i love my hybrid grandson explained

What Is The 'I <3 My Hybrid Grandson' Image? The Cringe 'Zootopia' Meme Explained

From the bowels of the internet comes another remarkably cringe pice of Zootopia fan art — perhaps cringe enough to rival "I Will Survive" itself. The piece, dubbed "I Love My Hybrid Grandson," has the internet repulsed yet drawn to its baffling concept, which of course has led to memes. Let's get into it.

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What Is "I Love My Hybrid Grandson"?

The piece comes from Soyjak.party, a website dedicated to the creation of Wojak variations dubbed Soyjaks, and the community there is often compared to infamous forums like 4chan's /pol/ and is noted for its base of alt-right users.

A user there made the now-infamous "Hybrid Grandson" image on March 9th, 2024. It depicts Zootopia characters Nick (a fox) and Judy Hopps (a rabbit) with a child sharing both fox and bunny characteristics. To the side is Stuart Hopps, Judy's father, wearing a shirt that reads "I <3 My Hybrid Grandson." All have faces typical of various Soyjack memes popular on the board.

Judging from the tenor of the image's tags and the ensuing discussion on Soyjak.party, the image is likely meant to negatively depict mixed-race human couples.


How Did The Image Become A Meme?

Shortly after the image was posted, it spread in some online circles as an example of cringe, though it didn't see much in the way of variations. Some users voiced ironic appreciation of it with some going so far as to say they'd want the title phrase on a shirt.

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The image also began inspiring redraw art around May of 2024. On May 30th, TikToker realelliefan_01 posted art redrawing the comic with Arcane characters.

@realelliefan_01 I'm feeling quite silly today #arcane #caitlynkiramman #viarcane #brainrot #art #zootopiaabortioncomic #thelastofus ♬ Roblox Horror Music – Archive Alive

However, redraws of the original comic remain mostly scarce, and the "Hybrid Grandson" image is, for the time being, a niche bit of internet cringe.

For the full history of "I Love My Hybrid Grandson," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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