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Crayon Eater / Marines Eat Crayons

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Marines Eat Crayons is a catchphrase used in jokes to mock the intelligence of United States Marine Corps members, who are sometimes called "Crayon Eaters" by other branches of the military. Jokes about U.S. Marines being "dumb" or "autistic," and eating crayons as a result, have existed on the internet since at least the mid-2010s, with memes about the joke being widely circulated since 2019. However, the meme likely stems from intra-military jokes predating their prevalence on the internet. The cliché also inspired memes about Titans from the video game Destiny eating crayons, however, the original creator of the "Titans eat crayons" meme has since disavowed the joke because they felt it encouraged ableism.


The idea of eating crayons, much like eating glue, is typically associated with stupidity, being weird or being on the autism spectrum. The habit of eating crayons is also attributed to infants and toddlers, with discussions about the topic taking place online since at least the 2000s.[12]

The earliest known meme about U.S. Marines specifically eating crayons was posted to Imgur on August 24th, 2016, by a user named HarlemStruggle. The post gathered over 2,000 upvotes in seven years (seen below).[1] Some sources credit the image to the Facebook page "Untied Status Marin Crops," which often posted Spoderman memes from 2017 to 2018.[3][4]

Crayola 35% CRA ay marin hav u tryd teh new marin crops em-are-ee? ELMER'S Glue-All MULTI-PURPOSE GLUE 12 Meal, Feady-40-Eat, Individual ARE harinz onyl iv nvr herd of it b4 thx soilder styear Soweversin do u guis hav eny halopeenyo ches pls ARIN tee U.S. MARINS hee hee haooh stoopid jorhed US MARINS

A Quora post from January 2nd, 2017, notably asked the question, "Why are there so many jokes about Marines eating crayons?" and received a variety of responses, including one from a purported former infantry rifleman in the Marine Corps that read, "i dunt no / krainz r yumie / i liek creola," receiving over 300 upvotes in five years (seen below).

Chris Resnikoff Former Infantry Rifleman at U.S. Marine Corps (2010-2015) · Author has 165 answers and 450.7K answer views • 5y i dunt no krainz r yumie i liek creola 305 D

Another answer delved deeper into Marine-Crayon lore, outlining other jokes disparaging the intelligence of Marines that are common in the U.S. military, and received 200 upvotes in five years as well (seen below).[2]

Steven Gaudry Lives in Texas Author has 3.6K answers and 11.8M answer views Updated 5y It is not politically correct these days but autistic and retarded kids eat crayons. Therefore Marines are autistic retarded Kids. U.S.M.C. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Do you know why the U.S. Coast Guard got small boats and the Navy got Marines. The Coast Guard got first choice. "If God in his infinite wisdom did not want Marines to eat crayons he would not have made them in so many pretty colors" as per Gunny R. Lee Ermy. As Marines are not allowed to learn to read or write until they make Gunny Sargent, they give them crayons to play with. 4 116 D 1


A page often credited with helping to popularize the joke about Marines eating crayons is the Facebook page Untied Status Marin Crops, which often uses Dolan and Spoderman memes in its posts. Some early examples from the page about Marines and crayons were posted on May 12th, 2017,[5] and October 3rd, 2017,[6] gathering over 700 (seen below, left) and 1,500 likes, respectively, in roughly five years (seen below, right). About to eat at this Marine DFAC colo

Jokes and memes referencing this continued to spread into the early 2020s to other social media platforms. For example, on January 28th, 2021, TikToker[10] @sweetsupportusa posted a video joking about Marines eating crayons, gathering over 890,000 plays and 170,000 likes in nearly a year (seen below, left). On October 2nd, 2021, TikToker[11] @bigwill1997 posted a video explaining the lore behind the Marines eating crayons joke, gathering over 50,000 plays and 3,000 likes in three months (seen below, right).

@sweetsupportusa #marine #marinecorps #marinefamily #marines #crayons #crayonsreadytoeat #crayoneater #crayon #crayola #yum #marinewife #jokes #marinejokes #freerange ♬ Cooler Than Me – Ethan Fields

@bigwill1997 Marines and Crayons #EndlessJourney #military #usmc #marine #joke #crayon #fyp #army #navy #crayola #crayon #snack #funny #love #miltok ♬ original sound – BigWill1997

Titans Eat Crayons (Destiny)

Sometime in 2019, jokes about the character class Titans from the video game Destiny 2 eating crayons began spreading on the internet. Twitter[7] user @RickKackis posted a meme about the topic on December 24th, 2019, gathering over 3,000 likes in three days (seen below, left). On January 16th, 2020, Twitter[8] user @XiiGuardian posted a meme about Titans and crayons, gathering over 3,000 likes (seen below, right).

