Two Meme Man images captioned as "Panik" and "Kalm."

What's The 'Panik Kalm' Meme? The Origin Of The 'Panic Calm' Exploitable Meme Explained

Meme Man has been a popular source for comedic content on the internet since the mid-2010s, becoming a common character in many surreal memes, like the Stonks and Panik Kalm memes.

In case you haven't heard or seen any meme using the "Meme Man," here's a short recap of how a 3D rendering of a human head became an iconic figure in internet culture.

This article will focus on the story behind the Panik Kalm meme and how it grew as a popular "Meme Man" exploitable to express states of panic and calm.

What's The 'Panik Kalm' Meme?

Panik Kalm, or Panic Calm, is a multi-panel exploitable using the 3D rendering of a human head, popularly known online as Meme Man, which shows the character reacting to phrases in a similar fashion of the Galaxy Brain meme. The panel often features a left column to indicate what Meme Man is responding to in the right column.

The earliest usage of the meme was published in February 2020 by Redditor svenskOST_. In the meme, Meme Man reacts to the phrases, "When the mother comes home and you haven't done dishes / You're a burglar / You're a burglar." (seen below)

When the mother comes home and you haven't done the dishes Panik You're a burglar Kalm You're a burglar Panik

How Did The 'Panik Kalm' Went Viral?

The easy-to-replicate format of the Panik Kalm meme quickly inspired netizens to create their own versions of the meme, often featuring funny and nonsensical twists to encompass feelings of panic and calmness. For example, Redditor xCrylol posted in February 2020 Meme Man's face reacting to the phrases "You need to pee / Finally you reach the bathroom / You're dreaming." (seen below, left)

Fandoms also used the Panik Kalm meme to share content about their favorite shows, series and movies. For instance, Reddior /u/plokkoooooooooooon posted a version of the meme replacing Meme Man for a Stormtrooper head (seen below, right), in which the character panics after hearing lightsaber noises.

You need to pee Panik Finally you reach the bathroom Kalm You're dreaming Panik You hear Lightsaber noises It's a blue and green one There are 4 of them Panik Kalm It's not Grievous Panik Kalm It's Pong Krell Panik

For the full history of Panik Kalm, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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