The "Like Girl" Noelani Renee On the Whatever Podcast.

Like Girl Noelani Renee / Noelanirenee On Whatever Podcast

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Like Girl Noelani Renee or Noelanirenee On Whatever Podcast refers to a viral video from the Whatever podcast of a Gen Z girl named Noelani Renee saying the word "like" 37 times in under a minute while talking about how she doesn't like the "talking stages" of relationships. The clip was posted in September 2022 and went viral in early March 2023 after it was shared on TikTok by user MoreTruthPlease and on Twitter by wilderpatriot, inspiring memes and reactions, some making fun of Renee and others defending her.


On September 20th, 2022, YouTuber[1] Whatever hosted the 19th live episode of the Whatever podcast. Around the 20:52-minute mark, the host (Brian Atlas) asks the panel of girls if they have any dating topics they'd like to discuss. One girl (Noelani Renee) starts talking about the biggest thing that annoys her in the dating world, saying she hates the "talking stages" of modern relationships and how they can lead to a girl getting attached to someone who seems like they want a relationship but doesn't. As she talks, she says the word "like" roughly 37 times in under a minute.

I think like the biggest thing that like annoys me in like the whole dating world is like f--king talking stages. Like, that shit's so annoying, like the whole, like and just like the inconsistency in them. Like I literally like hate that like so much. But I think that's like my biggest thing is just like… Just like the fact of just like you like… I don't know how to word this… Like in like talking stages and it's just like you're like labeled that and it's like people like are considered like you can't like, you're just like confused and like, most of the time like the girl gets like attached or something and they like see it like it's gonna lead to a relationship and it's always not and it's just like, that's like my biggest thing is like, I just hate the whole like how like talking stages are so like normalized. Like, traditional dating does not exist in this generation.


On February 13th, 2023, TikToker[2] @moretruthplease posted the isolated clip of Noelani's speech, garnering over 55,000 views in two weeks. On February 27th, Twitter[3] user @wilderpatriot then shared the clip, writing, "Like wtf is she talking about? 😂," garnering over 27,000 likes and 10,000 quote retweets in four days (shown below).

On February 28th, Twitter[4] user @NeoBactrian retweeted the clip, writing, "an insane amount of americans, of all races, under the age of ~50 can barely speak english as a first and only language – forget about at a level comparable to a person who completed a secondary level education 60+ years ago," garnering over 16,000 likes in three days. On March 1st, the video was then shared on the subreddit /r/maybemaybemaybe,[5] garnering over 19,000 upvotes in two days. On March 2nd, the @BarstoolSports Twitter[6] page also shared the clip, writing, "Like what are you like even like talking about?" and receiving over 24,000 likes in a day.

While many people made fun of Renee for the way she speaks in the video, others came to her defense, suggesting she is nervous and unable to articulate her point on camera because she's young and not used to being on a live podcast, also explaining her point for those confused (examples shown below).

Northwest Cee @CeeHawk. 3h she's just not able to You know exactly what she's talking about articulate her point, into a microphone, on camera. She's saying in her experience, the "talking stage" that's supposed to be a bridge is actually a roadblock. wilder @wilderpatriot - Feb 27 Like w-- is she talking about? Show this thread 0:42 13.2M views 18 17 18 er JE like that s--- 197 Tik Tok 16.3K ... Ra and Venus' Love child+ ☀ @__sunriseii People use filler words like this when they're nervous. And people struggle with wording their thoughts, we all know what she was trying to say sha wilder @wilderpatriot. Feb 27 Like w-- is she talking about? Show this thread 0:43 13.3M views ea e . JF TAJOK like the whole dating world is like f------ talking stages 2:48 AM - Mar 3, 2023 4,404 Views *** Rei @hinorei Anyone making fun of her is just trying to ignore the fact that she's right. The "talking stage" is the most useless thing ever cause men will use that as an excuse to validate any move they make because they weren't "dating" while the girl is usually thinking it's going to lead wilder @wilderpatriot. Feb 27 Like w-- is she talking about? Show this thread 0:41 13.3M views er JE so annoying like the whole like 9:14 AM - Mar 3, 2023 7,838 Views *** J TikTok

Various Examples

Zherka @ZherkaOfficial God I love them when they a bit slow. Shes a 10 and shes kinda right the talking stage sucks lets just kiss 0:13 11.7K views er JF are considered like 9:55 PM - Mar 1, 2023 31.9K Views J Tik Tok morethplease *** Big Havi. @YAKISACHI She said the new generation uses" Talking" stages to gas light people into thinking they're going to eventually enter into a relationship meanwhile the only thing consistent and guaranteed is inconsistency because in all actuality, you don't like them. You're playing with them. wilder @wilderpatriot. Feb 27 Like w-- is she talking about? Show this thread 0:46 13.3M views 21 er ver I think like the biggest thing that like annoys me 12:08 AM - Mar 3, 2023 from Atlanta, GA - 13.5K Views :

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