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Sweet Baby Inc Detected Controversy refers to a Steam group or page that was made to identify which games the video game narrative consultant group Sweet Baby Inc had consulted on, attempting to help players avoid them. In late February and early March 2024, a controversy surrounding it emerged after two employees with Sweet Baby Inc called attention to the group and tried to have it removed. The aftermath resulting from the initial callout subsequently reignited tensions in the gaming industry held over from GamerGate with many critics of the consulting company calling for the destruction of Sweet Baby Inc.


On February 26th, 2024, Steam user Kabrutus[1] created a Steam Group page called "Sweet Baby Inc detected" that cataloged any game that was proven to have hired Sweet Baby Inc to consult on it, talking about the company and those games in a negative connotation.

This was subsequently picked up on by the Sweet Baby Inc employee Chris Kindred, who posted on their X[2] page three days later, on February 29th, calling out the page and claiming it was in breach of the code of conduct (shown below). Kindred notably called for people to report the group and its creator on Steam.

197 chris kindred @itskindred The @Steam curator harassment group Sweet Baby Inc detected is lead by this person, @kabrutusrambo. Here's them trying to be slick so they don't get reported. Even with the discriminatory language filed off, the group itself still fails the code of conduct. THÀNH KHÁC MÁY changed the approach to a more neutralne in order to cheek moyat from any sports that is ppi could make the purpose of the car is still the same let powabout game with the company P A O s wget husy case joigtsmake people niew of the key comp medy Aryad qavm forang penyurt dont ge barred because of this editiated to read and I came here because a trend who know about my suratl ne about it intryg to change reine e Online Conduct Examples of disrespectful content include: • Insults or harassment • Threats or encouragement of harm • Trolling or balting arguments • Discrimination Our Online Conduct rules broadly apply to all behaviors and content on Steam. Content or behaviors that violate these rules are not allowed. Accounts that post such content or engage in such behavior may be subject to restrictions. • Bypassing word of content filters • Public accusations towards others The guidelines below are intended to provide more context for how the online conduct rules apply to various areas of Steam, while also including additional specifics for those areas. Feb 29, 2024 7:12 PM UTC 105 53 55 36 121 99 Steam Discussions & Comment Threads There are many shared spaces on Steam where players can engage in public discussion. In addition to the online conduct rules, players and developers should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that these shared places remain constructive and respectful Be respectful of yourself and other players Interactions with other players should not be abusive, disparaging, or inflammatory, nor create an environment that is unwelcoming. 32 1310 555 46 NEA Steam Year In Review 2023 Just changed thanks for the seast OF 124 30 174 113 30 Det b To avole base and other complications. Fabac of wording the reviews as "hard", I would just puta gerenc message of Secret for C KABRUTUS KABRUTUS. chris kindred @itskindred anyway report the f--- out this group: steamcommunity.com/groups/sw... Braz I need a weapon Desc eraerisa je wari kens "kiached” when she ve thehye edge fede Thanks for the suggestion Steam Community :: Group :: Sweet Baby Inc detected For letting people know if a game is involved with this company. steamcommunity.com chris kindred @itskindred and report the creator since he loves his account so much .. 36 1,489 1,897 60 Sessions Achievements New Games Level (63) 13 12 Years of Service 650 XP Add Friend 4 me to Jain Your Follow 6h Cur Deep Join Ⓒlock All Communication Report Player Profile Awards 2 6h 6h

This call-out of Sweet Baby Inc wasn't the first, as earlier in February, Sweet Baby Inc found itself under fire in regards to the Suicide Squad game, which angered many of fans of the Arkhamverse games that Kill The Justice League takes place in.

This anger at the game found its way back to Sweet Baby Inc, with many content creators and users singling them out and claiming that games made in collaboration with the company are doomed to be worse than they would have been without it. This sentiment is echoed in a TikTok uploaded on February 1st, 2024, by TikToker TheTruthGuy18f,[3] which received over 80,000 views in one month (shown below).

@thetruthguy18f #greenscreensticker #fyp #viral #foryou ♬ original sound – Smooh 💤🇺🇸

Online Reactions

As news began to spread about Sweet Baby Inc employees casting a spotlight and trying to actively get the Steam Group shut down in late February 2024, a Streisand Effect began to take place, with more people becoming aware of the consulting group as the number of people calling out Sweet Baby Inc began to increase rapidly.

