Instagram[15] and 44,700 members in his Discord[16] server called Packgod's Sewer.

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