Among Us Eyes meme example depicting an anime drawing with the character's eye resembling a crewmate from the video game.

Among Us Eyes

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Among Us Eyes or Amogus Eyes is a fan art trend that involves drawing the eyes of crying anime characters as an Among Us crewmate from the video game Among Us with big shoes. Although examples date back to mid-2022, the trend started to become more popularized at the end of September 2022, primarily on Twitter.


On June 20th, 2022, Twitter artist himuhino[1] shared a drawing on their secondary Twitter account cursedpairing[2] portraying the character Junko from Touhou Project crying while carrying the character Cub from Happy Tree Friends (shown below). After being uploaded, several users noticed that Junko's eyes looked like an Among Us crewmate, with the image acquiring over 2,000 likes and 500 retweets in three months.

ли Mama? mama Da Dal FreddyMan1987 @Apollo2217-20 jun. En respuesta a @cursedpairing AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 6 93 Cannibun (COMMISIONS OPEN) @ShyArtist1 - 22 jun. AMOGUSS 27 3 (→ : :

Months later, on September 20th, 2022, Twitter user NenekHani[3] shared a Discord screenshot of himuhino's drawing describing the steps to draw "sad anime eyes" and sharing their own take on the trend, receiving over 288,000 likes and 48,100 retweets in a day (shown below).

Nenek Hani @NenekHani I saw this on fb and i had to try. Traducir Tweet for you can pres unde Terjemahkan Tweet how to draw sad anime eyes step 1: draw an amogus with big shoes 11:20 p. m. - 20 sept. 2022. Twitter for iPad H-------- AMOGU 0 M H-------- AMOGUS


After NenekHani's upload on September 20th, 2022, another Twitter user, KeithMontalbo,[4] uploaded their own take, accumulating over 35,700 likes and 4,550 retweets in less than a day (shown below, left). The next day, Twitter user KeithMontalbo[5] decided to take on the trend and do their own version, receiving over 71,200 likes and 8,100 retweets in just 12 hours (shown below, right).

During that day on September 20th, multiple artists, such as @Krekkov,[6] @RaionArt[7] and @NyzTsune,[8] shared their own drawings on Twitter, acquiring over 10,900 likes and 1,100 retweets (shown below, left), 2,000 likes and 330 retweets (shown below, center) and 1,400 likes and 240 retweets (shown below, right), respectively, in less than 24 hours.

Raion Art 2시간 NyZ TSUNE

After the popularization of the trend, on September 21, 2022, the official DeviantArt Twitter account[9] shared a video combining the new trend with the Sailor Moon Redraw meme, scoring 7,875 likes and 1,000 retweets (shown below, left). Two days later, the official Twitter account of the Among Us game[10] uploaded a drawing with the caption "Help cant stop seeing the crying Among Us anime eye everywhere now", said tweet gathered 98,600 likes and 13,600 retweets in a single day (shown below, right).

DeviantArt @DeviantArt 7 NO WAY Ⓡ SCRUBFIEND 1112m(111 I-IN THE NAME OF THE MOON.... *** STLAND Among Us @AmongUsGame help cant stop seeing the crying Among Us anime eye everywhere now Traducir Tweet ALT

Among Us Art Tutorials

Among Us Art Tutorials refers to a humorous art trend that involves drawing body parts and other objects using a crewmate from the 2018 video game Among Us at template. Derived from the Among Us Eyes memes, the trend gained viral popularity in October 2022.

MAIN BASE HIPS REACH ← MID THIGH HOW TO DRAW EXPLOSION #1 #3 #2 #4 1. Draw a Crew mate with top hat walking 3 2. ASS

Various Examples

mosurii - O O VU 1118 „ [A... Amogus

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