Metal Pipe Falling Sound Effect Meme.

Metal Pipe Falling Sound Effect

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The Metal Pipe Falling Sound Effect, also known as Destruction_Metal_Pole_L_Wave_2_0_0.wav, refers to the sound of a long metal pipe falling and hitting the ground. On YouTube and TikTok, among other video meme platforms like iFunny, the metal pipe falling sound has been used as a random punchline to various ironic memes. Many one-hour-long versions of the sound have surfaced online as well. It was first used on YouTube in 2020 by YouTuber Jixaw. Some claim that it's from the video game Battlefield 4. It was later used by Twitch streamers Pokelawls and xQc in their soundboard during GTA streams.


The metal pipe falling sound effect was first used by YouTuber[1] Jixaw on September 17th, 2020, in a video for his 6,000 followers on Twitter special. Over the course of two years, the video received roughly 70,700 views and 4,700 likes (shown below, left). Two years later, on November 1st, 2022, YouTuber[2] Jixaw posted the original, metal pipe falling sound effect titled "Destruction_Metal_Pole_L_Wave_2_0_0.wav," gaining roughly 9,000 views and 1,100 likes in one month (shown below, right).

In the comment sections of various YouTube[8] uploads, some purport that the sound is from the video game Battlefield 4 and plays after crashing a vehicle into a lamp post. This is currently unconfirmed.


On December 25th, 2020, YouTuber[3] YMCooper posted a video called "metal pipe falling sound effect.mp4," earning roughly 55,300 views and 1,900 likes in two years (shown below).

A year later, on December 9th, 2021, iFunnyer[4] NobleSakura posted an iteration of the X, Just A Week Away! meme template that replaced the girl saying "Christmas" with the sound effect of a metal pipe falling. Over the course of one year, the video received roughly 4,400 smiles (shown below). On December 16th, 2021, YouTuber[5] Febriannn posted a similar video, using the same format and sound effect. The video received roughly 13,900 views in one year.

On December 20th, 2021, YouTuber[6] 10la posted a one-hour version of the sound effect, gaining roughly 36,000 views in one year (shown below, left). Other videos surfaced soon after, like a "metal pipe falling type beat" video uploaded by YouTuber[7] jorj1357 on January 17th, 2022, earning roughly 3,600 views in two years (shown below, right).

On September 5th, 2022, Twitter[9] user TallBart posted a meme that used an extra-loud version of the metal pipe sound inside the Babe Please Have Sex With Me I'm So Horny template. Over the course of three months, the video received roughly 33,300 likes (shown below).

Around the same time, Twitch streamer Pokelawls started using the metal pipe falling sound effect in his Grand Theft Auto V streams, integrating it into a soundboard that he used to humorously narrate his gameplay and annoy others. For instance, a YouTube[10] video uploaded on August 11th, 2022, showed xQc reacting to Pokelawls trolling Fanum with the sound, gaining roughly 162,200 views and 2,600 likes in four months (shown below).

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this reminds me of the time that a metal pipe in the hall fell and it scared me so much that i jumped quite dramatically, and someone i knew asked me why i always did that when that type of thing happened all the time, and i was unable to give an actual answer


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