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Dracula Flow

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Dracula Flow refers to a series of viral videos called "dracula flow," "dracula flow 2" and "dracula flow 3" (and so forth) in which a man is freestyle rapping dressed as the vampire Dracula. They were posted to the YouTube channel of PLUMMCORP RECORDS in 2023 and 2024, which is a record label owned by Joji, aka George Miller or Filthy Frank. The videos gained remixes and AI voice covers going into late 2023, spreading to TikTok and elsewhere. They also spawned a Dracula Flow copypasta based on the rambling lyrics of the freestyles. The hip-hop quality of the videos likens them to the satirical hip-hop music genre. In late 2023 and early 2024, both "dracula flow 4" and "dracula flow 5" were released, each earning their own copypastas.


On April 24th, 2023, the YouTube[1] channel PLUMMCORP RECORDS uploaded a video called "dracula flow." The roughly minute-and-a-half-long video featured a man crudely dressed as Dracula freestyle rapping. Over the course of five months, the video gained roughly 127,000 views and 9,300 likes (shown below). Also on April 24th, PLUMMCORP RECORDS posted the video to its TikTok[2] page, gaining roughly 45,400 plays and 4,100 likes in the same timeframe.

PLUMMCORP RECORDS is said to be owned by Joji, aka George Miller or Filthy Frank, in accordance with posts in the /r/PinkOmega[3] subreddit which state that Joji had "been promoting [it] at every concert during goofs and gags, intermission etc."


We straight gassin', cuttin' straight to the bricks. Haha, this shit ain't nothin' to me, man. We smokin' Runtz. Shorty got a BBL, took that shit out because she couldn't run. I had to do it to them, snipe! I went Judge Judy on that pussy, snipe! I'm not loyal to anybody. I'mma demon. I have no loyalty for anyone—never did, never will. Shorty chose to be with a demon, sounds like her problem to me, haha! This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. My money longer than James Cameron. On and off the court, straight fundamentals, no funny business. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. Movin' like Dracula, we get it back in blood. You see it? I really did this. I'm really him. Flipped a whole brick into an empire. Stop playing with me. I have no sympathy. I live for this shit. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. I'm nice wit' it, haha! My money long. My pockets deep. No pocket watchin' in these parts. We straight gassin', cuttin', straight to the bricks. Chanel optics got me seein' shit.

Dracula Flow 2

On May 30th, 2023, "dracula flow 2" was posted to YouTube[4] by PLUMMCORP RECORDS, gaining roughly 176,900 views and 12,000 likes in four months (shown below).

That pussy better stank, otherwise, I don't want it. Popped a Perc 30 got straight to fuckin'. That pussy dulce. Smokin' fentanyl-laced cereal milk. I see God. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. That pussy got me screamin', cryin', pissin', shittin', shootin' ropes. Yeah we gettin' that Pirate Bay, alien, shish kebab, cordycep money. I hope them aliens are real so that I have more things to fuck. Smokin' the Qui-Gon Jinn, Vietnamese, Phillips-head Runtz. She suck me like a cordless, Dyson V8. I'm in the k-hole lickin' balloon knot. When I got the meat cannon, I be shootin' straight rope. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. Chanel optics got me seein' shit. I need fentanyl, slime! I just popped a whole garbanzo bean, fuck you mean! I smoke real Emrani, rapscallion, ghost nuggets. Y'all can't fuck with me. I'm him. I been him. I will continue to be him. Yellow rubies glistenin' like piss. Gulpin' sea monkeys by the gallon. My tummy feel crazy. That coochie yummy, slime. The coochie doin' it for me, slime. They thought they could stop the demon. I'm back. The zaza got me speakin' Esperanto. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. We out here cloud seedin'. The scope bleamin'. You can't trust me. I don't even trust myself. I don't know who I am anymore. I'm getting too much money. Ass so fat. I'm peakin' off this Danny Phantom, slime! Can you remind me who I am? Get the President on the phone now! I fronted him a brick! I need my money! Hello? Blac Chyna?

