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Oikawa Villain / Most Overrated Villains In Manga

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Oikawa Villain refers to a viral tweet about the Most Overrated Villains In Manga in which the Haikyuu!! anime and manga character was put alongside villains that had done atrocities perceived as much worse than Oikawa's rivalry with the volleyball team of the sports manga. The 2022 post inspired a series of memes about the villain on X (Twitter) and TikTok over the following year.


On January 27th, 2022, X[1] user @wensaki uploaded a collage featuring a series of notable manga villains like Meruem from Hunter x Hunter, Makima from Chainsaw Man and Oikawa from the Haikyuu!! sports manga. The post (shown below) amassed over 750 likes and 3,900 quotes in a year, most of them sarcastically trying to prove that the sports manga villain is as bad as the other in the collage.

@wensaki Follow Most overrated villains in manga I'M SHINOBU. 5:21 PM - Jan 27, 2022 alim X HO FORT Ⓡ


The tweet inspired an online discussion about Oikawa's villanies and rivalry against the other volleyball team. For instance, X[2] user @zoromins quoted the viral tweet adding the caption, "Oikawa just tryna win the game fair n square how he a villain." The post (shown below, left), uploaded on January 28th, 2022, received roughly 1,000 likes and 139 retweets in a year.

On January 30, X[3] user @RAAA_AAAT posted a Haikyuu!! manga panel recontextualizing the moment as if Oikawa had killed one of the characters (shown below, right). The tweet amassed more than 30 likes and five retweets in a year.

nibby¹ (0) @zoromins. Follow oikawa just tryna win the game fair n square how he a villain @wensaki Most overrated villains in manga I'M SHINOBU 5:12 PM Jan 28, 2022 alim X HO FORT Ⓡ @RAAA_AAAT. Follow I'll never forgive Oikawa for killing Daichi AN UNEXPECTED ACCIDENT? HAIKYOUR DAICHI- SAN...? ...CHAPTER 117 LEND "3" X

The discussion also made its way to TikTok shortly after. For example, TikToker @spicyspamburrito[4] posted a video commenting on the villain's doings on January 30th, 2022, which amassed over 105,000 plays and 18,700 likes in a year.

@spicyspamburrito i mean my moral compass isn’t that great so who knows #oikawa ♬ original sound – amber 😼

Various Examples

@bfsatoru most evil anime villain🔥🔥🔥 #oikawa #oikawatooru #tooruoikawa #haikyuu #haikyuuedit #haikyuuedits #anime ♬ original sound – bfsatoru

@kenhinasupremacist This just in oikawa tooru murded kageyama tobio, he will pay for his volleyball sins #oikawatooru#haikyuu ♬ original sound – Hannah Ruby :)

Tomo @LorTomo2. Follow Who is the most EVIL Villian in Anime/Manga? Show more DEATH NOTE X 3:17 PM - Sep 6, 2023 O X yall remember when oikawa was so insane, maniacal, and unstable that he murdered the entire karasuno team with his super triple h--- spin serve linnea @blackadlers Follow touya's camgirl @DabiCumSponge Women watch anime and develop a crush on the most insane, maniacal, and unstable characters. 12:45 PM - Aug 29, 2023 SOR Maybe Go! O

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[1] X – wensaki

[2] X – zoromins


[4] TikTok – spicyspamburrito

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