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Lana Rhoades' Kid, also known as Lana Rhoades' Baby or Lana Rhoades' Child, refers to a series of memes and discussions revolving around adult film star Lana Rhoades and her baby that began after her pregnancy announcement in June 2021. Due to her past history of adult entertainment, which notably spawned the meme I Hope Mom and Dad Don't Find Out, a viral discussion about her pregnancy and baby resulted in many memes referencing her throughout 2021 and 2022, which Rhoades herself addressed on a podcast three weeks after her initial announcement. In mid-2022, speculation surfaced that the father of Lana Rhoades' baby was an NBA player, purportedly the Brooklyn Nets' Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant.


On June 1st, 2021, Lana Rhoades uploaded a picture to her Instagram[1] containing her ultrasound picture, announcing to everyone online that she was pregnant. The picture was later deleted[7] after memes began to come out about the baby and her pregnancy, many mocking Rhoades.

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One of the earliest meme examples referencing her initial pregnancy announcement was a comment on Twitter by the user @MMAThanos[2] on June 6th, 2021, saying that her baby would "come out like a water slide," which was a common theme in the memes about her pregnancy during that timeframe (shown below).

Heavyweight Thanos @MMAThanos Lana Rhodes's baby is gonna come out like a water slide 12:01 PM - Jun 6, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 7 Retweets 113 Likes ...


Additional memes about Lana Rhoades' pregnancy continued to increase in the following weeks, with two different video memes being made on June 22nd, 2022, and July 2nd, respectively. The first one, which depicts a camera being dropped into the deepest hole in the world, was posted and captioned by Twitter user @JoJo21762493[3] to say it was a "POV of the doctor trying to find the baby" (shown below).

The second video, which takes gameplay from Call of Duty, shows a man dropping down from the sky, spawning in and landing on top of the player recording the interaction. The video, posted by Twitter user @BKid248,[4] is captioned to say that it's "Lana Rhoades' baby coming out of the womb," explicitly referring to her years of adult film acting (shown below).

Lana Rhoades' Response to Memes

On July 23rd, 2021, Lana Rhoades was on a podcast when she brought up the many memes that she's seen from people, briefly going over them with the other hosts on the show. That same day, TikToker rapsnthat[5] took the podcast clip, added in the references to the memes that Lana mentions, and gained over 71,000 likes in one year for the clip (shown below).

After the baby was born in January 2022, memes continued to spread online over the course of the year due to the baby's features as people tried to figure out who the father could be, since it was never revealed and Rhoades said she wanted him to remain anonymous.[8]

On June 20th, 2022, the TikToker W1LL14M[6] uploaded a TikTok of Lana and her baby, Milo, having a fake conversation about who his father is, as June 20th was the day after Father's Day in 2022. The video took a jab at Rhoades by referencing the large number of actors she worked with during her career, and ended using the Guy Holding Up Fingers meme (shown below).

Lana Rhoades' Baby Father Is An NBA Player

On August 24th, 2022, the verified TikTok[9] account of the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul uploaded a video in which co-host Mike Majlak hinted to Charlamagne tha God that Lana Rhoades' baby's father was purportedly an NBA player. The video received roughly 3.7 million plays and 338,400 likes in two weeks (shown below). Majlak is the ex-boyfriend of Rhoades who, early on, was considered the leading candidate to be the baby's father. However, he rejected the notion and instead relayed the "NBA player" hint.

Roughly two weeks later, on September 1st, 2022, Lana Rhoades posted a TikTok[10] that had a text overlay reading, "I swear to God I thought NBA Players were nice guys," ultimately verifying Majlak's hint. Over the course of one day, the TikTok received roughly 849,100 plays and 167,800 likes.

Once the NBA player narrative was confirmed, internet users isolated the fact that Rhoades spoke on the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast about a date with a Brooklyn Nets player around the same time that she became pregnant. This purportedly narrowed it down to two Nets players, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant, however, Rhoades did reveal that the father was a Libra, therefore, Keven Durant became the leading possibility.

This information was uncovered and relayed by Twitter[11] user HokageLaker in a thread they started on June 7th, 2021, titled, "Kevin Durant is banging Lana Rhodes, a thread:" that received roughly 8,900 likes over the course of one year (shown below). On September 2nd, 2022, after Rhoades' TikTok confirmed the NBA player narrative, the New York Post[12] referenced the Kevin Durant investigation in an article it published.

LeKage @HokageLaker Kevin Durant is banging Lana Rhodes, a thread: ARRIC 7:54 PM Jun 7, 2021. Twitter Web App ELIOR ...

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