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Flat Fuck Friday

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Flat Fuck Friday is a social game played mostly on Twitter in which participants post images of creatures or things (most commonly animals) that appear squished into flatness, often using the hashtag #FlatFuckFriday. The phrase was first used on the platform in 2019, and gained significant traction throughout 2020 as more users participated in the game.


On January 19th, 2019, Twitter[1] user @solardivulger posted an image of a hamster laying on someone's hand, looking very flat, captioned, "flat fuck friday" (shown below). The post only gained 10 likes in two years, but is the earliest known use of the phrase on Twitter in association with a photo of a flat animal.

... cay- (>, a) @solardivulger flat f--- friday

Later that year, other Twitter users began making Flat Fuck Friday posts, slowly gaining more and more traction. For example, on October 10th, Twitter[2] user @thalixcx posted "flat fuck friday post flat fucks!" along with an image of a flat cat, garnering over 80 likes and 10 retweets in roughly two years (shown below, left). On November 7th, Twitter[3] user @cosmic_dia posted a painting of a flat seal under the phrase, garnering over 450 likes and 170 retweets in a comparable span of time (shown below, right).

On December 13th, Twitter[4] user @iknowjackshit posted, "HAPPY FLAT FUCK FRIDAY" along with an image of a flat crocodile, garnering over 4,300 likes and 1,700 retweets in roughly 16 months (shown below, left). The flat crocodile has since become the most common image associated with Flat Fuck Friday.

The next Friday (the 20th) Twitter[5] user @staroftherogue posted the same image, writing "IT'S FLAT FUCK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" garnering over 15,000 likes and 5,200 retweets in the same rough span of time, receiving a number of comments of other flat creatures (examples shown below, right).


Over the course of 2020, Twitter[6][7] users continued to make Flat Fuck Friday posts every Friday, some of them gaining significant attention. On January 24th, Twitter[8] page Gators Daily started participating in Flat Fuck Friday, making a post with the flat gator every Friday since that is often popular.

On February 14th, 2020, Flat Fuck Friday coincided with Valentine's day, as mentioned in a tweet by @Kolvencia that day (shown below).

Flo ... @Kolvencia It's flat f--- friday, but also valentines day! Time to gorge on chocolates to become the pancake crocco of your dreams.

On April 2nd, Gators Daily posted their most successful Flat Fuck Friday post to date, garnering over 40,900 likes, 120 comments, and 6,600 retweets in a year.

On May 27th, YouTuber[10] pigdeons posted a video edit including an original theme song for Flat Fuck Friday (shown below).

A copypasta text graphic reading "FLAT FUCK FRIDAY" began to make the rounds on an unknown date (shown below), seen below from Twitter[9] user @math8r on April 16, 2021.

█ ▀█▀ ▀ █▀
█ ░█░ ░ ▄█

█▀▀   █░░   ▄▀█   ▀█▀
█▀░   █▄▄   █▀█   ░█░

█▀▀   █░█   █▀▀   █▄▀
█▀░   █▄█   █▄▄   █░█

█▀▀   █▀█   █   █▀▄   ▄▀█   █▄█
█▀░   █▀▄   █   █▄▀   █▀█   ░█░

Various Examples

F--- you its flat f--- friday AND filet o fish friday @史视新闻 QAKIDRAE i wish all flat f---- a very Friday

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