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The Labia Minora Trend, also known as Labia Minora Backlight Trend or TikTok See-Through Trend, is a TikTok trend in which women wear see-through dresses and stand in front of a light source to reveal the shape of their labia minora. The trend was popularized as early as May 2023 and became the subject of discussion and reactions on TikTok that August after TikToker Jessica Pin posted a video celebrating the trend for normalizing visible labia minoras.


Examples of the labia minora trend can be found on TikTok dating back to as early as March 23rd, 2023, when TikToker[1] @maxsbofficial posted a video dancing in a dress in front of a light source, revealing the shape of her labia minora through the dress, garnering over 369,000 views in three months. The trend spread over the following months. For example, TikToker[2] @zara.blondie0 posted a video referencing the trend in May 2023.

On May 28th, TikToker[3] @jessica_ann_pin posted a video about the trend, sharing her approval of it. She says that the comments from men on the videos are always positive and shares the opinion that the trend goes against the idea that the labia minora shouldn't "stick out," claiming the stigma against visible labia minoras is "pushed for profit by female genital cosmetic surgeons." The video gained over 3.1 million views in two months (shown below).


♬ original sound – Jessica Pin


The video by @jessica_ann_pin resulted in numerous reactions on TikTok, with many asking "what side of TikTok" the user was seeing this on and expressing shock over the trend. On July 22nd, 2023, TikToker[4] @kiirstin.leigh posted a reaction that gained over 1.9 million views in a month (shown below, left). On August 8th, TikToker[5] @badbroad posted a video reaction that gained over 6.5 million views in nine days (shown below, right).

@kiirstin.leigh #stitch with @Jessica Pin ♬ original sound – Kirstin Leigh

@badbroad #stitch with @Jessica Pin ♬ original sound – The Bad Broadcast

On August 9th, TikToker[6] @shesmytranquility1 posted a video sarcastically asking where she can find these videos, garnering over 264,000 views in eight days (shown below).

@shesmytranquility1 #stitch with @Jessica Pin dont tag me (plz do) #women #womensbody #woman #womenempowerment #empoweringwomen ♬ original sound – Ella

Various Examples

@buggirl200 #stitch with @Jessica Pin ♬ original sound – Bug girl

@jordanraecb12 Its me hi im the problem its me 🤪 @The Bad Broadcast @The Bad Broadcast #greenscreenvideo #weirdtrends #itsmehiimtheproblemitsme #jessicapin #thebadbroadcast #satirecomedy #howilovebeingawoman ♬ original sound – The Twerking Mom

@robynschallcomic My grandma was very ahead of the fashion trends! #humor #comedy #funnyvideos #storytime #fyp @Jessica Pin ♬ original sound – RobynSchallComic

@ciao.ariana #stitch with @Jessica Pin ♬ original sound – Ariana 🧿

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