Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler in their "Boots And A Slick Back Bun" TikTok video.

What's The 'Boots And A Slick Back Bun' And 'Sambas And A Little Red Bag' TikTok Trend? The Trend Amy Poehler Just Did Explained

There's a new TikTok trend called Boots and a Slick Back Bun or Sambas and a Little Red Bag, depending on which lyric you like best from the original video.

The trend requires a group of friends who each sing a bar about their outfit's characteristics. Whether it's their shoes, hairdo or purse, each lyric maintains the same sing-songy rhythm. Celebrities like Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Rashida Jones and Seth Meyers have just added to the trend with their iteration Hoops and a Black Short Dress.

So, what is it? Who started this TikTok trend and what are some of its notable iterations so far? Let's explain.

What's The Original 'Boots And A Slick Back Bun' And 'Sambas And A Little Red Bag' Video?

The original video was posted by TikToker @maisieisobel_ in late June. It shows her and two friends on a night out each singing about their outfits. The first girl sings, "Boots and a slick back bun." The second sings, "Cowboy boots and a blowie." The last sings, "Sambas and a little red bag."

The simple video racked up more than 7 million views in less than two weeks, cementing itself as one of the most viral TikTok videos over the past month.

@maisieisobel_ Boots and a slick back bun @Ellie Lord @Amelia Gregorian #bootsandaslickbackbun #girlhood #cowboybootsandablowie #sambasandalittleredbag ♬ Boots and a slick back bun – maisieisobel_

What's The 'Boots And A Slick Back Bun' TikTok Trend?

A TikTok trend has emerged from @maisieisobel_'s video in which others on the app recreate the format of her spontaneous song. Each video involves three or more people singing a verse about their outfit, combining two of its elements and repeating it all twice.


What's Amy Poehler's 'Hoops And A Short Black Dress' TikTok Video?

On Wednesday, beloved comedy actress Amy Poehler posted a video of her, Rachel Dratch, Rashida Jones and Seth Meyers doing their own version of the trend.

Dratch sang, "Hoops and a black short dress," Jones sang, "Pony and a cashmere shirt" and Poehler sang, "Sambas and a little blue bag." Meanwhile, Meyers is seen lurking in the background.

The video received a whopping 21 million views in a single day, earning greenscreen memes made by other TikTokers.


summer in the city

♬ original sound – Amy Poehler

What's The 'Gen Z Boss And A Mini' Video?

One of the most notable iterations of the trend so far is called Gen Z Boss and a Mini. It was posted by the Instagram account @tbhskincare_ showing multiple Zoomer employees at the skincare company, each singing their own verse.

The video was reposted to Twitter / X shortly after its upload where it received a lot of criticism. People were calling it cringe.

A lot of the discourse centered on the Gen Z girls exhibiting so-called "Millennial cringe." Up until this point, many people didn't know that was possible, apparently.

For the full history of Boots And A Slick Back Bun, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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