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Cat Looks Inside

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Cat Looks Inside is an image of a cat looking down at the camera, captioned with a greentext about getting disappointed with a purchase upon its closer examination. In 2022, the photo of the cat staring downward appeared in numerous memes, many of which recaptioned the original text as a phrasal template.


On March 30th, 2022, an anonymous 4chan /g/[1] user posted a humorous greentext about wireless devices having wires inside them, illustrating the post with an image of a cat (shown below). The thread garnered over 90 replies.

5KiB, 250x187, 1648687347683.jpg View Same Google ImgOps iqdb Sauce NAO Anonymous Wed 30 Mar 2022 [94 / 30 / 69] 20:43:05 No.86284406 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>86284428 >>86284589 >>86284605 >>86284634 >>86284639 >>86284956 >>86287913 >>86287940 >>86288066 >>86289339 >>86289875 >>86295849 >>86299014 >>86299641 >>86300052 >>86304506 >>86305150 >>86307040 >buy wireless device >look inside >wires

On April 22nd, 2022, Redditor Major_fl4k posted a screenshot of the post to the /r/me_irl[2] subreddit, replacing the picture with another popular cat reaction image. The post gained over 34,300 upvotes in nine months (shown below).

>buy wireless device >look inside >wires


The post was widely circulated online in the following months, with reposts appearing on Reddit,[3] Facebook[4] and Twitter.[5] On June 23rd, 2022, Instagram[6] user wib_memes42 posted the earliest found derivative meme based on the format, a Bottomless Pit Supervisor joke that gained over 1,000 likes in seven months (shown below).

>buy BOTTOMLESS PIT >look inside BOTTOM

The format gained further prominence in late 2022 as several memes based on it went viral. For example, on December 3rd, 2022, Redditor AutisticAnarchy posted a meme that received over 15,000 upvotes in the /r/196[7] subreddit in one month (shown below, left). On December 9th, Redditor UltraVodka777 posted a meme that gained over 4,300 upvotes in the same subreddit[8] in one month (shown below, right).

see femboy thigh pic >look inside profile > Child google "furry p---" >look at results > furry p---

The format saw widespread use online in December 2022.

She Laughs and Says "It's a Good X Sir"

She Laughs and Says "It's a Good X Sir" refers to a viral greentext in which a person goes to a movie theater and asks if the movie is "Reddit or not," with the cashier assuring them it's fine and the anon then finding out that the movie is, in fact, Reddit. Online, the original greentext and a similar AI-generated version about a wet gym inspired a copypasta meme format.

Liv @soft_galloglach >looking for a new video game >ask gamestop if new game is scrimblo or skrunkly >she doesn't understand >I pull out illustrated diagram explaining what is scrimblo and what is skrunkly >she laughs and says "it's a good game sir" >buy game >its skrunkly 7:19 AM Nov 17, 2021 : hell on babbu technique @manglegrove >go to video game store >ask if the games are creepy or wet >cashier is confused >I explain what makes a game creepy and what makes a game wet >she laughs and says "they're good games sir" >pick up a game >it's XBOX 360 MATURE 17+ M CONTENT RATED BY ESRB To XBOX LIVE 10:26 AM · Mar 13, 2023 26.3K Views NTSC WET "Bethesda a ZeniMax Media company Aria Winningson @TheWeightOfUwU >looking for a new shape >ask the geometrist if their shape is kiki or bouba >she doesn't understand >pull out out illustrated diagram explaining what is kiki and what is bouba >she laughs and says "it's a good shape sir" >draw the shape >it's bouba 5:04 AM Nov 30, 2021

Various Examples

>buy ps5 >look inside >no games >search breakcore playlist >look inside >atmospheric dnb and lolicore > download chrome alternative >look inside > chromium
> Install Ifunny >look inside christards infinite autism STAREGAT.COM >new way to make electricity >look inside >boiling water Here we have furry airline pilots chatting with each other from different planes: 000000 Jay The Gryphon @Furrydelphia @JayTheGryphon ACARS COMPOSE MESSAGE SEND TO SPECIAL B EDV5362 - HELLO EDV5302 - OVO PROD AROU SEND HIII 3 YOU AP <RETURN 16:3 EDV5382 15 TYPING... CHECK FPLN ALT HOLD 00UUUU -400 SKGHAZM -NUZZLES U YES UMU RETURN 10:42 SKY4258 IS TYPING... TWW >Plane crashed >Look in black box >Furry RP 0000000


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this is kinda goofy but i made an account just for this lol hi interwebs
ok so context for this picture: this is Fiona my cat, one day my internet went out so i was bored at home and decided to take a pic of her just for the funsies
it looked funny because she did NOT expect a pic of her pretty sure

once the internet was back i posted it in my discord group saying that i had no internet and well, "heres a picture of fiona" – their reaction was p funny and they even made these ball spinning gifs with her face, some months later i find out this had become a meme?? i really wasnt expecting that
right as im typing this shes on my bed looking at me with that SAME GOOFY WIRES STARE

(dont tell her but she doesnt really hate wires)


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