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What Is The 'Will Levis' And 'Gia Duddy' Leak? The Controversial Viral Video Explained

will levis and gia duddy
will levis and gia duddy
By Phillip Hamilton

Published 26 days ago

Published 26 days ago

A new leaked viral video is making the rounds on X / Twitter and TikTok and this time, it allegedly involves NFL player Will Levis and his influencer girlfriend Gia Duddy. The video popped up on social media seemingly out of nowhere near the end of May 2024 and quickly inspired reactions and discussions on social media, but what exactly are people saying about it? Here's what you need to know.

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What Is The 'Will Levis' and 'Gia Duddy' Video Leak?

In late May 2024, several spicy videos started going viral on X. The videos seem to show Will Levis, an NFL quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, engaging in coitus with his girlfriend, influencer Gia Duddy. While the videos may appear real, their authenticity has not been confirmed, which is an important thing to note in the age of deepfakes and artificial intelligence.

News of the leaks quickly spread across social media, resulting in many people searching for the videos and further spreading them. It also inspired a lot of people to share their opinions about the videos online.

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How Is Social Media Reacting To The Leaked Video?

The video has resulted in a lot of shocked reactions across social media, particularly on TikTok and X. Some are wondering how the video leaked in the first place, while others are commenting on specific aspects of the video. Many are simply making memes that express their shock upon finding out why Levis' name was trending on X.

Some of the most popular memes referencing the video link it to a comment made by Levis during an interview at the NFL Scouting Combine in 2023. In the interview, Levis called his throwing arm a "cannon" and said that he wants to "show it off." In memes, some people are comedically re-framing this quote to suggest the "cannon" he wanted to show off wasn't his arm at all.

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