Man or Bear in the Woods Question

Man or Bear in the Woods Question

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Man or Bear in the Woods Question or Would You Rather Be Stuck in the Woods With a Man or a Bear? refers to a hypothetical question offering a choice between being stuck in the woods with a random man or a bear. Stemming from a viral TikTok by user @callmebkbk, the question was further promoted by a street interview video by @screenshothq in April 2024. With an apparent majority of women responding that they would choose a bear in the hypothetical situation, the question spawned viral reactions and debates on social media, with users arguing over the validity of both options and about gender relations.


On March 19th, 2024, TikTok[1] user @callmebkbk posted a TikTok in which they responded to a comment by user @user2828263738 made on an earlier unknown video. The comment argued that seeing a man in the woods was less scary than seeing a bear, with @callmebkbk arguing some men could do worse things to a woman than a bear (shown below, left). The upload received over 2.3 million views and 340,700 likes in one month.

Later on March 19th, TikTok[2] user @thottimami69420 posted a TikTok based on the question from that video, replying that she would pick a bear and explaining her reasoning (shown below, right). The video garnered over 4.2 million views and 1.1 million likes in one month.

You see, for man the question "Is there anything worse than death?" is debatable, but it's not debatable for women.


In late March 2024, more videos about the question went viral on TikTok. On March 22nd, 2024, TikTok[3] user @jenniphur_ posted a reaction video that garnered over 5.5 million views and 1.1 million likes in one month (shown below, left). On March 23rd, TIkToker[4] @jayden_gallagher posted a video that received over 44,800 likes in one month (shown below, right).

On April 10th, 2024, the TikTok[5] account @screenshothq posted a street interview video in which several women were asked, "Would you rather be stuck in a forest with a man or a bear?" Out of eight women in the video, seven answered that they would pick a bear over a man. The video (shown below) garnered over 14 million views and 2 million likes in three weeks.

One hundred percent a bear, which is terrifying to say, but….

The upload was followed by more videos in which users answered the question and commented on it. For example, on April 11th, TikToker[6] @luisitorio787 posted a reaction video that garnered over 335,000 views and 21,500 likes on the platform in three weeks (shown below, left). On April 15th, user @xolciamilcx posted[7] a reaction video that received over 5.1 million views and 1.1 million likes in two weeks (shown below, right).

On April 12th, 2024, comedian Leslie Jones reposted the TikTok by @luisitorio787 on X,[8] writing that she would choose the bear. The post garnered over 4,100 reposts and 18,000 likes in three weeks. Later that day, X user @keteneh quoted the post, commenting, "I’ll also choose the bear because at least everyone will believe you when you say you were attacked by a bear." The post (shown below, left) earned over 21,000 reposts and 122,000 likes in the same period.

The discourse achieved further virality on X[9] / Twitter in late April 2024 as more users shared their opinions on the matter. For example, on April 27th, X[10] user @SingingDogz made a post that received over 3,000 reposts and 35,000 likes in two days (shown below, right).

Keteneh @keteneh ... I'll also choose the bear because at least everyone will believe you when you say you were attacked by a bear Leslie Jones @Lesdoggg Apr 12 • I choose the bear!! HEY MEN, you have now become so dangerous to us we would rather take our chances with a wild bear!! Wow yall really need to start listening. This is sad to me!! Again anyone who say not all men is exactly the men we are talking about! It doesn't make sense how... Show more SCREENSHOT . 9:53 PM Apr 12, 2024 2.8M Views with a bear lemon SCREENSHOT WITH A BEAR 2 J Tik Tok reisitorio787 f MJ 88 @SingingDogz "Why does everyone keep choosing the bear over the man? The bear will...." ... The bear is f------ predictable. The bear acts on instinct and doesn't want anything to do with you. The bear isn't going to kill anyone to protect its reputation. Bears can be planned for. • 9:02 PM Apr 27, 2024 792.5K Views

The discourse was followed by media coverage, including articles and opinion pieces by ScaryMommy[11] on April 19th, Inews[12] on April 23rd, and Today[13] on April 27th, 2024.

Various Examples

Echo -☀ @TheEcho13 ... No, the question is whether or not you'd rather be stranded in the woods with a man or a bear. Not their father/brother or a bear. The entire concept is that you don't know who the man is you have to assess which option holds the most risk and the man is the riskier bet every time. • • 11:29 PM Apr 27, 2024 174.4K Views Sabe Biranger @GoodBiRanger "Would you rather be alone in the forest with a man or a bear?" Idk how to tell you this... 6:51 AM Apr 21, 2024 · 105.4K Views ... Lynn/Mulder @tonewplaces I think people need to realize that a sufficiently motivated bear is just as likely to kill you as a human, it weighs twice what you do and has knives for hands, and you might be in its territory without ever knowing • 5:01 PM Apr 27, 2024 · 3M Views

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As funny as these comments are, misandry being normalized this much is depressing.

In an ideal world jokes centered around "Men rape everything that moves" would be on the same tier as boomer women jokes.

That being said, I'd pick the bear for three reasons.
1: Being lost in the woods with someone else means they'd die too if we don't find our way out
2: Bears are pretty chill
3: If the bear is NOT chill, I'll at least get to fight a bear before I die, so I'd have one less thing on my bucket list


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