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Female Cop Maegan Hall / Tennessee Police Sex Scandal

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Maegan Hall Female Cop Tennessee Police Officer from La Vergne Coffee County / maegan hall memes.

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The Tennessee Police Sex Scandal / Maegan Hall refers to a scandal involving a female cop from La Vergne, Tennessee named Maegan Olivia Hall who allegedly had sexual relations with eight fellow male officers in 2022, which led to her termination and the firing or suspension of the others in late 2022 and early 2023. The viral story led to multiple memes and reactions on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit where many memes surfaced about Hall that humorously labeled her as a girlboss and compared her to other unlikely female swingers such as Caroline Ellison. Discourse also surfaced about Hall's husband Jedidiah Hall that likened him to a cuck. Additionally, one officer's account of explicit photos and a video sent to him by Hall caused reactions and curiosity.


On December 12th, 2022, a complaint was filed to the La Vergne, Tennessee police department by Mayor Jason Cole who was given a then-anonymous tip that patrol officer Maegan Hall was allegedly having sexual relations with other members of the police department, initially suspected to be Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Patrick Magliocco (including his wife in a reported threeway) and Officer Larry Holladay.[1] In the initial report[1] from LPD that was released on December 28th, 2022, it additionally stated that officer Hall purportedly partook in a “girls gone wild” hot tub party at Sergeant Eric Staats' house.

The initial December 28th, 2022, report[1] outlined a series of internal investigations within the department including interviews with the suspected officers. The report concluded with the conviction and suspension of officer Maegan Hall on December 29th, 2022. Five officers (patrol officer Juan Lugo-Perez, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan, Sgt. Lewis Powell and detective Seneca Shields) were also terminated due to sexual relations with Hall or lying about said relations.[2] Also, three officers (Patrol and K-9 Officer Larry Holladay, Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl) were suspended.[2]

On January 6th, 2023, local Tennesse news outlet NewsChannel5 Nashville published an article[2] about LPD's report[1] that brought the case to the public eye. On January 9th, 2023, the tabloids the New York Post[3] and the Daily Mail[4] published articles about the case. In the Daily Mail's article, it shared an account from Sgt. McGowan that explicit photos and videos were sent to him by Hall. Also on January 9th, NewsChannel5 Nashville covered the full details of the case on air and later published the segment to its YouTube[5] channel, earning roughly 112,700 views in one week (shown below).

Additionally, on January 10th, 2023, the New York Post[8] published another article about Maegan Hall's husband Jedidiah Hall who's a Tennessee state park ranger. According to the tabloid, Jedidiah Hall was not aware that his wife wanted or was in an "open relationship."


On February 28th, 2023, Hall filed a federal lawsuit alleging that her colleagues had sexually "groomed" her through abusive and manipulative tactics. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for lost wages and mental duress caused by the scandal.

Online Reactions

On January 10th, 2023, a thread started on 4chan's /pol/ [6] board about the Daily Mail article. On January 12th, 2023, the Twitter[7] account for the No Jumper podcast tweeted about the case, including a picture of Maegan Hall and a news segment that outlined the details, earning roughly 7,000 likes in five days (seen below).

Thereafter, memes about Maegan Hall started to surface across social media. For instance, on January 12th, 2023, Twitter[9] user BornAKang tweeted a video that edited a news segment about Hall's scandal, gaining roughly 6.3 million views and 87,400 likes in five days (shown below). The video has a watermark reading "@Rotiandsex__" but an Instagram[10] page with the same handle does not have the video on it.

Various Maegan Hall-related memes[14] also surfaced that related her to online pornography scenes such as Piper Perri Surrounded and the Casting Couch, among other edits using her photos or those of her fellow officers as exploitables in Photoshop edits and memes.

Caroline Ellison Comparisons

On Twitter,[11] /pol/[12] and elsewhere in mid-January 2023, Hall was compared to FTX executive Caroline Ellison who also allegedly engaged in sexual relations with her co-workers. For instance, on January 15th, 2023, Twitter[13] user Bubola tweeted photos of both women with the caption, "You may not like it but this is what peak sex kitten looks like," gaining roughly 28,700 likes in two days (shown below).

Gretchen Lynn @Bubola You may not like it but this is what peak sex kitten looks like 0 LICE CA 2011 10:46 AM Jan 15, 2023 2.8M Views ...

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