KackisHD KI @RickKackis Destiny Christmas presents: Hunter mains: -Replacement Keybords/Controllers cause their jump buttons are completely worn out Warlock Mains: -Austronomy books, since they love Supernovas so much Titan Mains: -Crayons 8:24 PM Dec 24, 2019 417 Retweets 33 Quote Tweets 3,812 Likes ... MONA UNBROKEN @XiiGuardian - Jan 16, 2020 Titans: I'm not just a crayon eater! Also Titans: Cursed Thrall

On June 22nd, 2020, Twitter[9] user @Isa_Kole posted a tweet taking credit for popularizing the "Titans eating crayons" meme, adding that they were inspired by "Marines eating crayons" jokes their Navy father and Marine cousin would make. However, they notably disavowed the joke due to its perceived connotations with ableism and autism-bashing (seen below). The tweet gathered over 2,000 likes in two years.

Regarding the Titan Crayon Joke I hate this joke. I hate that I made this joke, that its steeped itself into the community so deeply, and that it's constantly being perpetuated. I hate that this joke has bothered so many people and that I'm the cause of such. The joke was made a couple of times a little over a year ago, when the Bad Destiny Joke account had only 2000 followers or so, right before GuardianCon. It has since latched on and been circulating repeatedly. The origin is from a comparison that I drew between Marines and Titans, seeing both as immovable mountains, able to take a punch, and eat anything. This image I had in my head was placed by my career Navy father and career Marine cousin, that Marines "eat crayons and f--- s--- up". This was the reasoning I always gave when I was questioned why I made such a joke, that it was in jest about the tough "idgaf" and "going in head first" attitude I see Titans having. This is not an excuse for my ignorance. I was not aware at the time that crayon eating was also equated negatively to those with autism and mental challenges. I by no means find either acceptable to make jokes of, not to any degree. The more people told me this the more I felt like I was a hypocrite, trying to being a positive and accepting person but I had made this awful joke that is now everywhere. I have tried to rewrite the narrative about Titans via Bad Destiny Joke over the past several months, I have ignored the @'s and DMs of people regurgitating the joke in other mediums, including emotes, videos, and merch. I'm sorry that the joke has become so popular that these things were made. With it having been so rampant it has made it's way into the verbiage of names bigger than mine, and echoed within the walls of Bungie. While I'm glad they know of my content I despise the fact that this is the one piece that's been taken and repeated. I'm sorry for making the joke. I'm sorry for not saying something sooner. I'm sorry for not upholding the standards I so adamantly grip to to ensure an inclusive and understanding community.

Various Examples

Bluetiful THE WORLD'S LARGEST CRAYON Crayola Crayola bluetiful THE WORLD'S LARGEST CRAYON Crayola Marines: Marine Corps $15 Crayola Corvo words waren make your mark! Crayola ac MOTORIZED CRAYON CARVER BROCK C VO Crayola make your mark! CASTON BAKEW MY BE Food processors On ❤CESale!!!! Crayola CRA CA UNITED HAY CORTE Marine Corp Aptitude Test Using the crayon provided, join the two dots. Your recruiter can help you. You have one hour to complete (Please do not eat the crayon) MERS PEES ARE COAL Meal, Ready-to-Eat, Individual er med gr orner Apred MRE MENU 13 CHEESE TORTELLI VEGETARIAN SOPANCO INC. WOLLING, SO 243004 U GOVERNMENT PROPERTY COMERCIAL RESALE IS UNLAWFUL ATED ON COM MENU BAG UNITED Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. O Crayola 64 CRAYON COLORS Sharpener Included! MARINE STATES 0002221 CORPS They're the same picture. PixeyiF couples costume idea DISGRUNTLED DECKS Crayola® red "When RoseArt is sending its crayons, they're not sending their best... They're bringing Indian Red. They're bringing Aquamarine. They're waxy knock-offs. And some, I assume, are good flavors." James Mattis U.S. Secretary of Defense

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