Drake Exposed Video Leak Twitter depicting the rapper and a censored screenshot.

Drake Exposed Video Leak on Twitter

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This entry contains content that may be considered sensitive to some viewers.


The Drake Exposed Video Leak on Twitter, also known as the Drake Leaked Video, refers to an explicit video allegedly showing rapper Drake sitting in bed naked. It was leaked on Twitter / X in February 2024. The video was leaked by multiple Twitter users named @d4dfur, @Focusonmegirl and @Yumkittymeow. The video gained multiple reactions on the day of its spread akin to shock media. Also, some alleged that it was not Drake in the video because the man seen appears to not have Drake's wrist tattoos. Ultimately, it is unconfirmed who the man is and where the video came from. Drake also responded to the discourse via an Adin Ross stream in which he seemingly laughed off the video.


On February 5th, 2024, X[6] user @d4dfur posted a video that showed a man sitting in bed recording himself while nude. The man resembled rapper Drake although his face was not fully shown. @d4dfur is currently the first known leaker of the video, receiving over 374,000 views and 4,000 likes in less than a day (censored screenshot shown below).

andrés @d4dfur DRAKEEEE???? 0:01 9:22 PM Feb 5, 2024 374K Views :


On February 6th, 2024, another X[1] user, @Yumkittymeow, reposted the video, captioning it, "FINNA RIDE TILL I DIE," receiving over 567,700 views and 1,200 likes in five hours (censored screenshot shown below).

minaj @Yumkittymeow FINNA RIDE TILL I DIE 0:05 3:04 AM Feb 6, 2024 567.7K Views •

The video quickly spread on Twitter / X on February 6th, 2024. Referencing the "Drake video" in a tweet was similar to Don't Google memes that light-heartedly urged others not to research.

For instance, on February 6th, X[2] user @kirawontmiss shared a gasping emoji image, telling others not to check why Drake was trending. The post received over 20,000 likes in five hours (shown below, left).

Also on February 6th, 2024, X[3] user @FearedBuck shared a similar post with a GIF of the Thousand Yard Stare meme, gaining over 5,000 likes in five hours (shown below, right).

kira @kirawontmiss DO NOT CHECK WHY DRAKE IS TRENDING 3:32 AM Feb 6, 2024 3.9M Views Subscribe : FearBuck @FearedBuck DRAKE GOT LEAKED??? II GIF 3:11 AM - Feb 6, 2024.2M Views ...

Similar memes and reactions spread on Reddit, like a post shared by Redditor HeftyDelay2468 to /r/GoodAssSub[4] on February 6th, that showed Ye in the Thousand Yard Stare template, gaining over 400 upvotes in six hours (shown below, left).

In the same thread on /r/GoodAssSub, Redditor[5] docchar1402 shared a screenshot of a different thread in which the mod of the sub asked users not to share the Drake video. The screenshot showed that someone commented with the 1984 GIF and it received over 360 upvotes in six hours (shown below, right).

r/GoodAssSub . 6 hr. ago SUB Hefty Delay2468 TURBO-GRAFX 16 nahhh they done leaked drake's MEME : r/GoodAssSub u/LORD_FOX 29mX-3-2 【キッズシーゴースト 808 • Do not post Drake's D--- on the sub MOD ANNOUNCEMENT You will be permanently banned and you will not be given a chance to plead your case. 426 20 DC unidad-prohibida. 28m JohnyTheJoke 28m Vultures Vol. 1 . INGS Share

Hoax Speculation

On February 6th, 2024, X[7] user @kijanaYaa replied to X[6] user @d4dfur's post, claiming that, "This is not drake. Look at the tattoos near his wrist." The tweet alleged that the man in the video did not resemble Drake due to the appearance of no wrist tattoos. In less than a day, the tweet received roughly 22,200 views (censored screenshot shown below).

Kijana Ya Baba (Parody) @kijanaYaa ... This is not drake. Look at the tattoos near his wrist. I'm not the hugest fan but you don't gotta lie on this man. 4:05 AM Feb 6, 2024 22.2K Views

Drake's Response

On February 6th, 2024, a clip from Kick streamer Adin Ross was shared by X[8] user @Liutauras_ in which Ross was texting Drake about the video. After sending him a voice memo about it, Drake allegedly texted back multiple laughing emojis. The clip received roughly 5,000 likes in less than a day (shown below).

Various Examples

Ahmad Sultan @ahmadsultan67 Drake bro in the leak videoff 0:08 9:20 AM. Feb 6, 2024 724.6K Views ... juju š ✔ @ayeejuju just saw the drake video.... 6:22 AM Feb 6, 2024 1.1M Views THNEED CO O 10 Subscribe @HardenUTD Ngl drake really a perfect ass dude bro light skin, unlimited money, drippy and now he has a big d--- we can't compete 0:05 From NEDI'S P.O.V 3:36 AM Feb 6, 2024.2.1M Views *** 16

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