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Cybersmith / Human Pet Guy

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Cybersmith, also known as Human Pet Guy, is an internet personality and Lolcow primarily known for his views on "human pets." Cybersmith first went viral for a 2017 Tumblr post in which he defended his hat against accusations of it being a fedora and then segued into a hypothetical proposing that having a forcibly disabled "human pet" would not infringe on other people's liberties. Cybersmith's presence on X led to several users unknowingly sharing his selfies and learning about his internet history, gaining him renewed significance in August 2023.

Online History

2017 Tumblr Virality

On October 17th, 2017, Tumblr[1] user unclefather made a text post that read, "me wearing a dog collar and leash looking up at my manfriend in his trench coat and fedora: let’s go out in public where you can walk me like I’m a dog in front of people who are visibly uncomfortable," to which Tumblr user @thecybersmith responded, "IT’S NOT A FL*PPING FEDORA, IT’S A BOWLER HAT!!!!!!!"

The thread subsequently led to @thecybersmith describing a hypothetical scenario in which he brings a forcibly disabled "human pet" into a restaurant, insisting that doing so would not, hypothetically, infringe on anyone else's personal liberties. He also proposed that opposing such a hypothetical pet would be irrationally prejudiced. The post gathered over 45,000 notes in six years (seen below).

unclefather me wearing a dog collar and leash looking up at my manfriend in his trench coat and fedora: let's go out in public where you can walk me like i'm a dog in front of people who are visibly uncomfortable thecybersmith IT'S NOT A FL*PPING FEDORA, IT'S A BOWLER HAT!!!!!!!! an-average-sized-person Keeo goobin' goober. A fedora is a fedora is a fedora. thecybersmith Anyway, with regards to the original post, what would actually be wrong with that? There's no mention of public nudity, nor of treating the human pet in a way that would be considered strange for a dog. Should people be obliged to modify their behaviour so that the irrationally prejudicial do not experience discomfort? an-average-sized-person "Irrationally prejudiced" m----------- admit you have a petplay fetish. there's no shame in it on this website. thecybersmith Okay... just please consider the following scenario. It's five to ten years from now. You're sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a lovely meal, when I walk in, accompanied by my wife, my children, and my human pet (whose genitals are covered as it enters on all fours and is wearing underpants). If my family and I then make an order of our own at the table next to you, in what way have we infringed upon your freedom? What rational basis do you have to demand that we leave or beloved pet at home? H*ck it all, let's consider a more extreme scenario. It's five to ten years from now. You're sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a lovely meal, when I walk in, without my wife and children (for whatever reason, they haven't accompanied me), with my surgically modified human pet (wearing a collar) being lead in by it's leash. My pet has been spayed/neutered (though you can't tell because its genitals - along with its boobies if its a female- have been covered up), it has no vocal chords, and it walks on all fours not by choice, but because its toes have been removed, along with the tendons in its ankles being severed (it may also have had its thumbs and the last two segments of each finger amputated, making it easier to care for -no fingernails to trim-). Perhaps I've even (humanely) removed its eyes, making it less independent. Even in this scenario, I haven't infringed upon your liberties. "Irrationally prejudiced" is precisely what you are. Source: unclefather 7,202 notes D 17

The Tumblr[16] page @thecybersmith has since been deleted, with the user posting on the account @the-cybersmith as of August 2023.

The text post was screenshotted and shared to various subreddits in subsequent years, including /r/insanepeoplefacebook,[2] /r/tumblr.[3] The thread was also shared on the Tumblr[5] blog @mosticonicposts in 2020.

On December 12th, 2017, Redditor /u/SharkLordSatan posted a screenshot from @thecybersmith's Tumblr blog to /r/iamverysmart where he says that despite his best efforts to "impregnate" Tumblr with the "seeds of his wisdom," the "womb" of Tumblr had "swollen only with out-of-context mockeries" of his person. He adds that he finds the "uterus of the internet barren." The post gathered over 2000 notes before @thecybersmith's account was deleted (seen below).[6][7]

tl G A regrettable fact Despite having worked for months to impregnate this website with the seed of my wisdom, the womb of Tumblr has swollen only with out-of-context mockeries of my person, and a throwaway comment concerning Ashley Rae's frontal jiggly- bits. Alas, when I shower the denizens of this domain with the glorious benediction of my thoughts, I find the uterus of the internet is barren. Follow did you. really have to phrase this in this way How would you have phrased it? Source: #nsfw 2,084 notes A tl

On December 28th, 2018, Redditor[8] /u/KyubeyTheSpaceFerret posted a screenshot of another Tumblr post by @thecybersmith in which he discusses the efficacy of spears versus ammunition with another internet user (seen below).

facts-trump-feelings said Any idea why Trump banned bump stocks? libertybill Uh 4D chess? Something about winning and the best deals? Idk. Whatever excuse to reconcile the fact that the NRA still backs Trump and that it violates the Constitution. thecybersmith Don't Bump stocks hurt your fingers if you use them enough? It's better to just use an actual automatic firearm, or a spear (a skilled spearman can launch a swift volley of thrusts too quickly to be easily parried).

