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Geigh Science
Geigh Science

It's actually amazing just how much societal dogma boils down to the evolutionary drive to have as many kids as possible. Taboos surrounding non-procreative sex. Taboos surrounding homosexuality. Taboos surrounding masturbation. Taboos surrounding abortion. There are obviously other factors at play in these cases, too- but a huge chunk of these issues that people pearl-clutch about are really just driven by one of the most basic biological urges imaginable. One which isn't even remotely unique to humans and is actually something we share with fucking viruses. Just that mindless drive to reproduce and endlessly propagate.

None of this is to say that I'm in any way opposed to people having kids. It's not something I'm personally interested in, but it's also never something I'd hold against anyone else finding meaning in. I think society should pump the brakes a little bit so that people are encouraged to have kids because they really want to rather than feeling like they're just "supposed" to do it out of some misplaced sense of social obligation. Fully invested parents are incredible people and tend to raise really great kids who make everything around them better. Disinterested parents, on the other hand, are essentially just rolling the dice on how their kids will grow to impact the world around them. We really don't need more of that shit.


The younger generation is holding off until much later when they are mentally more mature, more financially stable and more fiscally responsible.
You'd think society should celebrate this instead of calling it a "crisis".


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