YouTuber Twomad Death in February 2024.

Twomad's Death

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Twomad's Death refers to the death of 23-year-old Canadian YouTuber and streamer Muudea Sedik, known as Twomad, on February 13th, 2024. Twomad's cause of death was speculated to be an overdose (OD) on the day of his passing when reported by TMZ. Also, a rumor spread that Twomad died while playing Overwatch 2 according to a Discord screenshot that allegedly showed his status. Before his death, Twomad was notably facing a controversy regarding assault allegations. During his career, Twomad generated notable memes like Goodnight, Girl, I'll See You Tomorrow and his famous photoshoot with creator Belle Delphine, among other things. Shortly after his death, YouTuber Jameskii levied accusations against Twomad that furthered the discourse about his allegations.


On February 14th, 2024, TMZ[1] reported that YouTuber Twomad had passed away on the night of February 13th, after authorities found him unresponsive in his Los Angeles home when conducting a wellness check. TMZ was told by the LAPD that there was drug paraphernalia found on the scene and that the police were investigating it as a possible overdose.

TMZ posted to X[2] / Twitter that day linking their article on February 14th, 2024, gaining over 2 million views and 7,400 likes in an hour (shown below).

TMZ TMZ @TMZ YouTuber Twomad Dead at 23, Investigated as Possible Overdose | Click to read more YouTuber Twomad Dead at 23, Investigated as Possible Overdose From 2:17 PM Feb 14, 2024 2M Views ● ...

Online Reactions

As TMZ's post on X went viral within the initial hour of its upload, various users reacted to the news, gaining their own virality. Many of the initial reactions were memes and jokes that humorously celebrated Twomad's passing due to his controversial history.

For instance, on February 14th, 2024, X[3] user @femceldorito posted a GIF caption meme of Minions cheering "twomad dead at 23," gaining over 3,900 likes in less than an hour (shown below).

twomad dead at 23 80

Also on February 14th, X[4] user @mask_bastard added Twomad to Meme Heaven, receiving over 300 likes in an hour (shown below, left). Then, X[5] user @slayworldalby quoted the post, writing, "he is not going up there," gaining over 1,200 likes in less than an hour (shown below, right).

BRANS Vo slayworldalbania @slayworldalby he is not going up there Swe meme bastard Replying to @TMZ Wii @mask_bastard . 42m 2:50 PM. Feb 14, 2024 21.5K Views SUFER :

Fellow YouTubers and influencers also posted reactions to the news on February 14th, 2024, such as YouTuber Ricky Berwick who replied to TMZ on X,[6] writing, "holy fucking shit," gaining over 3,200 likes in an hour (shown below, left).

YouTuber Jameskii notably posted to X[7] on February 14th writing a long-form post that reiterated the allegations levied against Twomad before his death. Jameskii also alleged that Twomad had tried to murder him and other "innocent lives." Jameskii's tweet received over 30,000 likes in an hour (shown below, right).

TMZ TMZ @TMZ. 1h YouTuber Twomad Dead at 23, Investigated as Possible Overdose | Click to read more YouTuber Twomad Dead at 23, Investigated as Possible Overdose From 1.5K Ricky Berwick @rickyberwick holy f------ s--- 17.7k 2:38 PM Feb 14, 2024 202.4K Views 9K il₁ 2.7M 口企 Subscribe Jameskii @Jameskii I can finally say it. Twomad was a r t and a p Over the past few years he tried to murder me multiple times for helping the police & detectives in multiple states to investigate a lot of horrible things he's done. He wanted to take out multiple innocent lives by getting behind a wheel and going head on on freeway while being high on illegal drugs. He didn't succeed once as he overdosed before killing anybody, so he tried it again. Despite him trying to murder me and multiple innocent lives I've been trying to help law enforcement to make sure he's safe, doesn't get hurt and doesn't harm anybody. Please remember that he's a ra t and a pl e, he continued to prey on the vulnerable even after the police got involved, including a 13 y/o in mental hospital. The tragedy doesn't excuse any of his actions. : I will address a lot of stuff when I fully collect my thoughts. Past few months have been a total mess and reason why I ended up in ER. Please give me time. 2:41 PM Feb 14, 2024 1.9M Views ●

News of Twomad's death also spread to Reddit[8] and Instagram[9] on February 14th, 2024. Numerous TikTokers also uploaded videos about Twomad that day, such as TikToker[10] @bal.d.entertainment, gaining over 8,800 plays in less than an hour.