Dracula Flow 3

On July 31st, 2023, "dracula flow 3" was posted to YouTube[5] by PLUMMCORP RECORDS, gaining roughly 602,100 views and 58,000 likes in one month (shown below).

I’m movin' different. This shit ain’t nothin' to me, man. I’m a dog. I’m bitin' the fart bubbles in the bath. We smokin' symbiote. Smokin' that Whoopi Goldberg, South Egyptian, fur burger deluxe, Mega Millions scratcher, skunk bubba kush. We smokin' dung beetle. I’m on 12 Vicodins, smokin' on Scooby-Doo dick. We smokin' Sequoia, Banshee boogers. We snortin' that good Buffalo Soldier, tamarind, Jordanian gibbies. They must have amnesia. They forgot that I’m him. That Burberry Backwoods pack hittin'. That pussy smell like a Hellcat V8. We smokin' shit in a glass pipe, blowin' the Lord’s bubbles. I’m sick in the head. I’m on them Broward county Tic-Tacs. I’m on them Georgetown geronimoes. I’m on them Nashville nibblers. I left my Margiela’s in the Benz trunk. I’ll have to stunt on them next time. I don’t give a fuck if I go blind. I don’t need to see the price tag anyway. We s- I’m high on 12 Jason Bournes, lookin' to beat the cum out of a thick, fresh oak. We smokin' filtered crack you stupid piece a shit. I’ll fuckin' kill you. Call that pussy The Matrix 'cause I’m in this bitch and I can’t get out. Last guy who ran off on the pack got choked out by some Givenchy gloves. The last thing he ever saw was the price tag on them slowly faded into darkness and I let the archangels take him. I need more Sequoia, Banshee boogers. Don’t be shy, girl. I love me some pastrami mudflaps. I’m movin' like French Montana. Heh? Welcome to the Cream Kingdom, bitch! Open up! Blac Chyna, I’d drink her piss out of another man’s balls. My shooter a crackhead. He look like Woody Harrelson. You ain't seen ten bands in your life, jit! Reach for my neck, you'll get turned into an example. Y'all gotta stop playin' with me, man. I threw diamonds at the strip clubs under the Great Pyramids. I pushed a camel through the eye of a needle. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. Tied the opps to the back of a Trackhawk and dragged them around the block for 24 hours. Motherfucker look like a Resident Evil 5 campaign extra after we was done with him. Opps wanted some initiative, blew up their entire quadrant. I'm movin' like Oppenheimer. She dropped that ass on me from an egregarious angle. They thought I was Stephen Wallace. Top shelf zaza disrupted my circadian rhythm. I have seen the Magna Carta. I have seen the eye of horror. I was flippin' bricks for Mansa Musa before y'all even became a type one civilization. This shit ain't nothin' to me you stupid piece a shit. Step the wrong way and you will perish. That pussy feel like Biscoff Butter. You think I care about this shit? Ask me if I care about this shit 'cause I don't give a shit. If I had a dollar for every time they said I gave a shit, I'd be broke 'cause I don't give a shit. My bitch look like David Hasselhoff. I balled so hard they thought I was a fuckin' nutsack. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. I'll kill you, you stupid piece a shit.

Dracula Flow 4

On December 1st, 2023, the YouTube[17] channel of PLUMMCORP RECORDS posted "dracula flow 4" which was roughly 10 minutes long. It received over 123,000 views in four hours (shown below).


