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Lola Bunny Challenge / #LolaBunnyChallenge

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The Lola Bunny Challenge or #LolaBunnyChallenge is a pornographic internet challenge and hashtag that involves participants doing a physical exercise that was modeled in a viral fan art animation of the character Lola Bunny from the Space Jam films. The NSFW trend, which involves one placing their camera on the ground and then sweeping their leg over the top as they squat toward it, quickly took off in mid-September 2022, often used as a way to promote an OnlyFans page on Twitter.


On April 8th, 2021, the artist Chelodoy[1] uploaded to his various outlets, including Twitter, a fan art piece in which Lola Bunny from Space Jam (the original, not the 2022 LeBron remake), is seen off to the side before extending a leg over and performing a typical gym exercise squat, before extending it downward into a Slav Squat while completely naked. The animation on Twitter went on to gain over 65,000 likes in one year (censored version shown below).



Over the following several months, Chelodoy's Lola Bunny video was shared around various Rule 34 websites, with many praising the artistic capabilities of the creator for his ability to create a convincingly smooth flow of motion. The original animation did not inspire recreations until September 2022. On September 8th, 2022, OnlyFans creator @BrownSugarFlicks then uploaded a video to her Twitter[2] in which she attempted the same movement as Chelodoy's animation with the caption "Tryna sit on yo face like Lola Bunny" and subsequently created the spark that turned into the trend a week later after earning 24,000 likes in six days (censored version shown below).

The trend suddenly exploded in virality on September 13th, 2022, with many other women on Twitter joining in on the trend of posting themselves making the same squat motion that Lola Bunny did in Chelodoy's original fan art. In the following days, numerous users on Twitter uploaded their own videos and created such an upswell in posting that the hashtag "#LolaBunnyChallenge" made it to the trending tab of the platform, whereupon many unsuspecting people were exposed to it. This resulted in memes and reactions taking place that fired back against the challenge or expressed shock at it, as seen in the Twitter post by @EonNite[3] on September 14th in which Patrick is excited at what he sees going on in the hashtag, earning over 400 likes in four hours (shown below).

Avrey Wilson @EonNite "What's the Lola Bunny Cha-... Oh..." #lolabunnychallenge AYE F----- YOOOOOO 8:09 PM - Sep 14, 2022 Twitter Web App ...

Various Examples

Poe's Law: 3.33 You can (not) redo @LivingScribe. 2h. The #lolabunnychallenge? What the f--- is tha- 57 1 19 10 251 Bolm @BolmMIA - 3h #lolabunnychallenge don't open in public 22 1 5 ⠀ coob @mushroommilk22.3h "What could the lola bunny challenge possibly be ab-" #lolabunnychallenge ZEX 1 4 50 ← Theyddy Supremacy @QuingPapi - 3h Bruhhh....i was with my moms when I clicked on #lolabunnychallenge twitter p--- hit different but chill, y'all wildin, horny asses. 0:01 11.1K views 17 5 3 96 Old Nintendo had a farm @nerdgeekman - 3h POV: you clicked on the #lolabunnychallenge GR 0:00 2.5M views From 5 Lua 107 625 ↑ ... Jax @JaxBladeFitness . 4h When ya see why this #lolabunnychallenge is trending 32 291 CHICAGO BULLS ...

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External References

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