Optimum Pride

Optimum Pride

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Optimum Pride is a misspelling of "Optimus Prime" that became popular on TikTok after a man yelled the phrase at a truck resembling the Transformers character and mimicked the transformation sound effect in a viral video.


On October 27th, 2021, TikTok user @joseangelotayco uploaded a video of himself yelling at a truck that has a similar design to Transformers character Optimus Prime. He then tries to mimic the transformation sound effect. The video received more than 328,000 views (shown below).



On October 29th, 2021, Facebook[2] user Padeha uploaded the clearer version of the video to Random Videos ID. The post received 3,600 reactions and 4,400 shares. The video gained popularity among Indonesian and Filipino speakers, who created various memes based on the video. For example on October 29th, 2021, Facebook[3] user Leonard Burgos uploaded a Babe Please Stop variation. The post received 737 reactions and more than 3,900 shares (shown below, left). The next day, Facebook[4] user Mark uploaded an image of Optimus Prime with a caption based on the video to Modern Filipino Posting. The post received more than 5,700 reactions and 18,000 shares (shown below, right).

UWO AHH AHН ARGHH AGH STOP IT BABE YOU'RE NOT OPTIMUM PRIDE Cry all u want. Urh urh urh erh erh erh

The video also gained popularity on TikTok. For example on October 28th, 2021, TikTok[5] user @eriiikalexander uploaded an animation based on the video. The video received more than 6.1 million views (shown below, left). On the same day, TikTok[6] user @madcj7 uploaded a video using a similar sound. The post received more than 12 million views (shown below, right).


Various Examples


Put**gina, si Optimum pride puk*nginang yan si optimum pride oh orRrhh OrrHh erhg eGhh eghHh RANG E ROVER Massochusetts MEG URU The StAer AM 44 MA 174 Gudao T*NGINA SI OPTIMUM PRIDE! P*KINING INANG YAN OPTIMUM PRIDE! Gudao URGH! URGH! URGH! ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! AHHH! T*NGINA! АКВА (Krazy Gudao amp) Gudao BABE! SI OPTIMUM PRIDE OH! URGH! URGH! URGH! ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! AHHH! TANG INA SI OPTIMUM PRIDE

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