NBA player Anthony Edwards and his "Send Da Video" message.

What's The 'Send Da Video' Meme? NBA Player Anthony Edwards' Infamous Text Message Explained

Before professional basketball player Anthony Edwards and his NBA team the Minnesota Timberwolves made it to the 2024 Western Conference finals, the young player nicknamed "Ant-Man" already went viral for an iMessage that he allegedly sent a woman reading, "Send da video."

Although the phrase seems innocent in a vacuum, the context behind Ant-Man's demand is rather absurd. When put into a corner, he repeated the phrase over and over again, trying to get her to "Send da video."

So, what's the meaning of the meme? What video is Edwards referencing? Let's explain.

What Does 'Send Da Video' Mean?

Back in December of last year, an Instagram model named @dreampaige posted some iMessage screenshots to her story, allegedly showing a conversation between her and Anthony Edwards.

She told Edwards that she was pregnant with his child, and after showing him a face morph of what their child would look like, Edwards insisted that she take abortion pills.

Edwards double texted her the same message reading, "Send da video," as in, a video of herself swallowing the abortion pills. As their text messages grow farther apart, he repeatedly requests "da video."

Anthony Edwards > dreampaige 7m Clearblue I still have an appointment on the 27. Hell Nawl can't do dis Get a abortion lol @theanthonyedwards_ now what... What a great response x Honestly I had an abortion with my son around 2 years ago and 100M regret it everyday Man you can't force a kid in da world You don't know what it's is yet That's not the point I said I had an abortion 2 years ago and I regret it Yea but I don't want a kid Anthony Edwards > dreampaige 5m Send da video Sun, Nov 26 at 9:41 PM Send da video The video? IGMODELTEAROOM look how cute tho I haven't even taken them or GMODETHEAROOM received anything : Why u repeating the same s--- Mon, Nov 27 at 2:44 PM Where the video? Mon, Nov 27 at 4:06 PM I was asleep. Okay...

What Are Some 'Send Da Video' Memes?

Screenshots of @dreampaig's story quickly spread to X / Twitter and went viral. People mostly centered on the "Send da video" portion, using the catchphrase to caption images in memes.

A solid example features NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, showing him on the phone, saying, "Send da video," harking on the idea that he would also like to see "da video." The meme attests that it might be good for the NBA's script if she does not remain pregnant.

myles brown @mdotbrown Send da video ...
NI HAO! @Lil_MarcD Send da video 12:10 PM Dec 18, 2023 . :

What Was Anthony Edwards' Apology?

After the text messages went viral, Edwards issued an apology on X, using a Notes App screenshot to write, "I made comments in the heat of a moment that are not me." Furthermore, he wrote, "All women should be supported and empowered to make their own decisions about their bodies and what is best for them."

I made comments in the heat of a moment that are not me, and that are not aligned with what I believe and who I want to be as a man. All women should be supported and empowered to make their own decisions about their bodies and what is best for them. I am handling my personal matters privately and will not be commenting on them any further at this time.

For the full history of "Send da video," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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