Characters Interacting With Charlie and Pim meme example depicting the two Smiling Friends characters talking to another person.

Characters Interacting With Charlie and Pim

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Characters Interacting With Charlie and Pim refers to a series of artwork memes that depict interactions between various characters and Charlie and Pim from the Smiling Friends animated series, with the duo usually trying to alleviate mental struggles burdening the character. The format achieved virality on X / Twitter in early June 2024 after a user suggested the format.


Prior to June 4th, 2024, several artworks imagining interactions between Smiling Friends protagonists Charlie and Pim and various characters were posted on X[1][2] and other social media (examples shown below).

(I think the Best way for us. Is to stay back away from them.) ? ลข I O See Charlie! I told you that they're both related & potentially Becoming Friends! Isn't it wonderful? I don't know about this Again Pim, the dude killed like A lot of people. Don't worry, Charlie. Byleth said that he used to be really sweet!

On June 4th, 2024, X[3] user @voretetas_ posted a drawing depicting an interaction between Charlie and Pim and Yuji Kiba from Kamen Rider, commenting, "I think every artist should draw their comfort characters interacting with Charlie and Pim from Smiling Friends." The post (shown below) received over 1,500 reposts and 9,700 likes in one day.

Aldo el filete revolucionario @voretetas i think every artist should draw their comfort characters interacting with Charlie and Pim from Smiling Friends WOAH MAN THAT SUCKS WHERE CAN WE FIND THAT INUI GUY? 12:16 AM โšซ Jun 4, 2024 3.3M Views T WOAH MAN THAT SUCKS WHERE CAN WE FIND THAT INUI GUY?


In the following hours, @voretetas_ and other artists posted drawings depicting their favorite characters interacting with Charlie and Pim. On June 4th, 2024, @voretetas_ posted a meme depicting the duo talking about Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena that garnered over 7,500 reposts and 42,000 likes on X[4] in one day (shown below, left). Later that day, X[5] user @RBlueberg posted a meme about the duo trying to help Steven Universe, with the post garnering over 530 reposts and 2,700 likes in one day (shown below, right).

POWER TO REVOLUTIONIZE- THE WORLD. ISN'T LOVE BEAUTIFUL CHARLIE? I DIDN'T KNEW LESBIANS COULD DO THAT Look pim I know it's not our place to do this= 0 Yeah no already calling child-protective services. A kid shouldn't be doing this.

More artworks based on the format were posted on X[6][7] / Twitter in the following hours. For example, Mass Effect and Chainsaw Man memes based on the format received over 1,100 reposts and 8,000 likes, and 5,600 reposts and 49,000 likes, respectively, in a day (shown below, left and right).

Pim, her people an tried to genocide an entire race the moment they gained sentience... They're not gonna Just "talk it out". I dunno Charlie. Maybe it is that simple?... เค  ใจ JESUS MAN, THAT'S F-----, WHICH PART? ALL OF IT

Various Examples

ใ€ What's gotten into you Pim? We have to collect the Medals Charlie @einsoid_ Look man, I get you had a rough childhood, but you should not be punching people just because they're mean to you. You're lucky a bunch of terrorists were in town, otherwise you would've been charged with assault and grand theft auto. F-For what it's worth, I like your name, Kamillie. In fact, one of my younger sisters-
HEY, MAN, AT LEAST HE'S DEAD NOW... @SHADIAMINART jesus, dude. did he just die?? what a beautiful conclusion to his character arc <3 dude, pim, i think this guy needs to go to the hospital it's open to interpretation, charlie.

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