This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. Haters in shambles. They stay pickin' the corn out of my shit. This Smith & Wesson got me movin' like an invasive species. I got Midas touch, fuck boi! Bitch so bad, I made her shit in my chopped cheese. I'm at the bank about to withdraw all of it. These Valentinos are from Milan, you fucking idiot. That Fentanyl gave me Vitruvian Man flexibility, got me in a state of rigor mortis. Caught a broke boy trying to come up on my Amazon package, so I skinned his ass alive. Ah! We smoking Serg Ibaka spinal fluid-infused quick-release percs. She spread it and let me take a deep snip of that Mahi Mahi. I gave that pussy a raspberry. They needed a stealth soldier, so I put my hands on the hibachi hot plate at Benihana and burned my fucking fingerprints off. They will not find me. Konnichiwa, you little jit. Snortin' some premium modest yahoo got me fighting for my life. I make a nice stew out of that pussy. Blacked out on the Percocet, ordered a Desert Eagle off Amazon. I used to nut in my socks until the crust smelled sweet. I ain't never goin' back. Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream cake in my fronto leaf got Subanese crystalline shards pokin' out my lungs, fuck boi. I'm in Göbeklitepe shirtless in a loincloth, blowin' bareback asshole out smokin' aqueduct filtered sherm. Told shorty to keep that box breathin'. Yeah, she's squeezin' the garlic. We smokin' Java, man. Face pressed up against that monkey sniffin' for dear life. The Cuban link will turn the diamond tester into a pipe bomb. Glock 34 shivered his timbers. Blew her back out usin' a mama-skin condom. Dick pussy free-ballin' like Shaq and Kobe. I'm smokin' Mesopotamian, Stanley Cup, triple award-winning, soul bleeder, taint blaster, JD Power Associates, dingleberry zaza. We smokin' that IBM quantum computer. I can't wait to curb stomp you in these dumb ugly-ass Rick Owen shoes. I'm Dracula. I'm 12 million years old. When I hid it from behind, the room smells like absolute Meechee. They said I wouldn't shit on them. I spread my cheeks and hit 'em with an absolute screamer. Little bro was emaciated. The percs done ate little cuzo ass up. These cops are interrogating me about an ounce of weed as if I didn't kill an Applebee's hostess two miles away. I come from a long bloodline of Italian leather. My Bottegas have veins pumpin' through them. Smokin' indigenous fronto leaf in a bacon, egg and cheese, hashtag Le Chemin du Roi. Eyes bloodshot, leanin' up against the wall, beaten off to my Chrome Hearts boots. Opps was talkin' crazy. Shot 'em in the mouth. My Audemars Piguet worth the GDP of Yemen. If this watch breaks, the foreign exchange market will take a 28% hit. People will die. My diamonds come from the most horrific situations possible. Slurpin' a quick release perc off the plate like a pinto bean. I keep my Glock at the Vatican. She squirt on me. I love being covered in the Chichi manga. They're sick in the head. They forgot I'm him. I'm him-ulation. I am Him Kardashian, Himbuktu, Himon and Pumbaa. I got my DNA test back, turns out I'm a hundred percent Himalayan. Fuck it. I ate the opp. She let me hit it. That gash sound like salmon roe. You ran off with the Diddy Kong, triple espresso, personal hotspot, stem gripper runs. There are consequences to your crimes against Dracula. Get shorty outta here. She's built like a Jay Electronica verse. I swear Bezos said it best. I'm a mud baby. I can't stop. I have more percs than there are stars in the Leo cluster. I'm claiming every corner, every block. Fuck it. I'm coming for every enzyme. Snortin' dexy, eatin' skate right outta the lake. Opp was sneak dissin' on the Gram turned his city into Pompeii. These ain't no mall mange, you ugly bastard. They want to drive a wooden stake into my heart for pullin' my cock out at the Toronto Blue Jays game. All I'm saying is I paid for the tickets. My Ducati leather trench coat bright red. I look like 10 million crawdads fuckin'. That elite pussy turned me into a radical. I'm movin' lucrative. I'm in the pod smokin' sa-boo-ba, smokin' that good shoo-be-doo-wa. I'm fucked up in the crib listening to Trill Sammy. I'm on the Ivory Coast eating vermilion snapper. War is all I think about. I've never been scared in my life, jit. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man. I need my percs. I need my percs. One perc is never enough. Popped a Brazilian butt berserker and had that pussy screechin' like a harpy eagle. [Urgh] I'm smokin' that shit that makes the toes curl. I'm doin' a lotta drugs, a lot. Walked along the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert for 40 days and 40 nights with nothin' but a of Newports and a fifth of Henny. I really do this shit. I'm startin' to get real pissed off. What the fuck is Obamacare? Hey Obama, I don't care about shit. Look at this shit. I sold crack to myself, spun around the block so many times they thought it was fuckin' Minecraft. We smokin' that Boomhauer. Choked his goofy ass out with a B.B. Simon belt. She wanted Dick, but I gave her crack. I'm smokin' lizard taint, sniffing monkey. It's Monkey Monday. Show me that monkey. Ah! I'm gettin' too much money. I'm fucked up drinkin' a Chinese Modelo. I'm smokin' on that hush puppy limón. Broke boy wasn't ballin' enough. Welcome to the Wong Dong Tigers. These Ferragamo's are real, cunt. I got more sticks than a fucking forest. I have the blueprint to the catacombs Pop four flimflams at KOD came out with hepatitis. This shit ain't nothing to me, man. I'll fuckin' kill you. I smoked a new opp. His meat came right off the bones. The first time I smoked runts, I coughed so fuckin' hard. I started passin' kidney stones, then shat myself in front of the gang. There was scat all over the pounds- There was scat all over the pounds we shipped out for the next 30 business days. I don't have any compassion for broke boys. Everybody has an asshole. Most people have dick and balls. Go outside and get a bag. I knew the perc was fake, but I still ate it because I'm a gremlin. I'll air this bitch out like I shit in it. I took two Limitless pills to limit myself. I got so much cheese in my pocket, they thought I was a fuckin' calzone. That pussy balder than Howie Mandell. Crashed the Benz truck, sip some mud, everything felt alright. Popped a bean, now I want to kill someone. Yeah, I drill with my mask off. I'm moving like Gilbert Arenas, snippin' white phosphorus. The Vatican wants to wet me up with silver bullets, but I'm on a goddamn samurai pill. I'm a real creature. I'll spin the block, huffin' spores, to see tomorrow's stock market. Lungs lookin' crazy. Rollin' the ol' flesh cigar around your fingertips. Boy ran off with a Banjo Kazooie. I had to cast a spell on that motherfucker. I got strands of RNA in my hookah. Every puff is an insult to God. The dust pack got me doing the third-world stare. This zaza will give you a 2019 Alex Caruso hairline. Chopper small and sturdy, built like Wilmer Valderrama. I let her hit the zaza just to buy her a bit more time, but all she wanted to do was fuck my brains out, then euthanize herself. Dehydrated the soot between her ass cheeks and snorted that shit through my eyelids. Trackhawks sound like game seven. Yahoo! I'll give you that fluoride stare. Pussy's so tight, I had to scissor her ass. This Henny got me feelin' crazy. This Henny got me wantin' to shit. This Henny got me feelin' like DDG. My bitch pussy fatter than Druski. Drank man, please! I'm thirsty. I'm ready. I'm trying to pour up. Drank man, please! This Henny makin' me want to go to the mall and do somethin' crazy. If Santa come down my chimney, I'mma fuck him. [Urgh! Urgh!] That's what my Hellcat sounds like. This shit ain't nothin' to me, man.