Some users who had been upset with Sweet Baby Inc for some time were quick to point fingers at individual employees, as seen in the multiple screenshots arranged and uploaded together by X[4] user @Mangalawyer on March 2nd, 2024, in which an employee of Sweet Baby Inc, known online as @Legobutts, had their mission statement at Sweet Baby Inc contrasted against several posts made by them in the past (shown below).

felix at home @legobutts pay me to shoot down your white male lead game ideas 2:03 AM Jun 13, 2014 1 Repost 19 Likes felix at home @legobutts ... i usually get grossed out when straight white rich people kiss but even i think those two are pretty cute 4:11 AM - Feb 12, 2024 1,928 Views 8 Likes 3 Bookmarks 605 I just had a thought about trying this again with a photo of a young white person about to be ripped open but i'm betting folks would immediately flag it as traumatic and i'm guessing the image would get taken down before responses accumulated. 2:40 PM - Dec 18, 2019 1 Quote 1 Like felix at home @legobutts had a nightmare that i was a white male gamer 8:04 PM Jan 6, 2014 felix at home @legobutts 3 Reposts 8 Likes We have to look at story and narrative as one of the things that we can innovate on. Like when you bring someone in from a different culture, from a different background, from a different gender, they're going to create something that we haven't seen before. The way that we look at demographics is that we go, OK, the majority of our player base is, let's sav, a white male. So we're going to make stuff for white males. But if you make something from the perspective of an Asian trans woman, and it's really strong, then it will work for people. People crave new stories. If you want to innovate, even to stay current, it's not about graphics, it's not about hardware. It's about opening up new perspectives for people. So I explain it as, it's important to game development to diversify. It's not just part of advocacy or activism. It is going to make your games better. Alex: Also, of course gamers are mostly white guys: you're making games for white guys! Try making games for somebody else, maybe they'll show up!

With the actions of Sweet Baby Inc being seen by the gaming collective online, callbacks to GamerGate also began to be made by creators online. For example, on March 2nd, X[5] user and independent artist @kukuruyo uploaded a comic utilizing Vivian James (the "Pro-GamerGate Icon") as a contrast against a representation of Sweet Baby Inc, who quickly turns himself into a Nazi as the punchline (shown below).


The controversy also garnered numerous discussion videos, memes and other posts on TikTok in early March 2024 as it spread online (examples shown below).

@bulletclubgaming91 #greenscreen I break down #itsagundam new video on the #woke #gaming #DEI score requirements killing the #gamesindustry what are your thoughts on #killthejusticeleague #wb and #sweetbabyinc involvement #influencers #influencer #gamingontiktok #youtubegaming #youtuber #youtube #twitchstreamer #twitch #streamer #gamers #gaming #contentcreators #esports #streamers ♬ original sound – Bullet or bulletclubgaming91

@kyleguts It’s truly awful#CapCut #sweetbaby #games #videogames #meme #woke #funny #funnyvideos #theoffice #ps5 #xbox #pcgaming #batman ♬ original sound – kyleguts
@nathaniel.hendric4 #rocksteady #ssktjl #sweetbabyinc ♬ original sound – Nathaniel Hendrickson

@gamershaunt Xbox Game Studios' upcoming projects including the Fable Reboot and South of Midnight have recieved the Sweet Baby kiss of death. With Sweet Baby aiding in script writing, character design, story design, and cultural sensitivity. AKA wokifying. Gameplay videos and more on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCirOkxlBHmAfen0LdeR10PQ References Endymion Tweet https://twitter.com/EndymionYT/status/1764009192233504904 IMDB Fable Reboot Page https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12769576/companycredits/?ref_=ttfc_sa_3 Steam Curator https://store.steampowered.com/curator/44858017-Sweet-Baby-Inc-detected/ Steam Group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sweetbabyinc-detected #xbox #xboxseriesx #xboxgamestudios #sweetbabyinc #xboxsweetbabyinc #gaming #fablereboot #southofmidnightgame #southofmidnight #wokeness #wokemindvirus ♬ original sound – Gamer's Haunt

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