2023 X Virality

On August 10th, 2023, X user @I_Am_CyberSmith engaged in internet discourse with X user @SAMOYEDCORE, a rapport initiated by Cybersmith insisting that the minority-white ruled apartheid state of Rhodesia was "awesome, though."[4] @SAMOYEDCORE went on to note Cybersmith's infamy on certain parts of the internet (seen below, left).[9] @SAMOYEDCORE also posted a screenshot of Cybersmith asking them "What is your problem?" (seen below, right).[10] on bsky @SAMOYEDCORE seeing people spot a cybersmith take in the wild and mock him for his blue check is like watching somebody who's never heard of hitler criticize him for being southern german. it's deserved yet so far down on the list of things 9:07 PM - Aug 10, 2023 · 203.3K Views 388 Reposts 139 Bookmarks 6 Quotes 6,836 Likes on bsky @SAMOYEDCORE I_Am_CyberSmith @I_Am_CyberSmith 18s What is your problem? 9:46 PM. Aug 10, 2023 · 102.4K Views 64 Reposts 5 Quotes 3,320 Likes 25 Bookmarks

On July 28th, X[15] user @GeebMinister quote tweeted a selection of selfies tweeted by Cybersmith, captioning the post, "Crying tears of joy because someone actually looks like this." The post gathered over 38,000 likes in two weeks (seen below, left). On August 11th, X[11] user @midsmoker34 posted a photo of Cybersmith with the caption, "imagine dapping him up and bringing it in for a hug." The post gathered over 34,000 likes in three days (seen below).

F----- Jackass @GeebMinister Crying tears of joy because someone actually looks like this I_Am_CyberSmith @I_Am_CyberSmith. Jul 27 On my way back home from a conference. By train! 7 8:07 PM. Jul 28, 2023 965.1K Views 1316 1,914 Reposts 64 Quotes 38.8K Likes 1,020 Bookmarks : alex @midsmoker34 imagine dapping him up and bringing it in for a hug 12:38 AM. Aug 11, 2023 · 12.6M Views 1,470 Reposts 810 Quotes 34K Likes : 1,956 Bookmarks

The virality of the aforementioned post led to various internet users learning about Cybersmith and his opinions for the first time, with X[12] user @JUNlPER noting this fact on August 12th and gathering over 45,000 likes in two days (seen below, left). X[13] user @pizzamentals posted a screenshot of another Cybersmith post in the reply to @JUNlPER's post, gathering over 11,000 likes in two days (seen below, right).

PRZY pudding person @JUNIPER Aug 12 this is the best post of all time. just person after person in the replies learning for the first time who this guy is and cannot believe what they're reading about him alex @midsmoker34. Aug 11 imagine dapping him up and bringing it in for a hug 519 2,346 48.3K www ₁4.8M Pizzaria @pizzamentals I feel like more people should pay attention to this specific event in CyberSmith lore tbf I_Am_CyberSmith @I_Am_Cyber... . 1d Wait, Vienna isn't in Italy? 2 22 1 3 I_Am_CyberSmith @I_Am_Cyber..... 1d No, different cities, you were right. 221 deathcore_doggy @SAMOYEDWAVE 10 9:53 PM • Aug 12, 2023 · 221.7K Views 354 Reposts 9 Quotes 11.4K Likes 221 Bookmarks ↑₁ 8 Replying to @I_Am_CyberSmith when you look cities up do you usually do it through the dr who wiki :

On August 13th, X[14] user @bethbourdon posted screenshots of an interaction taking place in the replies of a post about Cybersmith, gathering over 33,000 likes in a day (seen below).

beth PL @bethbourdon this place cannot die, i'm begging for a hug 8:27 PM. Aug 13, 2023 · 1.2M Views 11:30 aleksandr @Smoki.... 1d You wouldn't believe it but this man retweets diaper p--- on main. 17 127 2,858 Dis dood @linkszxx. 1d Link? Q2 27 aleksandr W-- you mean link dawg? Q4 125 ♡ 1,815 4 58 Dis dood @linkszxx. 1d Mb 221 1,340 Reposts 38 Quotes 33.2K Likes 908 Bookmarks 285K ↑ @Smoki.... 1d *** il 51.3K ↑ 603 ilı 42.2K ... 51.7K ↑ ↑ :

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Nox Lucis
Nox Lucis

The surgically-crippled slave fetish is one I've haven't heard brought up in a very long time. Takes me back to a time when one could stumble into online shock content just about anywhere. I'm surprised he didn't go with the amputated-above-the-knees-and-elbows-and-forced-to-walk-on-stumps version.
That being said, he appears to be some kind of cartoon British person.


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