Dracula Flow 5

On April 30th, 2024, PLUMMCORP RECORDS posted "dracula flow 5" to YouTube,[18] earning over 38,800 views in four hours (shown below). In the description, the creators wrote, "The finale."


How can I be homophobic? I blew his fuckin’ brains out. This Luger will send a Christian to Hell. Shorty looked so good I used her piss as crab boil. Nutted so crazy I got 108° fever. Smokin’ on Congolese Dick Wick lookin’ for a signal. I went dark a long time ago. Packed her asshole so tight she pushed out a pearl. The fentanyl got me movin’ like a claymation figure. Real premium French scatatooie. Money longer than KD's feet. Started off shooting dice in the cum slum learned how to load the 9 mm Canik and change the trajectory of everything. This shit ain't nothing to me man. I fuck like it's for survival as if it's the last sip of water I'll ever get, ribs visible, eyes bloodshot, thrustin’ away. I got my cob looking like Mexican street corn. I'm so violent and sick in the head I can't tell if I want to kill my opps or fuck ‘em. Zaza got me feelin’ like everything gonna be all right. Got the registered God Particle on my hip, ready to have some hickory smoked opp. Wiped the nut on my Amiri jeans and got right back to fuckin’ work. Sippin’ on McDonald's house red. AK sing like a castrati [Ooh ooh ooh ooh ee!]. I have no morals or belief system I have no spirituality or anything that gives my life meaning or structure. They asked me to shoot I do it. I have no character. Homegirl got a nice little turd cutter on her. Put a bag over his head and send him to paradise. The Xan Francisco got me lookin’ and movin’ like Mr. Bean. I ain't sayin’ shit. Got a ruptured eardrum from havin’ my ear to the streets for so fuckin’ long. On a full moon I'll fuck anything. I'm smokin’ on that Sumerian Quasimoto carpet bomber obsequious demon whisperer Runtz. Pussyboy wanted beef with me over Galactic acquisition, called his mistress over and put 10 inches on her forehead like Peyton Manning. I'm a street creature. The weed will have you in purgatory screamin’ for eternity. You will relive every key mistake you've ever made in your life, over and over and over again. I was in the Maybach grippin’ the stem. Snip the banjo string roamed around Northern Cambodia with an open incision. They told me I wouldn't shake the city so I shook that shit like a cryin’ toddler. Hit the gelato papaya, took a sip of the Jose, everything turned red for 8 minutes. Woke up in Geneva. Oh man, I did it again! Destroyed his bando with a solar flare. I'm in the club listenin’ to the brown note. My dogs will do anything for a Newport and I mean anything. They think I'm homosexual the way I'm chasin’ the sack. Whippets left me with a drool and a shit-eatin’ grin. My bitch look like Timothée Chalamet. I'm a product of the gutter. I fried up some corn snake for the cuzzos. The zaza got me talkin’ like Pingu. I'm the real goliath grouper. I'mma need you to suck the pigmentation out of this one young blud. Shorty ass so fat I thought I was balls deep in Kyle Lowry. I only handed back the Free World ‘cause I was bored. This blunt is overwhelmingly large. This blunt has a pulse. This blunt looks like Ray J's dick. This blunt got veins pumpin’ through it. This blunt curve right at the tip. This blunt looks like it's been pushed out. This blunt has a family somewhere worried as hell. I ain't even gonna hide it no more, this blunt feels like a solid fibrous piece a shit, straight up, a big meaty piece a shit, balanced diets, lots of fruit and vegetables, would honestly float in the water, which is a sign of good health, husky little fella. The zaza got me connectin’ the dots. There are bugs under my skin. I need to dig them out with a screwdriver. She broke my heart, had me shadow boxin’ behind the 7-Eleven in my 2005 Cleveland LeBron jersey, Zara jeans, and some LRG shoes, windows tinted, listenin’ to Tee Grizzley, smokin’ on a goon rock. The bugs are back. I'm smokin’ on pussy sloth. The worms in my head won't shut the hell up. They're telling me to go absolutely fuckin’ stupid on ‘em. I don't even need to brandish the nine. I'm pissin’ and droolin’ all over myself, howlin’ and itchin’ to take lives, shit! I'm so excited to take lives, I'm literally covered in cock alla Shitty Boy Meechy. I can't even take care of myself when I think about this shit. Smokin’ a real nuclear shit submarine. I got this shit figured out. Smoked a seven gram Backwood of shadow whisperer. Shit had me fucked up in the crib lookin’ up pictures of dogs with human eyes. I got interdimensional demons droppin’ the pin as we speak. They'll take anyone back over there. Unholy doses of Percocet and Hennessy got me shittin’ in the bed more than the Oakland A’s. I'm back to back with God, shakin’ the fuckin’ universe. This is an army of two. Beat his ass and send him into an improvement cycle. He look like Bandman Kevo now. This za feel like heroin. This heroin feel like za. Flashed it at the parking lot in the Lenox Mall with a serial number scratched out and everything. Threw the opp into the particle collider, watched his ass get pulled apart into a million pieces. Turned his sorry ass into some data. Stuffed her