Creepy Hooded Guy / An Intruder meme depicting the Mandela Catalogue character and meme wearing a black hoodie.

Creepy Hooded Guy / An Intruder

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Creepy Hooded Guy, also known as An Intruder and The Albanian, refers to a police sketch of a large-eyed man wearing a black hood. The image achieved prominence online several times, first shared on 4chan's /tg/ board in 2010, and later gaining meme usage on 4chan and then on the Russian 2ch imageboard in December 2015. The image again became popularized in 2021 after appearing as "An intruder" in the Mandela Catalogue analog horror YouTube series.


While the exact origin of the image is currently unconfirmed, it is assumed to be a computer-generated police sketch of a suspect. On June 11th, 2010, an anonymous 4chan[1] user made the earliest known post of the image online on the /tg/ board of the site, with the image named "creepyface.jpg." The user wrote that they felt that there was something wrong with the image and that the person scared them on some primal level. They also wrote that according to an official source, the image was a "police crime suspect recreation drawing from witness description" (post and image shown below, left and right).

Anonymous 11/06/10(Sat)23:02 No.12707393 File1289098966.jpg-(80 KB, 800x600, creepyface.jpg) here's the bomb l'm about to drop. This image. this image here. I cannot stare at it for more than a few moments. It haunts my brain, even now just choosing the file from a bunch of thumbnails. I can't see this at 100% zoom. I don't know why but it's wrong. This image is wrong, what it portrays just . it . I don't know. It scares me on a primal level I cannot explain. Way, way deep down, a part of my animal self tells me that it wants to hurt me or is about to attack me. I just can't explain it. official source is that it's just a really horrible "police crime suspect recreation drawing from witness description", but it is still terrifying to me for a reason I can't explain. I hope you feel the same horror I do. Good luck, I'm out of this thread, now.


Prior to the first burst of virality in December 2015, the image saw minor spread online as a creepy image. For example, on April 19th, 2011, a 4chan[2] user posted it as an example of a frightening thing to see on a TV screen when waking up in the middle of a night (post shown below).

O Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)02:26 No.14642109 File1303194391.jpg-(80 KB, 800x600, creepyface.jpg) >>14642042 you mean like, in the middle of the night, you suddenly stir from your sleep to realize the bright light in your face is from your tv? On it, an unmoving silent picture of this. you know, I think they'd make a f------ fantastic horror movie just out of s--- like this. Technological horror would go over well in this era.

The image did not see viral spread until December 10th, 2015, when an anonymous user from Albania posted the image in a /pol/ thread on 4chan[3] (shown below). Starting on the same day, other users also started to use the image as a random picture and in an attempt to creep others out,[4][5] with the image quickly being recognized as a meme on /pol/.[6][7]

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace 333.png, 284KIB, 736x736 Anonymous ID:zpYItYc+ Thu 10 Dec 2015 17:24:29 No.58054020 Report Quoted By: >>58054168 >>58054686 >>58055180 >>58055475 >>58060846 >>58072308 >>58078295 >>58078311 >>58079267 View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO + 333.png, 284KIB, 736x736 Trace /pol/ Anonymous ID:RT94VOXL Fri 11 Dec 2015 15:26:49 No.58136341 View Report >>58136042 up to balls deep in my ass View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace 4 333.png, 284KIB, 736x736 /pol/ Anonymous ID:MXmPwIBh Fri 11 Dec 2015 15:07:50 No.58134856 View Report >>58120135 >An illegal citizen is still a citizen View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace + 1449786269103.png, 284KIB, 736x736 /pol/ Anonymous ID: KMHNMB+t Fri 11 Dec 2015 10:29:19 No.58115842 View Report >>58106840 Emus won the war View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace 1449786269103.png, 284KIB, 736x736 /pol/ Anonymous ID:NeaopK8P Fri 11 Dec 2015 08:12:11 No.58109051 View Report >>58108858 >jews unjewing jihadis what the f---? View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace 4 image.png, 284KIB, 736x736 /pol/ Anonymous ID:inrMTjJC Thu 10 Dec 2015 22:45:38 No.58080179 View Report >>58072993 Anonymous ID:eNT3Kezz Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:46:07 No.58254894 [6/ 1] View Reply Original Report God is under the porch where the dog died Anonymous ID: K5H2A5MO Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:46:42 No.58254932 Report nice meme Anonymous ID:OZEGPMS3 Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:47:19 No.58254973 Report K.KEEP ME SPOOPED 284KIB, 736x736, tmp_2480- Anonymous ID:M6h7znCx Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:47:59 No.58255030 14499737853421709733674.png Report View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace Hokay hokay hokay Anonymous ID:eNTsKezz Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:50:24 No.58255212 Report Anonymous ID:TAABJT40 Sat 12 Dec 2015 23:56:45 No.58255626 [ Report Congrats OP, you've now made two equally s----- threads.

