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Formerly been lurking since 2012; now I have my own account.
I like silly things and silly conversations. Anybody and everybody welcome 92.8% of the time! (Otherwise just way too sleep deprived to bother).

-I speak two languages yet constantly botch both of them in regular, real life conversations. Yay! :D
-I think I'm an older Zoomer? Or a younger Millenial? idk / idc.
-I hate avocado yet everyone around me seems to like it.
-I have a dog named 'Scott'. He's a little turd but I love him.

Sidenote: If you have an issue with something I uploaded, whether it's the content itself or the cited source for it, don't be afraid to DM me about it. I'm open and receptive to fixing mistakes.
Thank you!

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