booty hole with some sour diesel and sent her on her way. That little flesh canoe got a mesquite vibe to it, perhaps an apple or cherrywood smoke. She took a chance and spread it for a Nebraska dollar. She had a whole speakeasy behind those meat curtains. The pussy has its own time signature. The bugs are back. Rings so heavy, I can't answer the phone. I don't want to kill them, shut up! I don't want to kill anybody. Put the gun down, young man. There's too much pussy out there to kill yourself. That pussy tighter than the bulletproof counter window at a White Castle. How can I be gay? My bitch is homophobic, haha! Shout out to my man [unknown]. Wagwan, big one up yourself, select a Dutty Wine road side gal me’a gonna fuck. 58% THC pre-rolled joints. Rolled in keep, had me readin’ the Book of Revelation. We are indeed close. I bought her Chanel bags until there was nothin’ left in her eyes. Motherfuckers live in their car and call it “van life.” Stop lyin’ to yourself and just say you're homeless you stupid bum. I'm at Magic City movin’ like the government. I fucked her with my And One shoes on and some Dada shorts. Eatin’ Chloe Kardashian's ass like I'm dyin’ and there's a second chance in there. I'm a high functioning shooter. Yeah, I’m big on astrology. I'm always lookin’ at a fat dirt star every chance I get. I'm off a rhino pill ready to get my rocks off. My watch cost 50 bands and I still don't have time for you fuckboys. Pussy clot. The casualties you will suffer tryin’ to fuck with me will have you thinkin’ like Magnus Carlson. I need to kill! I need to kill! Rome wasn't built in a day but this 9 mm certainly was. Give me the fuckin’ fentanyl. Just finished on my own stomach, time for some oxtail. I ain't gonna lie, I'm kind of feelin’ myself right now, gang. We smokin’ eucalyptus pigeon shit. She was awestruck, admiring the girth, the length, the texture, the vein thickness, blood flow, color, circumcision. Gave her a Venti of cum with two pumps of Drac-nut. All I'm sayin’ is if I paid for the hour, I'mma get the full hour. Been fuckin’ so long my cock is sanded down smooth. This chopped cheese is from Red Hook and this Glock was 3D printed in Bangladesh. This shit is international. I’m posted up at the cribo with three bitches, feastin’ on some Nicaraguan nose nachos while listenin’ to Rich Amiri. I'm a real glutton, ah! Went to O Block and nobody ever heard of you, slime. Woah child! Motherfucker these are not Rururemons. These are Chrome Hearts. I'm smokin’ that Rasputin here ye here ye Durban poison. DJ Mustard! Let me in Dijon. Let me in! Mustard on the beat, hoe! Markieff Morris always been my favorite twin. Motherfucker, of course I have a pink tip. I come from a low frequency environment and I've only used cash my entire life. The only time I ever held a card was when I borrowed my cousin's Bank of America debit card to slice open a funnel cake at the county fair when I took my daughter there on a trip amidst a lengthy child custody battle with my ex-wife, attemptin’ to prove to the judge that I'm a responsible father but we all know I'm fuckin’ not. I got the kid’s ears pierced at two years old and she already knows what Red Bull tastes like. I'm fucked! Judge, if you're seein’ this, please let me have McKenzie back. I even wore my nice Eight-ball jean jacket to the last court hearing. I'm ready to change. That shorty spittin’ my chicken and rice. I've been fully consumed by hatred, jealousy, and lust. I can't help but get thrown into a violent trance at the slightest hint of criticism or push back. Poured up with Famous Dex, started doing the nod walk. Woah, Dexter! My impulsive nature causes conflict at any given time. Like Kay Flock, I had to up it in Fashion District. Shot into the Hermès store and hit eight people. I made sure all the Birkin bags were unharmed so that the hoes don't bug out on me about it later. The zaza got me actin’ inconsiderate. Give me a mattress and a fleshlight, I'll thrive anywhere. I wept for there were no worlds left to conquer. I was at the Battle of Jericho tauntin’ both sides with my cock out. Taped the fleshlight to the bottom of my desk and got right into it, didn't talk to anyone for 52 hours. The 12,000 year jenkem so old, it doesn't even smell no more. Smokin’ zaza like I don't believe in myself. I got to where I am today through violence. I'm thankful for it. They call me Ben Simmons ‘cause I don't play at all. Help myself and went fuckin’ nuts on the fifi. Don't mind if I do. These white people are crazy, fuck ‘em! Never let these white people change you. Pistol built like Dave Portnoy. I have no backbone. I'm loyal to whoever pays the most. My character is so flawed, the only time I ever stood 10 toes on anything was on the opps throat. I was one of nine babies abandoned in the bando. My earliest memory is gettin’ breastfed by the pitbull. I'm so busy shootin’, I’m celibate. I'm movin’ like Meek Mill. Where you get them vibrating panties? Is them on Amazon? Shorty's head built like the Warner Brothers logo. Shorty's head built like Damien Lillard. Shorty's head built like an asteroid. Shorty's head built like a Bionicle. Shorty's head built like a garlic knot. Shorty head