Pyrocynical Grooming Allegations

Pyrocynical Grooming Allegations

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Pyrocynical Grooming Allegations refers to accusations of grooming made by Ivory Rasmus against YouTuber Pyrocynical which Pyrocynical supposedly committed when Rasmus was 15 years old. The allegations were denied by Pyrocynical in a Reddit post. In mid-December 2020, YouTuber Turkey Tom posted a document providing additional materials supporting the allegations, with Pyrocynical providing a video response in which he again denied them.


@llovebird · Oct 29 ivory rasmus 1312 tw // grooming 000 pyrocynical groomed me, and i have screenshots to prove it. I've been sitting thinking about this s--- nonstop, being angry, confused, and sad that I've had to accept this since i was 15, but i never said anything cus i felt powerless 27 2.4K 3.6K 1.5K @llovebird · Oct 29 ivory rasmus 1312 What he sent ranged from drawn nsfw to fetishy YouTube videos, and he'd ask me to compile s--- for him using tags that he liked on certain websites. At 15 i obviously did it cus he's f------ pyrocynical. i was just happy to be talking to him, and i was trying to continue that 000 26 27 18 927 ivory rasmus 1312 @llovebird 000 Replying to @llovebird i have discord screenshots going back 4 years proving all of this and idk if i should post em here but i may. either way, I'm done sitting here being quiet about it when i know mad people went through the same s---, but are extremely traumatised and scared of talking about it 9:00 AM · Oct 29, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone ivory rasmus 1312 E= @llovebird · Oct 29 here's the screenshots yall. the last one is cement proof that it's him, and i put his discord id in the text box below the messages. aaaa 2 O 421 t1 302 O 695 ivory rasmus 1312 == @llovebird Replying to @llovebird i didnt realize that deleted discord ids were messed up if they're not taken from a member list on a group. the ID for his account is "108354332730105856" and it should come up with this username when searched^^ Verizon 44 PM 11% Deleted User 49dleBcS Seach Deleted User 49dlecs levebird Paying Gg Chr 6:51 PM - Oct 29, 2020 - Twitter Web App

Addressing the false allegations UPDATE Hey gamers. I would like to take this opportunity to address a false allegation recently made against me on Twitter. As some of you may have seen, it has been claimed - back in 2016, when I was 19 years old - that I "groomed" an individual who was 15 years old at the time. I want to set the record straight with you all and share the truth. This accusation is 100% false and incredibly irresponsible. I am not denying that in the past, I took part in conversations with others that many of you will understandably consider to be weird and distasteful (probably an understatement). It was careless of me not to consider who was behind the role-play / art sharing, and I take full accountability. But these exchanges never amounted to anything other than fantasy role-play. I have never sent or solicited nude or IRL content. I have never tried to engineer an illicit encounter or lure anybody into anything. I have never built a dialogue, connection or relationship with the intention of manipulating or exploiting anyone. This was even confirmed by Ivory himself in an interview. He never at any point stated that he felt uncomfortable, and if he did, I never would have continued to message and respond to him. Every exchange between Ivory and I was fully consensual and reciprocal. He never once disclosed the fact that he was 15 at the time these exchanges commenced. He didn't include his age in his bio until he was 16 but I was not on Twitter between 28th December 2016 until 29th June 2017, as I was suspended. Moreover, individuals have since come forward contending that Ivory would be disingenuous about his age to proactively gain entry to other fantasy roleplay groups I am really confused by Ivory's inconsistency. There is evidence to suggest that he has engaged in fantasy roleplay with another individual similar in age to me. This individual was also not aware of Ivory's age at the time. But in this particular example, it was [Ivory who very much initiated and directed the roleplay. After Ivory alleged that I "groomed" him, this individual then reached out to him to apologise for any hurt he may have inadvertently caused him. To which Ivory responded: "no ur fine ide". Why does he not care in this instance? Why does he remain unaffected by a similar interaction with others, yet feel the need to single me out and character assassinate only me on social media? Furthermore, if he is as angry, confused and sad as he claims to be, why has he been in friendly contact with me right up until September of this year? During the interview mentioned earlier, he was confronted with evidence that he sent kink art to someone else. He initially claims it was him, but then backtracks, claiming he has no recollection. I am not here to personally attack anyone. I just want to clear my name. Being falsely accused has been extremely stressful and it is such a serious issue, I feel it has to now be addressed. All this being said, I will kindly ask my fans to not call out Ivory nor direct any negativity his way. I don't want to play any part in fuelling or perpetuating hate. I just want to share the truth, close this chapter, move forward and return to doing what I love: making unfunny videos.


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Duke Bruh
Duke Bruh

I've heard about this Turkey Tom in the past and honestly I've never cared about him,being a commentary channel and all. He's been doing this for years and has been involved in all this drama,flamewars and he's….only 18 years old.

For real,imagine destroying your reputation on the internet,making a fool of yourself at such young age,in fact it seems to be a trend nowadays getting involved or create the biggest amount of controverises in the shortest span of time possible.


in reply to Duke Bruh

Turkey Tom legit seems like a nasty person all the way around. I think he just did cartoon junk and only transitioned to drama videos for clicks.

Oh, and he's apparently a fedora tipper, so, you know, that explains a lot.


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