Following the viral spread of the image on /pol/ and other boards, on December 16th, 2015, an anonymous user of the Russian 2ch[8] imageboard created a thread about the image on /sn/ board. Starting on December 18th, an anonymous 2ch[9][10][11][12] user created a series of four threads on the /b/ board, suggesting manufacturing a creepypasta and accompanying videos based on the image and forcing it through means of posting the image, creepypasta and videos in creepypasta-themed VK communities. The character was given the name "The Albanian" (rus. Албанец) after the Albanian user who first posted the image on 4chan's /pol/.

Аноним 18/12/15 Птн 17:16:13 #1 No110316676 ВНИМАНИЕ!!! МАКСИМАЛЬНЫЙ ПЕРЕПОСТ!! В интернете довольно активно распространяется фотография и видеоклип (прикреплено к посту) на разных сайтах и форумах по всей стране (а иногда и на зарубежных сайтах)! На фотографии и видеоклипе присутствует мужчина, предположительно выходец из Средней Азии, который перебирался в Европу, для получения статуса беженца. По 14504481731911.jpg некоторым данным этот мужчина состоял в ДАИШ (запрещенной на территории РФ организации). Сейчас о нем ничего не известно. На видеоклипе присутствует непонятный аудиоряд, предположительно записанный в 1957 году для теста микрофонов. Так же на некоторых форумах люди говорят, что во время просмотра видеоклипа у них появлялись легкое головокружение и 14504481731840.webm галлюцинации, которые проходили в течении 1-1,5 минуты после отключения видео. Вот такую поеботу я накалякал дабы заливать на всякие "подслушано в мухосране" и ловить лулзы. Собсна вопрос: Что подправить, чтобы выглядело правдоподобней? Ответы: »»110317212, >>110317320, >>110317522, >>110317728, >»110317792, >»110318182, >>11о318210, >>110318332, >>110318520, >>110318534, >>110318669, >>110318695, >>110318852, >>110318892, >>110318977, >110319353, >>110319402, >>110319527, >>110319757, >>110320148, >>110320359, >>110320474, >>110321067, >>110321556, >>110322323, >>110323802, >>110324045, >>110324342, >>110324880, >>110325158, >>110325193, >>11о325376, >>110325542, >>110325586, >>110326394 Аноним 19/12/15 Суб 00:25:24 #1 Ne110360070 Албанец, тред No4, легитимный ВНИМАНИЕ, это фоторобот выходца из Албании, он состоит в запрещённой в России террористической организации ДАИШ. Предположительно, является 14504739240450.png членом нового подразделения ДАИШ изучающего месмеризм для вербовки 14504739240601.jpg людей в России в ряды их организации. 2 декабря был замечен в г. Волгограде. Так же в интернете распространяется видео со странным звуковым рядом на фоне статичного лица этого человека. Пока не ясно, для чего предназначено это видео. Будьте бдительны. При обнаружении подозрительных лиц сообщайте об этом в правоохранительные органы. Позаботьтесь OM о безопасности своих близких Продолжаем пилить пасты/ шебм/пикчи. Ищем умеренную толстоту. ВНИМАНИЕ ! Может вызывать запах картошки! Ответы: >»110360129, >>110360145, >>110360235, >>110360254, >»110360367, >>110361268, >>110362182, >>110365370, >>110365496, >>110367698 >>110367714, >>110367726, >>110о367924, >>110378162, >>110380953, >>110386674, >>110387560, >>110389964 Аноним 18/12/15 Птн 17:37:14 #39 No110318577 Аноны, а реально - ОТКУДА ФОТКА? Ответы: >>110318644, >>110318647 Аноним 18/12/15 Птн 17:37:15 #40 No110318579 >>110318451 >>110318344 >>110318271 ИСходный мпз -----» Аноним 18/12/15 Птн 17:37:58 #41 Ne110318644 >>110318577 Из о4ka твоей мамаши Аноним 18/12/15 Птн 17:37:59 #42 Ne110318647 >>110318577 какой-то анон-албанец форсил ее на форче вроде болььше не знаю