built like a Chevrolet. Shorty head built like Papua New Guinea. Shorty built like a South Park character. Y’all are crabs in a bucket and I got Old Bay seasoning, maybe even some Zatarain’s, fuck it! Chewin’ on the labia for 6 hours like a steak from Cracker Barrel. Found the homie’s beheadin’ video on Daily Motion. That little jit owed me money. What the fuck, dude! Didn't drink any water all day, tried to nut on her chest but the cum was thick like a loogie. Shit didn't even get any air time. It slowly dribbled over my fingers and didn't even hit the ground. The chlorine smell was insufferable, so I offset the smell with some crack. Cops wanted to detain me for aggressively hitting the claw machine. I'm tryna explain to him that we are all just atoms, so he might as well let me go. Takin’ the wildest huff of Bengay mid-climax had my eyes rollin’ back with my tongue hangin’ out, howlin’ in ecstasy, squirmin’ around on a twin-sized mattress in an empty Section 8 apartment. They say if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life. Percs put me on the wrong side of history almost every time. I beat my own head in with a rock because I couldn't stand the fact that I'll never get to fuck her. Grabba leaf made everything go black and white. You think I'm standin’ here eating sautéed bok choy because I want to? I'm waitin’ for the Redlight District to open you fuckhead. Use your fuckin’ head! Pulled out the Luger put his ass in a to-go box. Little rib cage ass motherfucker! I put a hole in that boy. She listens to rock and roll. I smoke rock and roll. Psychologically terrorized the opp until he killed himself at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse. One thing about me, I only fuck in fluorescent lighting. I need to see absolutely everything. Some of you have never heated up a banana peel in the microwave for 8 seconds to replicate the warmth of a vagina and it shows. I come from nothin’! I started this shit! I was in the bando blastin’ loads onto the wall, lettin’ it dry. I was in the sticks usin’ rubber gloves to trick myself into thinkin’ I was being serviced by a nurse. You can't even imagine what the fuck I've been through. I'm psycho. I'll rub my own nut all over the Glock to let them know I really been here. I'm a real shit-flinging beast. If my skull wasn't made out of titanium, I'd kill myself. I really want to and I really should but God doesn't give with two hands, fuck! We smokin’ bile. Cooked her shit into a nice roux. Boy wanted some clout, I put him on the news and turned him into a real superstar. Humans will never understand their true abilities. Why the fuck did we kill off the Neanderthals? Those idiots could have easily work construction and doubled our profits. You better bring me that brick lickety-split. Lil bro greened out off the cart the other day and thought I was Sammy Sosa. We're gettin’ warmer. The day I go broke will be the day Hell freezes over. How you feel, gang? She eatin’ my ass and whatnot. I’m free basin’ Excedrin, pourin’ my soul into the game. When everyone gave up on the block, I didn't hesitate to start sellin’ my balls, booty, and dick. Pussyboys tried to rob me, so I tranquilized them and boiled them in duck broth ’til their bones floated to the surface. Then I added some andouille sausage, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, black pepper, Tony seasoning and enjoyed me some nice steamy opp gumbo. I'm in Myrtle Beach scrapin’ rust off the fuckin’ frogs, losin’ my goddamn mind. She givin’ me top and so on and so forth. Get yo bitch ass up before I slap the dog shit out of you. I believe in you. You can accomplish anything you want in this life. I'm a fuckin’ mud slut. That pussy had a plethoric gorilla grip string. I can feel the fungi munchin’ on my brain. I'm sick! Ah! The worms! The worms! The worms! The worms! The worms! I'm in the Mariana Trench smokin’ submersible. I folded her fat ass up like a futon and climbed into her pussy like a marsupial. I had to put the poppers down ‘cause it was really movin’ the needle. I'm movin’ the needle! I keep on pumpin’ until the viscosity is just right. My shotgun got a switch on it, bitch! I'll turn Twitter fingers into Twinkies. The worms in my head keep talkin’. Tiger? Drop the low on they ass pussy boy. Thought he had the drop then I swiss cheese that motherfucker. Turned his SRT into a convertible. Put a switch on the Glock this motherfucker sound like a Beyblade. Ah, the worms are back! Ah! The worms are back. That perc eatin’ my ass up. They don't call it a Scat Pack for no reason. I had a bad bitch in the passenger seat and I pressed the gas and showed her what 485 horsepower feels like. Then she shitted on my seat. I don't give a shit. This za got me shittin’ like the Henny got me shittin’: Shitception. Uh-oh, that Henny about to make me shit. You think I care about this shit? The only time I feel somethin’ is when I look. I want to watch you burn. Ah! I remember when I took my first perc. I got the drum on me. I'm about to make a fuckin’ beat. I'm movin’ crazy. I'm a fuckin’ junky cannibal. All I wanna do is sip mud and eat my opps. The worms! Ah! The worms are back! This shit ain't nothing to me, man!


