People With Blue Eyes meme depicting a line drawing of a person with their arms crossed and a slight smile.

People With Blue Eyes

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People With Blue Eyes refers to an MS Paint drawing of a person with brightly colored blue eyes staring at the viewer with their arms folded. Posted to Twitter in early January 2022, the image spawned an exploitable meme format in which their eyes would get recolored, with the images often accompanied by humorous pop culture references.


On January 9th, 2023, Twitter[1] user @Pubby_Kat tweeted a simplistic drawing of a person with bright blue eyes and crossed arms looking directly at the viewer, captioning the image, "nobody: / blue eyed people:" The tweet accumulated over 6,100 retweets and 59,900 likes prior to being deleted (image and tweet shown below, left and right).

Max/Crepe @Pubby_Kat nobody: blue eyed people:


Prior to January 26th, 2023, the image saw limited spread online. For example, on January 22nd, 2023, Twitter[2] user @og_jujunwa tweeted the image next to an image of The Owl House character Raine Whispers, with the tweet gaining over 180 retweets and 1,400 likes in one week.

Also on January 26th, Twitter[3] user @bapyplup posted an edit of the image, recoloring the eyes green, captioned, "nobody: / people with green eyes:" The tweet garnered over 4,700 retweets and 55,500 likes in four days (shown below).

L plupa stinka @bapyplup nobody: people with green eyes: 3:32 PM Jan 26, 2023 7M Views :

The post prompted more edits of the image to be posted in late January 2023. For example, on January 27th, Twitter[4] user @TricksayRicksay posted an edit referencing Elden Ring which gained over 40 retweets and 390 likes in three days (shown below, left). On January 28th, Twitter[5] user @mrcathacks then posted an edit in which the eyes were recolored brown, with the tweet garnering over 19,600 retweets and 170,000 likes in two days (shown below, right).

Burn the Erdtree to the ground, and incinerate all that divides and distinguishes! Ahhh, may chaos take the world! May chaos take the world! << VAMPS !! » @mrcathacks nobody: people with brown eyes: :

The format maintained its popularity on Twitter through late January 2023, with many edits referencing anime series, video games and other media franchises.

Various Examples

carmen (ghost/pink/il) >℃ • toh spoilers @feelterribleinc nobody: people with brown eyes when the sun hits their face at the perfect angle: : ¿?Leliel¿? @Saxx_xx_ Nobody: Biblically accurate people with blue eyes: Lelielart! : Call me the worst artist of the century @Ratwiththebeans No body: People with blue eyes when the sun hits their face: :
Theinnocenceof @theinnocenceof People who died on August 15th but came back to life under mysterious circumstances: snake @t4totasune something something people who lost one of their blue eyes by a russian colonel and then killed their mom 8:52 AM Jan 30, 2023 1,647 Views السلام


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