ATTENTION, this is a police sketch of an Albanian man and a member of terrorist organization DAESH, banned in the Russian Federation. The person is assumed to be a member of DAESH's recently founded division which seeks to employ mesmerism to recruit new members in Russia. The person was last seen in Volgograd on December 2nd. Online spread of a video file showing a static image of the man, accompanied by an unusual audio sequence, has been reported. The purpose of the video is unknown.

During this period, the earliest edits of the image and videos based on it, both humorous and created for the purpose of forcing the creepypasta, were posted on 2ch (shown below).


Following the brief popularity as a creepypasta in late 2015 and early 2016, the image saw limited spread online among Russian users and on /pol/, mainly being used as an exploitable for photoshops. For example, on March 23rd, 2017, a thread for memes based on the image was created on 4chan's /x/ board.[13] In April 2018, the image saw a surge of use in Russia, with Memepedia[14] reporting on the meme. In 2019, a version of the image captioned with a nonsensical phrase "Выгу выгу" gained popularity as a post-ironic shitpost.[15]

On August 4th, 2018, prominent Facebook[16] void memes page Pains of Hell Wellness Clinic set the image as its profile picture. The group accumulated over 228,000 followers in three years.

2021 Popularity

On August 9th, 2021, episode three "The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 1" of YouTube[17] analog horror series Mandela Catalogue premiered on YouTube. The episode included a static image of The Albanian captioned, "an intruder." The episode received over 1.6 million views in three months (shown below, image appears at 14:28 mark).

On October 22nd, 2021, TikToker[18] lesbianpetergriffin posted a fan cam TikTok dedicated to the character (shown below). The video received over 167,100 views and 40,400 likes in two weeks (shown below). On October 28th, Facebook[19] page Pains of Hell Wellness Clinic reposted the video, with the post gaining over 3,700 reactions and 1,700 shares in one week.

Starting in late October 2021, An Intruder achieved notable virality on social media, primarily on Twitter, with many users expressing adoration with the character rather than fear of it. For example, on October 31st, 2021, gimmick Twitter[20] account @TheAnything_Bot auto-generated a tweet announcing the death of the character, with the post gaining over 700 retweets and 11,700 likes in one week, and with the creator of Mandela Catalogue responding (tweet shown below, left). On November 1st, 2021, Twitter[21] user @Wendigoon8 posted a Boy and Girl Texting meme that gained over 1,700 retweets and 18,700 likes in one week (shown below, right).

? Anything Bot @TheAnything_Bot an intruder has sadly passed away. 2:50 PM - Oct 31, 2021 · Cheap Bots, Done Quick! I'm COMING OVER U Better NOT Be Tweaking an Intruder

More viral posts featuring the character were posted on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media in November 2021.

Various Examples

Just now : Not me being an Intruder CRYSTAL CASILES CRYSTAĽ CASTCES nice opinion. one small issue. i am inside your home


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