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Flicker Goon, also known as Flickergooning, is a slang term derived from "gooning." The phrase was popularized on TikTok in 2024 as part of a wider ironic trend about masturbation habits, in the same vein as memes about edging. The term "Flicker Goon" appeared in a meme slideshow on TikTok in May 2024 before being reposted to X / Twitter later that month, prompting discussions from people puzzled by what the expression could mean. "Flicker Goon" is a phrase likely derived from combining boxing and exercise terms or based on video game "teching," as indicated by joking variations presented in the comments of the original TikTok post that popularized the term.


On May 22nd, 2024, TikToker[1] @bestsparring posted a slideshow depicting two manga panels that read, "I can goon for 8 hours straight" and "I can Flicker goon for 7 seconds." The post gathered over 620,000 views and 60,000 likes in a day (seen below).

I can Goon for 8 hours straight Ican Flicker goon for 7 seconds

The comments on the TikTok post showed other users exhibiting similar wordplay by combining various boxing, calisthenics and fitness terms with TikTokisms like "munting," "edging," and "jelqing." Other terms like "sweats" indicate video game lingo, inferring that "flicker goon" could be an imaginary, advanced video game technique referred to as "tech" or "teching" (examples shown below).

poop flicker goon + hitman jelq = 1d ago Reply View 136 replies Chill Vibes I can phoenician taint tickle for 7 nanoseconds 1d ago Reply View 42 replies ✓ lan Flow state+ adrenaline + Mongolian tip toe 1d ago Reply View 82 replies Ippo makanouchi I can Russian munt for 9 mins 1d ago Reply View 34 replies 8109 1557 5488 4182 colormangreen Aztec edge 1d ago Reply View 5 replies Brother Its 2024 you shouldve alr mastered the Mongolian reverse grip cream cancel by now 22h ago Reply View 73 replies ✓ Callie☆ this is why i quit gooning. too many sweats 1d ago Reply View 16 replies 769 1943 1013 #1 Fishbone Fan i can feel my frontal lobe expanding 19h ago Reply 1029 View 12 replies ✓


On May 22nd, 2024, X[2] user @Driftdende reposted the aforementioned TikTok with the caption, "What is flickergooning," gathering over 65,000 likes in a day. The post received joke replies from other internet users, including X users @BiggerBoss94[3] and @aryanchuds,[4] gathering over 9,000 and 19,000 likes, respectively, in a similar timeframe (shown below).

Amygdala @BiggerBoss94 flickergooning is basically gooning after a 7 day edging streak( or more depending on what level gooner you are). its called flickergooning because when you finally coom your eyes start flickering from the extreme pleasure Society is fine, right boys? The West is... Flourishing, correct? Billions must... Live! Isn't that right? 11:31 AM ⚫ May 22, 2024 374.4K Views BLACK LIVES MATTER Hyphen @aryanchuds Follow me after flicker gooning for 0.1 seconds and my penis grows red hair and starts walking home with me 이둘 에게 말이다 이들 OEM Nicolas-sama03 3:47 AM ⚫ May 22, 2024 422.8K Views

Also on May 22nd, TikToker[5] @peoplesfreedom posted a brainrot slang overload video in reference to Flicker Gooning, gathering over 73,000 plays and 15,000 likes in a day (seen below).

@peoplesfreedom #brainrot #tiktok #corny #boxing #top10 #respect #real #classic #agartha #atlantis #gym #fitness #menshealth #wellness #mentalhealth #brainrotcore ♬ Fright Night – Slowed – evrythnghurtz

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