Beautiful Cabin Crew / Scarlett Johansson / You Will Never Regret Liking This Photo facebook ai spam catchphrases.

Beautiful Cabin Crew 🌹 / Scarlett Johansson💋💋 / Why Don't Pictures Like This Ever Trend

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You Will Never Regret Liking This Photo, also Why Don't Pictures Like This Ever Trend, Beautiful Cabin Crew 🌹, Scarlett Johansson💋💋, #BOOMchallenge, among other phrases, refer to a set of catchphrases commonly used as engagement bait on Facebook by users trying to push the popularity of their posts, most notably Facebook AI Slop posts. The frequent use of these phrases on Facebook was brought into the spotlight by gimmick X / Twitter account Insane Facebook AI Slop in mid-2024, with phrases getting parodied on other social media.


In late 2023, a major influx of AI-generated content, known as the Facebook AI Posts Epidemic, began on Facebook. The epidemic involved a large number of AI-generated art being spammed by real users and bot accounts in a bid to farm engagement.

In late December 2023, AI-generated images of flight attendants holding imagery of Jesus Christ and Jesus revealing himself to fight attendants became a viral trend on Facebook, with the images being spread by Facebook pages such as Amazing Dreame[1] and Enrico Viral Media.[2]

On December 26th, 2023, Amazing Dreame made one of the earlier posts within the format, an AI-generated image of a flight attendant holding a picture of Jesus Christ in her hands that gained over 104,000 reactions and 510 shares on Facebook[3] in six months (shown below).

Amazing Dreame December 26, 2023 → Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson #BOOMchallenge #cabincrew

Notably, the images were titled "Beautiful cabin crew 🌹 Scarlett Johansson💋💋" and tagged "#BOOMchallenge" and "cabincrew," likely to boost engagement (examples seen below). The "#BOOMchallenge" hashtag refers to the Boom Challenge, a 2021 TikTok trend that involved people dressing up into fashionable, revealing or otherwise unusual clothes, but has since lost its meaning as it has been used for engagement farming purposes.

It is currently unknown why Scarlett Johansson specifically was mentioned in the posts, but it's assumed that the actress' popularity as a search subject among the target audience of the AI posts was the primary reason for that.

Enrico Viral Media 31 December 2023 → Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson #BOOMchallenge #cabincrew Amazing Dreame January 3 Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson #BOOMchallenge #cabincrew ...

In the following months, as the AI posts epidemic continued, more phrases achieved prevalence, with posts often featuring multiple phrases at once to boost engagement. While no longer featuring flight attendants, AI posts continued to use "Beautiful cabin crew 🌹" and the hashtag "#cabincrew" in their descriptions, with the phrase "cabin crew" generally gaining association with AI-generated content on Facebook.

Notably, the AI art-centered Facebook[4] page Beautiful Cabin Crew, created in December 2023 and named this way on February 4th, 2024, had over 390,000 followers as of early June 2024.


On April 21st, 2024, the gimmick account Insane Facebook AI slop (@FacebookAIslop) was launched on X[5] / Twitter, reposting bizarre AI-generated content from Facebook (examples[6][7] shown below).

Tatyand Davon9 is in Los Angeles, CA. • Follow 6d . Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson ... See more ✓ 196K 7.4K comments • 1.1K shares . mast • Obserwuj 4d. Happy Birthday To Me received any blessings yet Zobacz więcej but I haven't HAPPY Birthday 3,9 tys. 3963 Q 303 ✈ 8

As the account reposted images together with descriptions, the phrases from the AI posts gained further recognition online, inspiring parody posts and posts inquiring about the reasons for their use.

Notable Engagement Bait Phrases

  • Beautiful Cabin Crew 🌹
  • Scarlett Johansson💋💋
  • #BOOMchallenge
  • #cabincrewlifestyle
  • #cabincrew
  • #jenniferlopez
  • Why Don't Pictures Like This Ever Trend
  • You Will Never Regret Liking This Photo
  • Close Your 70% Eyes and See Magic
  • Today's the Best Photo
  • Amen 🙏
  • Today Is My Birthday I Hope Get Some Love Here
  • Today Is My Birthday I Just Want a Wish
  • Happy Birthday to Me, But I Haven't Received Any Blessings Yet
  • Creative Rural Boy
  • My Son Made This With His Own Hand

Various Examples

KING . Baby Magic Moments Follow 6d. Today is my birthday hope I get some love here See more 236K の TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY PLEASE LLKE 236K Q6K 1K Famous flimsss • Follow 2d. Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson ... See more 22K ✓ Like Comment 236 comments 57 shares Copy Share JESUS The Jesus World ALVATION March 4 Beautiful cabin crew Scarlett Johansson #BOOMchallenge #cabincrewlifestyle
• Babby doll ⚫ Follow 1d. • Today's the best Photo ☑ (Follow my page) ... See more 11K Tatyand Davon10. Follow 1h. Why don't pictures like this ever trend? Amen A #Vanessa Hudgens... See more Deva Gaming Follow 2d You will never regret Liking this photo 141K Like Comment 2.5K comments 1.4K shares Send Share

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The religious ones in particular piss me off. Maybe I'm being elitist because my people were amongst the first converts to Christianity in the Near East, but this is an ultra degenerated form or worship to make AI images of Christ that come off wrong. Especially when it's used to engage social media likes.

The people who bitch about modernity and the matrix have fully plugged themselves into it with AI slop and are taking the Lord's name down the mud. You will not win when you have to explain to the Archangels why your timeline is full of bad AI images of God.

I wonder if it's a deep cover op by Muslims and Jews to make Christians iconoclast. 🧐


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