"Twomad Died Playing Overwatch" Rumor

On February 14th, 2024, X[11] user @Slade91021 tweeted a purported screenshot of Twomad's Discord status, showing that he was supposedly "Playing Overwatch 2" for five days straight. @Slade91021 captioned the screenshot in all caps "NIGGA DIED WITH OVERWATCH OPEN LMFAOOOOOO," receiving over 27,000 likes in an hour (shown below).

Slade (ages strongest soldier) @Slade91021 N---- DIED WITH OVERWATCH OPEN LMFAOOOOOO sorry if I take too long to respond to dms I get so many and im going f------ N MODE twomad muudeasedik but/awesome ABOUT ME 1.) do as i say. 2.) I am vry vry slow to discord dms, contact me (YOU KNOW WHERE) for response. 3.) everything is good. MEMBER SINCE Apr 22, 2020 PLAYING A GAME ROLES Overwatch 2 for 5 days Dec 1, 2021 literally god, will mute and ban u Twitch Subscriber Twitch Subscriber: Tier 3 NOTE Click to add a note tribe regulars 2:59 PM. Feb 14, 2024 919.7K Views # LITERALLY GOD, WILL MUTE AND B... twomad Playing Overwatch 2 REAL? - 1 Walter H White jesse we need to cook COUNCIL - 5 (ma)maee Arsenic Playing Medal berdy herly kissy missy Viper Album 2/2/2020 ZENJI'S (DON'T ANGER THEM) - 4 Fox! Honey Bee juuls reering HELPER - 1 CEO OF AGENT lost in yesterday ... SAMPOL - 1

Twomad and Etika Comparisons

After the news of Twomad's death spread, "Etika" started to trend on X's "What's happening" tab. Some users angrily reacted to the comparison, like X[12] user @zuperzonic5001 on February 14th, 2024, gaining over 5,000 likes in less than an hour (shown below).

Zuper @zuperzonic5001 we are NOT f------ doing this etika was a kind, caring person who unfortunately never got the help he needed after he was pushed into a dark place twomad was a p PEOPLE there is no universe where they're comparable an t and an abuser who attempted to KILL Trending in United States Twomad 18.2K posts : Trending in United States Etika 9,419 posts 3:32 PM Feb 14, 2024 94K Views

Jameskii's Twomad Allegations

Jameskii's Twomad Allegations refers to claims made by YouTuber Jameskii on Twitter / X against deceased YouTuber Twomad shortly following his death. Jameskii's claims built on Twomad's assault allegations that surfaced before his death. In the following days, Jameskii followed up on his claims via a second, long-form tweet that included more evidence like a photo of a bullet hole in his office window and a money spread-like photo of restraining orders on his arm. Jameskii vowed to fully address and prove his claims in a then-upcoming video.

Various Reactions

lesbian estinien wyrmblood @AZUREDRAGONSONG twomad and ian miles cheong in the same year bless you 2024 0:02 Funeral food be so good I be forgetting who TF died TMZ TMZ @TMZ. 1h YouTuber Twomad Dead at 23, Investigated as Possible Overdose | Click to read more 2:49 PM Feb 14, 2024 583.6K Views lori :3 @lor2k5 news of twomad death they faces killing me why nobody gaf 2:49 PM. Feb 14, 2024 176.9K Views @Johnny Neff : pyra @thepiratepyro. 29m twomad in his gaming chair: 0:07 ofatti Plastic Love I @PlasticKatLove - 38m ... overdosed playing overwatch The Real Asakura | Thank You Atlus @OneTrueKura Twomad's drugs after realizing he's one away from an overdose II GIF 3:00 PM - Feb 14, 2024.93.7K Views PRYSMA @prysmatoo Twomad waking up in hell as the Baphomet himself devours him in an endless loop of torture II GIF ALT 2:51 PM. Feb 14, 2024. 94.4K Views *** John "Cheap Imitation" Cash @2k18hoodmoments Twomad's existence was strange because he went from some guy making funny videos to essentially a miserable rude man who got kicks hurting other people And he died just like that. A miserable lonely man who whose only moments of joy were at the cost of others. Dexerto @Dexerto 1h · ▲ YouTuber Twomad has reportedly died at 23 years old Via @tmz 2:52 PM Feb 14, 2024 72.8K Views :

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So I will say, I did not like Twomad at all. I mean, I don't like a single thing about him honestly. It was always abundantly clear that he was never mentally well and after Etika and watching people cheering on his mental instability until his death I just could never humor the guy. Especially when this last year Twomad was making 1000 unhinged schizo tweets a day and people were just cheering and laughing the entire time.

But to see him dead at such an early age…..fuck, it's not right. I'm not going to lie though, I made sure to check several sources to find out if he's actually dead or not because Twomad was unhinged enough to fake his death for content. But the people cheering on his death…, fuck them. Rest in Peace Twomad.


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