After the release of "dracula flow 3," the series of videos gained increased engagement and awareness, due in part to viral TikTok[6][7] uploads from PLUMMCORP RECORDS on July 31st, 2023, which gained over 530,900 plays and 613,900 plays, respectively.

Users began using the TikTok sounds, such as TikToker[8] @hazedafinessekid on July 31st, who joked about being a grandpa reciting the lyrics, gaining roughly 18,000 plays and 2,500 likes in one month (shown below, left). In August 2023, users on TikTok started to remix the videos, such as TikToker[9] @ouchtoothachy on August 17th, 2023, whose video received roughly 73,700 plays and 10,500 likes in three weeks (shown below, right).

@hazedafinessekid Jit #hazedafinessekid ♬ original sound – PLUMMCORP


he never miss

♬ original sound – ouchtoothachy

On September 2nd, 2023, iFunnier [10] @luke73tnt reposted a "dracula flow" video, gaining roughly 11,900 smiles in 13 days. On September 5th, iFunnier[11] @2000_Ford_Mustang_GT reposted "dracula flow 3," gaining roughly 11,300 smiles in three days. In turn, image-based content started to surface, such as a meme shared by iFunnier[12] @SheogorathPrinceOfMadness on September 5th (shown below).

- Were smoking filtered crack you stupid p------------. ill f------ kill you

Video content continued to surface on YouTube[13] and TikTok[14] during the same timeframe.


Predominantly starting in October 2023, animators started to re-animate clips from the Dracula Flow videos. For instance, on October 1st, 2023, YouTuber[15] Capussi posted a Dracula Flow animation that received roughly 292,800 views and 39,000 likes in three weeks (shown below, left). On October 18th, YouTuber[16] Mister Feelgood also posted an animation, gaining roughly 8,700 views and 850 likes in four days (shown below, right).

Various Examples

@clockworkgiant #fyp #draculaflow #funny #foryou #real #ryangosling #justgirlythings #meandtheboys ♬ original sound – Kade Melton

@joelymoley_ stupid dog, this shit ain't nothing to me Audio from @plummcorp #couragethecowardlydog #plummcorp #draculaflow3 #draculaflow #cartoonnetwork ♬ original sound – JoelyMoley

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