Ouhhh Husbant Now We Are Homeress meme.

Ouhhh... Husbant... Now We Are Homeress...

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Ouhhh… Husbant… Now We Are Homeress… refers to a series of memes based on photographs of Japanese singer Mogusa Shirose captioned with Engrish monologue in which she accuses her husband of spending too much money on his hobby, resulting in them now being homeless. The most common photo used in the format is of Shirose standing outside in snowy weather looking sad while staring into the camera. Started by a 2020 4chan post about spending too much on video games, the format achieved virality in June 2022.


The Asian woman whose photographs are used in the memes is a Japanese singer named Mogusa Shirose (mog_beibu).[1][2][11]

On October 26th, 2020, an anonymous 4chan user posted a photograph of Mogusa standing in the snow to the /v/[3] board, writing a dialogue in Engrish in which she accused her husband of spending too much money on video games, resulting in them becoming homeless (post shown below).

440KiB, 1080x1069, 34739783.jpg View Same Google ImgOps SauceNAO Anonymous Mon 26 Oct [31/9/?] 2020 23:33:13 No.530004925 Deleted View Original Report Quoted By: >>530005049 >>530005145 >>530005213 >>530005418 >>530005458 >>530005485 >>530005503 >>530005572 >>530005589 >>530005614 >>530005695 >>530006000 Ohhh... Husbant... You buy too much video games. Now we are homeress....

You buy too much video games.
Now we are homeress….


On December 15th, 2020, an anonymous 4chan[4] user posted the earliest derivative meme, changing the dialogue to be about Fumos (shown below, left).

The meme did not see further spread until June 11th, 2022, when a 4chan[5] user recreated the original October 2020 post on /v/ (shown below, right). Later that day, Redditor ShotaHentaiForLife posted a screenshot of the post to the /r/greentext[6] subreddit, where it gained over 950 upvotes in 10 days.

440KiB, 1080x1069, 18E1D359-305A-4396-99F9- 741ED903E942.jpg Anonymous Tue 15 Dec [10/5/9] 2020 00:12:06 No.9291267 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>9291269 >>9291274 >>9291835 >>9291922 >>9292147 >>9292201 >>9292674 >>9293400,1 Ohhh... Husbant... You buy too much fumos. Now we are homeress.... File: 1603473978374.jpg (440 KB, 1080x1069) Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat)09: >>601954895 >>601954910 >>601954947 Ouhhh.... Husbant... You buy too much video games... Now we are homeress... Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat >>601953515 (OP) Shut up, w----. Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat i'm so lonely >>

In the following week, the screenshot received viral spread online through reposts.

On June 11th, within one hour of the /v/ post, an anonymous 4chan[7] user posted a version of the meme about "husband" spending too much money on a home theater to /tv/ (shown below, left).

The meme spread further on social media on June 16th, 2022, when Twitter[8] user @JackdawJackal posted a version about Bitcoin that gained over 800 retweets and 7,200 likes in five days (shown below, right).

File: 9426BAF9-449F-4FDB-9ADC-8(...).jpg (440 KB, 1080x1069) Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat) 13:41:26 No. 169428805 >>169435165 Ouhhh Husbant... You invest too much on home kinoprex... Now we are homeress... Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat)13:43:04 No.169428856 lets do crack Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat)13:49:41 No.169429036 making money from jav time Anonymous 06/11/22(Sat)13:50:57 No.169429069 >>169428805 (OP) you look like a fat schoolboy

Starting on June 16th, the format achieved viral spread online, primarily on Twitter, 4chan and in LowResMK11 meme community on Facebook. For example, on June 17th, 2022, Twitter[9] user @HoodlumRiku made a meme about buying and then not reading books that gained over 140 retweets and 1,700 likes in five days (shown below, left). Later on the same day, a 4chan user made a post about Funko Pops in /tv/[10] (shown below, right).

Dadmode Rick @HoodlumRiku Ouhhh... Husbant... You are buy too much unread book... Now we are homeress.... 5:10 PM Jun 17, 2022. Twitter for Android 60KiB, 702x692, 20220617_203829.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace ↓ [20/6/18] Anonymous Fri 17 Jun 2022 20:41:11 No.169752657 View Reply Original Re port Quoted By: >>169752708 >>169753116 >>169753258 >>169753499 >>169753742 >>169753760 >>169753795 >>169754104 Ouhhh... Husbant... You are buy too much funko pops... Now we are homeress....

Mogusa Shirose

Mogusa Shirose is an independent Japanese musician who previously uploaded her music to her two SoundCloud[12][13] accounts and to YouTube.[11] She uploaded her first song, "サヨナラ計画," to SoundCloud in March 2013.[14] Her latest upload was made on June 16th, 2018, to YouTube.[15]

Mogusa Shirose has an Instagram[2] account (mog_beibu) and an inactive Twitter[1] account (@abgmgmp). While the phrase "dies from hypotermia" is used in memes spawned a rumor that she might be dead, Mogusa Shirose is alive.

Various Examples

Fauxa Thatcher Today at 12:00 >ouhhh...husbant.. >you spent too much money on Diablo Immortal >now we are homeress...
MW (refollow) @mid_wit Ouuhhh Husbant this is end of the rine 9:13 PM Jun 17, 2022 · Twitter for Android


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