Itty Bitty Bunny Milkies depicting an image of an anthropomorphic rabbit from a NSFW animation.

Itty Bitty Bunny Milkies

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Oh, You Want To See My Itty Bitty Bunny Milkies? refers to an NSFW animation where a pink anthropomorphic bunny flashes her breasts to the viewer. The video, uploaded to Twitter in 2021, became the subject of bait-and-switch memes over the following months. The video is likely inspired by the Oh These? My Boobies? meme.


On March 22nd, 2021, Twitter[1] user and animator Dream Shepard posted a video featuring a pink anthropomorphic bunny character, voiced by Twitter user EndymionVA, who asks the viewer, "Oh, you want to see my itty bitty bunny milkies?" and then flashes the camera, gaining over 52,000 likes and 8,800 retweets in a year. On March 30th, YouTuber[2] AnGel posted a bait-and-switch video where the bunny lifts her top but cuts to the Coconut Malled meme before her breasts are revealed, gaining over 95,000 views in a year (shown below).


The video inspired multiple bait-and-switch edits in the comment section over the following year in 2021, including edits using the Think Fast Chucklenuts meme[3] and the Soap Trusted You meme[4] (shown below).

On May 12th, YouTuber[5] Uferis posted a new bait-and-switch version of the meme, gaining over 655,000 views in 11 months (shown below, left). On May 31st, YouTuber[6] The Potator 142 posted a Don't Let Your Kids Watch It version of the meme, gaining over a million views in the same span of time (shown below, right).

On March 20th, 2022, YouTuber MarlonVids2 posted a video bait-and-switching with the Standing Here I Realize meme, gaining over 876,000 views in a month (shown below).

On March 28th, Redditor OnionVolt posted a version of the meme to /r/shitposting[7] using a scene from Robots, gaining over 26,000 upvotes in three weeks (shown below).

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It was me Barry! I made them to bait-and-switch those bunny milkers so you wouldn't be horny and reduced your blood flow to make you a milisecond slower. Slow enough for me to kill Iris.


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