The Lil Bro Was Born In 2024 meme.

What's The 'Lil Bro Was Born In 2024' Meme? TikTok's Meme And Song Making Fun Of Gen Alpha Explained

A new meme making fun of Gen Alpha kids has landed online, defined by a single catchphrase: Lil bro was born in 2024.

Like, imagine being born in 2024. Is that possible? The uncanny nature of the birth year is what the meme is getting at. Your lil bro born in 2024 is too young to be an iPad kid… Too young to have his brain rotted

So, where did this meme come from? Who created it and who created the catchy song as a part of the trend? Let's explain.

Lil bro was born in 2024 AmirCelMaiBunFundas Blud missed EVERYTHING 2T Antworten

Where Did The 'Lil Bro Was Born In 2024' Meme Come From?

The original video that started this trend instead read, "imagine being born in 2024," with a bunch of skull and crossbones emojis. The caption was added to a video of a sleeping baby, presumably the poster's younger, newborn sibling.

The video evolved to the phrase "Bro was born in 2024" a month later. Since then, similar videos have gone viral multiple times over because babies are being born this year (believe it or not).

@iamanoob1457 #fyp #☠️ ♬ son original – memes sond box

@rahgwansus #fyp #foryou #babies #baby #donpollo ♬ donpollolifechangingsound – donpluto

What's The 'Lil Bro Was Born In 2024' Song?

Instagram user @chat.musicc posted a hilarious song last month. It was a musical voiceover of top comments left on a "Lil Bro Was Born In 2024" TikTok video. For context, the first one reads, "Blud missed EVERYTHING."

TikTokers have started using the song for animation memes. It's undoubtedly catchy and will likely be the anthem for newborns this year.

@nutshellanimations_anime Lil Bro Was Born In 2024 😩#animation #animationmeme #anime ♬ original sound – NutshellAnimations

For the full history of "Lil Bro Was Born In 2024," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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