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Who Is Tanvir Sultan, MBA? The Satirical Facebook Page Explained

Perhaps you've come across the sage advice of one Tanvir Sultan, MBA in your travels on the internet. Perhaps you remember when he suggested that poor people shouldn't have kids?

While such a post may shock you for its surreal, abject capitalist cruelty, rest assured, Tanvir Sultan is not a real person.

Who Is Tanvir Sultan, MBA?

Tanvir Sultan, MBA is a satirical Facebook account posing as a business-forward, grindset-minded entrepreneur, championing the "innovations" — and inhumane business practices — stereotypically associated with Silicon Valley types. Some classic Sultan bits include advocating for even longer meetings and messing with employees offered jobs elsewhere.

Tanvir Sultan, MBA September 20. : Personally, I prefer not to attend meetings if there are fewer than eight participants. ... I've noticed a trend these days of people trying to have fewer, especially shorter meetings. I believe this is a misconception. Meetings should ideally last for a minimum of one hour. This duration allows for a deeper understanding of the essentials, and involving more participants can enrich discussions. From interns to board members, everyone should have the opportunity to attend meetings and share their thoughts. Tanvir Sultan, MBA 5 hours ago. Whenever bigger companies try to poach my top talent, I always give them a higher offer. In most cases, the employee stays back even though I take a few months to implement the raise. Once six months have passed and the headhunting company has filled the role, I fire the employee. You are not the only one who can be disloyal.

Seeing his posts in the wild, it's easy to confuse "him" for the real thing, but a close look at his profile picture will give the proverbial "game" behind the account up:

The overly soft facial features, wash of beard color and uncanny stare suggest the picture Sultan is likely an AI-generated image. There are other clues on his page that hint at it being a parody. For example, his "website," tanvirsultan.com, links to a 404 page written by a very angry "employee" of Sultan's.

Under Destruction Well, guess what? Bossman decided not to cough up my last month's paycheck and then gave me the boot, so he can kiss that website goodbye! from Iqbal

How Has Tanvir Sultan Spread Online?

The page has done decently well for itself, garnering over 31,000 followers since its creation in September of 2023. This was likely aided by an October 2023 incident where one of his posts made it to Twitter, and people did not know if the account was sincere.

Tanvir Sultan, MBA 10 hours ago Today one of my employees asked for a raise because he will be a father. I instantly fired him on the spot. It's simple. Do you raise capital when your business is failing? Do you expand and hire new employees when you are at a loss? After working for me for so many years he didn't learn which one is an asset, which one is a liability. If you are earning only 27,000 taka per month, you should at the very least inform your boss on your family planning. I hired you for work, not to provide seed funds for your seed. Your salary is a clear indication of your contribution to society. If it is so low, how can you even think about reproduction? You're simply compounding your failures.

The above post led to stern condemnation from Twitter users who believed Sultan was just another entrepreneur type posting LinkedIn-style hustle-speak and used the post to condemn such types.

Abhishek Bhalerao @mumbaiactor_ People like Tanvir Sultan are wasting precious oxygen & natural resources of our planet by existing on it. His MBA is a waste. Imagine if his father's/mother's boss would have thought like this. Tanvir Sultan, MBA 10 hours ago Today one of my employees asked for a raise because he will be a father. I instantly fired him on the spot. It's simple. Do you raise capital when your business is failing? :

However, you may rest assured that Tanvir Sultan is merely a satirical page made up by someone likely as sick with hustle grindset culture as you are. Still, there are plenty of other types who basically make the same sort of posts but sincerely in case you need to rage at someone.

For the full history of Tanvir Sultan, MBA, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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