Boogie2988 Cancer Scam Allegations depicting an image of Boogie during a stream.

Boogie2988 Cancer Scam Allegations

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Boogie2988 Cancer Scam Allegations refers to accusations that YouTuber Boogie2988 faked a cancer diagnosis in order to raise money from his fans. The allegations went viral in July 2024 on social media after streamer Destiny confronted Boogie2988 during a livestream, after which multiple creators online offered him money if he provided medical records to prove his diagnosis. Around the same timeframe in June 2024 when Boogie's Faddy crypto scam resulted in backlash against him, he responded and said that he used the money he received from it to pay for cancer treatments.


On November 15th, 2022, Boogie announced on Twitter[1] / X that he had a rare form of slow-spreading blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera, which causes a person's bone marrow to produce too many red blood cells, thickening the blood and slowing blood flow, making him more susceptible to heart failure.[2] In the tweet, he writes, "It’s extremely slow moving and many people live with it for decades. No big deal."

He uploaded a video to YouTube[3] that same day elaborating on the diagnoses, claiming it is a side effect of the injectable testosterone supplement he's taken for the past "seven or eight" years and that he knew it was a possibility (shown below). The video gained over 142,000 views in a week.

On July 10th, 2024, streamer Destiny crashed an episode of the LolcowLive podcast, confronting Boogie2988 (a member of the podcast) about his cancer diagnosis, questioning him about it and claiming that Boogie was faking it (clip shown below).[4] During the stream, KEEMSTAR offered Boogie2988 $15,000 if he could privately show him his medical records as proof, with YouTuber Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers) offering him an additional $50,000. Boogie2988 ultimately declined the offer.

Later that same day, Destiny posted an extended video containing both the confrontation and himself investigating Boogie2988's cancer claim during a previous stream. The video (shown below) accumulated over 210,000 views on YouTube[5] in one day.


Following the viral spread of clips from the stream, the cancer scam allegations against Boogie2988 became a viral subject of memes and discussions on social media, primarily on X / Twitter.

For example, on July 10th, 2024, X[6] user @MattPittSFTP posted a photograph of the recently controversial streamer Dr Disrespect with the caption "Boogie's doctor." The post (shown below, left) received over 110 reposts and 1,400 likes in one day. Later that day, X[7] user @KirscheVerstahl made a post about Boogie2998 turning down KEEMSTAR and Mutahar's offer to pay him for revealing his medical records, with the post (shown below, right) gaining over 330 reposts and 3,100 likes in one day.

Matt Pitt @MattPittSFTP Boogie's doctor • 7:50 PM Jul 10, 2024 62.6K Views • Kirsche @KirscheVerstahl Keem offering Boogie 15k for his medical records Mutahar offering an additional 50k ... and Boogie trying to die on the hill of "i will never release my medical records to prove I'm not lying about having cancer" is the dumbest thing I have ever had to witness Boogie2988 Wings of Redemption PELE WALDR 10 710 610 Motoku JOICOW LIVE 2024-07-10 21-17-19.mp4 . 9:19 PM ⚫ Jul 10, 2024 160.9K Views

On July 10th, 2024, following the stream and the subject of scam allegations going viral on social media, Boogie2988 deactivated his X / Twitter account.[8][9]

Boogie2988 Faddy Crypto Scam

Boogie2988 Faddy Crypto Scam refers to the fallout that came from the alleged "rug pull" of the Faddy token and meme coin that YouTuber and creator Boogie2988 had been promoting among his fans in late June 2024. The rapid decline of the coin's value, combined with an interview with Coffeezilla in which the coin was called a "pump-and-dump scheme," led to many in the Boogie and crypto community to call the entire thing a scam as it sparked controversy online.

Various Examples

Nicholas DeOrio @nicholasdeorio "Boogie I'm here to confront you on your cancer diagnosis" Last edited 12:10 AM · Jul 11, 2024 - 52.6K Views Colossal is Crazy @ColossalisCrazy ... Boogie pig after being exposed for lying about having cancer for two years and using it to promote a scam, decides to get naked on a livestream as a last resort. Boogie2988 9:06 PM Jul 10, 2024 661.1K Views • tom @anonbirdd boogie is willing to scam his fans for $10k but wont prove he has cancer for $30k. make of that what you will 8:57 PM Jul 10, 2024 · 149.3K Views
meme bastard @mask_bastard on our next podcast we discuss how much of a fat p------------ boogie is 9:36 PM ⚫ Jul 10, 2024 · 5,599 Views . ... Doejenggles @doejens Boogie- I need money bad Several people- here's $75k if you can show one thing Boogie-no. 9:51 PM ⚫ Jul 10, 2024 61.5K Views • Maw @TheEbonyMaw Boogie oozes out every personal life story like a p----filled wound any chance he gets. He'll agree to do a documentary that destroyed his reputation. He'll agree to cryptoscam his audience for $5k. But proving he has cancer for 10s of thousands of $? Now that's just too far. 9:41 PM ⚫ Jul 10, 2024 34.3K Views

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