Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia Mandela Effect showing the imagined and real logos.

Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia Mandela Effect

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Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia and Fruit of the Loom Mandela Effect refer to the Mandela Effect involving a large number of people remembering the clothing company Fruit of the Loom having a cornucopia on its logo despite the logo never having the item on it. The existence of the logo at some point is additionally supported by an amount of unreliable circumstantial evidence.


On August 22nd, 2018, Redditor jinglesbobingles created a thread on the /r/MandelaEffect[1] subreddit in which they outlined a suspected Mandela Effect (a collective false memory/confabulation) regarding the logo of clothing company Fruit of the Loom having a large cornucopia (horn of plenty) next to the fruit in it (artist's recreation and modern logo shown below, left and right).


In the post, jinglebobingles provided several pieces of circumstantial and unreliable evidence supporting the theory that the logo at one point contained a cornucopia, including a description of a canceled trademark, a response from a Fruit of the Loom employee (shown below, left), a cornucopia appearing on a parody logo in the 2006 film The Ant Bully (shown below, center) and the cornucopia being parodied by a cover for the 1973 music album Flute of the Loom by Frank Wess (shown below, right).

HUT.COM HUTA.COM T 2h TRUITSLOOM Fruit of the Loom @FruitOfTheLoom Hi Emma. Yes it is true, the cornucopia never existed. Even some of us are still convinced it was a thing though! 2h Is it true that the logo never had a cornucopia? :o 14h ✓ Please feel free to reach out with any future inquiries! Thanks for the response! GIF ⓇX 1.8 2h ✔ Send THE ANT BULLY - SHRINKING SCENE 0:30/1.06 3219 100% COTTON LOIN FRANK WESS FLUTE OF THE LOOM

Despite multiple claims by people remembering the logo having a cornucopia on it, including instances of people specifically crediting the logo for their knowledge of what a cornucopia is, no solid evidence that such a version of the logo had existed was discovered (logo history since 1893 shown below).



The initial Reddit post was followed by further investigations performed by other users on the /r/MandelaEffect subreddit. For example, on June 17th, 2019, Redditor JugglingKnives shared his correspondence with the original artist of the cover for Frank Wess' album Flute of the Loom, who responded that they distinctly remembered the cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo (extract shown below).[2]

I received a reply the next day from Reed Chappel (Ellis's son): Hi (redacted) - This is Reed, Ellis's son, responding for my dad here. I remember the cornucopia specifically, as does my dad. This is the second time we've been contacted about this album cover and Ellis (and I) are more than happy to answer any questions you have about it. I was a little kid when Ellis painted the Flute of the Loom cover and I remember specifically this album being a reference to the cornucopia in Fruit of the Loom's original logo, which is where my dad says he specifically got the inspiration for the design (when I talked to him about it he said, "Why the hell else would I have used a cornucopia?"). The food coming out of the flute is soul food, actually, a ham hock, cabbage, black-eyed peas, etc. I remember when (in my mind) Fruit of the Loom quit using a cornucopia in their logo and switched to just using fruit by itself. It impressed me because I thought the logo looked better with a cornucopia in it. In my memories this was roughly around 1978 when I was in second grade. So, anyway, feel free to ask away. Thanks a lot! Reed and Ellis Chappell

On October 19th, 2019, Twitter[3] user @NickHintonn posted about the Fruit of the Loom Logo Mandela Effect, with the thread accumulating over 6,300 retweets and 23,800 likes in four years (shown below).

Nick Hinton @NickHintonn The Fruit of the Loom logo has never had a cornucopia in the background!! This is another mind bending Mandela Effect. The 'real' logo just doesn't feel right to me. 'OF FRUIT THE LOOM® FRUIT THE LOOM. 11:31 AM - 4 Oct 2019 >

On November 25th, 2020, YouTuber[4] EmpLemon posted a video about the logo, which garnered over 1.3 million views in two years (shown below).

On January 23rd, 2022, TikToker[5] madelinemorera posted a video about the logo that accrued over 818,000 views and 153,000 likes in one year, sparking interest in it on the app (shown below, left). On January 29th, TikToker[6] @lilbroomstick06 posted a meme about the logo that gained over 707,000 views and 141,000 likes in one year (shown below, right).

More viral posts about this instance of the Mandela Effect appeared online throughout 2022 and 2023.

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This one's especially alarming to me because usually with the Mandela Effect you can see WHY people would have imagined it, you can point to elements in their culture that would have made them just assume or concepts they naturally default to appearing in their memories where they just seem like they'd belong.

Except this is an underpants logo and not particularly societally connected to ANYTHING, and some of the people who remember the logo and can describe it literally do not know what a cornucopia is. And when I ask people who DO know what a cornucopia is how they know that, about half the time they say 'from logos, mostly' and then when I ask WHAT logo, to actually name a specific instance of it…

They frequently cite Fruit of the Loom


99% of "mandela effects" have a simple solution.

This one doesn't.

Everyone remembers the cornucopia.

Everyone remembers it was the first time they'd ever seen a cornucopia.

Everyone learned what a cornucopia was from this fucking logo.

Every parody of the logo includes a cornucopia.

It's not easily mistakeable, like C-3PO's leg in Star Wars, or the "a" in "Berenstain."

It's not a snapshot of a moment in culture, there are examples going all the way back to the 70s.

It doesn't come from a lack of information, like Nelson Mandela's supposed death in jail.

It doesn't come from internet misinformation… it literally predates the internet.

I love debunking Mandelas, but this one… every time I try to think up a logical explanation, I feel like I need to be fitted for a tinfoil hat.


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