Boar Head Exploding emoji.

Boar Head Exploding

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Boar Head Exploding is a Boar Memoji version of the Head Exploding emoji depicting a brown hog with a mushroom cloud erupting out from the top of its head. Released in September 2019 as a part of a standard Memoji pack for iOS, the emoticon has been used as a humorous, often bad-mannered reply, and later gained virality as a reaction image in memes.


On September 19th, 2019, several standard Memoji sticker sets, including a Boar Memoji set, were added to iOS 13.0.[1] The 15 Memoji set included a boar version of the Head Exploding emoji (full set and the Boar Head Exploding Memoji shown below, left and right).


The Memoji did not see presence in memes until December 2021 when a screenshot of a fake message exchange in which the Memoji was used appeared on Reddit (shown below, left). On December 21st, 2021, Redditor Noteggs_ posted the image to the /r/comedyheaven[2] subreddit, where it received over 54,100 upvotes in a year. On July 22nd, 2022, Redditor samarm132 then posted a similar meme to the /r/GoodFakeTexts subreddit, gaining over 3,100 upvotes in five months (shown below, right).

Today 11:30 AM your son has passed away Delivere iMessage Today 4:00 PM 911 what's your emergency I got stabbed Read 4:00 PM


The image achieved viral popularity in mid-November 2022 when Twitter[3] user @606HATRED posted a screenshot of the emoji being used to react to thirst traps, captioning the screenshot, "never sending n--des again." The post received over 15,800 retweets and 296,800 likes in three weeks.

IREM @606HATRED never sending nudes again 3:01 AM Nov 19, 2022 Delivered

In the following weeks, the image achieved virality as a reaction image in various memes, particularly in text message exchanges.

Various Examples

viola @HoistedBi george bush when his advisor told him about 9/11 4:23 PM Nov 27, 2022 : 00 Toon4Thought @Toon4Thought - Oct 1 The CN livestream kept this Regular Show episode uncensored. www.BANDICAM.COM CN30 0:07 208.4K views 51 chomper94 @chomper1994 - Oct 1 Replying to @Toon4Thought 35 11,831 Phosbat @VPhosbat For those who don't get it, H is meant to be "hell", and S is meant to be "s---". 3:58 PM - Oct 1, 2022 12 21 Replying to @chomper1994 and @Toon4Thought 19.3K ↑ ♡ 927 ↑ : 00 QQ搜索 Q 免费画画 异次元的我‧ QQ小世界·AI技术 扫码免费体验


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[3] Twitter – @606HATRED

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