A "Do You Speak English Or Spanish?" meme from TikTok.

What's The 'Do You Speak English Or Spanish' Meme? The 'Whoever Moves Is Gay' TikTok Trend Explained

The simple question "Do you speak English or Spanish?" is a meme now. It's all part of a trend called Whoever Moves Is Gay, started by a mall interviewer trying to prank dudes.

The TikTok trend was started by one TikToker whose videos became famous. Now, guys are recognizing him in public before he asks his first question. Plus, people are referencing the "English or Spanish?" question in other memes, drawing curiousity about its hidden meaning.

So, what does "Do you speak English or Spanish?" mean in memes? What is the "Whoever moves first is gay" trend and who's the TikToker who started it? Let's explain.

Who Created The 'Whoever Moves Is Gay' Trend?

The creator of the trend is named TikToker @alfonsopinpon_ and he posted the first video back in February.

The premise is simple: he approaches seemingly straight men at the mall and tells them that whoever moves first is gay. The men want to prove that they're straight so they get into a humorous face-off with the man behind the camera.

@alfonsopinpon_ No paraba de reirse 😂 #hombres #hombre #bromas #camaraoculta #camaraescondida #mexico #houston #seattle #losangeles ♬ sonido original – alfonsopinpon

@alfonsopinpon_ Alto ahí soldado 🪖🫡 #hombres #bromas #hombre ♬ sonido original – alfonsopinpon

What Does 'Do You Speak English Or Spanish' Mean?

Before @alfonsopinpon_ tells the men "Whoever moves first is gay," he first asks them, "Do you speak English or Spanish?" The TikToker speaks both so, when he approaches the guys, he wants to make sure they'll understand him.

The "English or Spanish?" question has become a defining symbol in memes about @alfonsopinpon_'s videos. In skits and sketches, meme creators joke about being asked the question and then freezing for an insane amount of time.

@_aviation__guy oops #dc #dlaciebie #foryou #fyp #aviation #planes #english ♬ original sound – ciqa🔛🔝

@bucky_1222 #funny #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #viral #zyxcba #CapCut ♬ original sound – dr1nkz

What's The 'Whoever Moves Is Gay' Song?

Many of the aforementioned TikTok memes use the song "Static" by Steve Lacy, centering on the lyrics, "Baby you've got somethin' in your nose / Sniffin' that K, did you feel the hole?"

Why "Static?" It's because there was a viral "Whoever moves is gay" edit that used the song. It was posted by TikToker @dr1nkz7 in May and since then, its TikTok sound has gained mass memetic usage.

dr1nkz7</a> ib:Moe 𖣂︎ | song: static by steve lacy | #capcut #english #or #spanish #edit #trend #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #4k #hd #xyzbca #dr1nkz7 ♬ original sound – dr1nkz

For the full history of "Do you speak English or Spanish?" be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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