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Location: The 6

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Electronic music enthusiast, 24 year-old fuck, moderator at the KYM's unofficial room and i want to just be put out of my misery already why hasn't someone killed me yet just let me die

That's it so far, I guess.

Credit goes to No One for the avatar. (full pic is here)

Birthday: Mar. 22
IRC: three_kole_five, threekolefive
Pronouns: he/him

KYM Textile Guide (for reference purposes)


"Every place you've ever imagined…
It's real.
There is a fictional city in your mind and you know every corner of it.
Your mind is a world.
Each of us is a place."


"These will be times that I will miss.
Don't blame me if I don't come through.
I spent a lifetime on this.
But I would give it up for you."


"'Cause I got you to adore
Nothing is true anymore
What I've been through isn't much
Your heart can heal the pain"


"Everything we already need is here"
- (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬)

Song of the moment:

Name: Mirror
Artists: Porter Robinson
Album(s): (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬) nurture (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬)
Label(s): Sample Sized, Mom+Pop
Genre: Electronic
Released: 2020
Additional Notes: (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬) Now these voices have become our own. (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬)

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