Gen z is trying to cancel eminem tiktok explained

Where Did The 'Gen Z's Trying To Cancel Eminem' Video Come From? Memes About Millenials Defending Eminem Explained

Eminem's recent comeback track Houdini has reignited discourse thought to have been long lost to the annals of 2021 history. The track sees the rapper returning to taking potshots at other industry veterans in his typical Eminem cadence, forcing his target fan demographic to stand up and defend him once again.

Millennials have always seemed to have a soft spot for Eminem, and a slew of cringe-inducing TikToks from 2021 go toward proving this point. Gen Z is trying to cancel Eminem was a legitimate concern for some 30-year-olds a few years ago, with many die-hard fans resorting to reciting satirical rap songs in Eminem's honor.

Where Did The 'Gen Z Is Trying To Cancel Eminem' Video Come From?

Sometime in early 2021, some young creators on TikTok posted videos criticizing some of rapper Eminem's more violent lyrics, such as the ones in his song "Love The Way You Lie." In February of that year, TikToker @Cassiesmith607 caught wind of Gen Z trying to "cancel" Eminem and posted a rap parody set to the tune of Eminem's "Forgot About Dre" in his defense.

@cassiebessette607 LEAVE. HIM. BE. #VideoSnapChallenge #ASOSFashunWeek #funnyvideos😂🤣 #millennialsoftiktok #genz #eminem ♬ forgot about dre – mia 💸🖤

How Did People React To 'Gen Z Is Trying To Cancel Eminem'?

Reactions to @Cassiesmith607's video ranged from genuine adoration to revulsion, with many people in her cohort supporting her parody while the subject of her video, Gen Z teens, expressed confusion about why Eminem might matter to them at all. Many commented on how the video showed the supposed "Boomerification" of Millenials.

The video gathered backlash on TikTok as well, with creators dueting and stitching the video feigning distress about being "destroyed" by Cassie Smith.

For the full history of the "Gen Z Is Trying To Cancel Eminem" TikTok, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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