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Sweet, anti-censorship win, even if it took a 20 years later re-release. Was crazy back then.
One year after this game we still had Jade Empire censoring the M/M and F/F romance options with a fade to black.
And that was literally just a kiss, and it was a western company self-censoring an M-rated game with gore and half-naked furries in it, they weren't clutching their pearls about it being a game for kids like NoA.

Cpt Obvious1994
Cpt Obvious1994

in reply to Brocken Spectre

Vivian being insulted for "being ugly" was an invention of the English localization. In the original Japanese, Vivian would refer to the group as the "Three Shadow Sisters." Beldam would then "correct her," and say that they are the "Shadow Trio," and that Vivian is a boy. Vivian's Tattle Log entry in the original Japanese refers to her as "a boy pretending to be a girl," and Goombella would refer to her the same way. 20 years ago, that's pretty much how Japan referred to trans women. Vivian was explicitly trans in the original Japanese, but it was played as a joke, and even the good guys misgendered her, since that's just how Japan viewed trans people back then.


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