The Location Of The Backrooms Has Finally Been Discovered After Five Years Of Search

May 30th, 2024 - 11:41 AM EDT by Philipp Kachalin

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The location where The Backrooms used to be in Wisconsin

Those of you who said that The Backrooms could only possibly be located in Ohio can call your bets off: the actual location of The Backrooms and even the year when the photo that spawned the creepypasta was taken have finally been determined.

On Wednesday, X user @tjxz_z announced that their friend has made a breakthrough in a long-lasting hunt for the location where The Backrooms photograph was taken. The nondescript liminal space teased internet sleuths or years, with the yellow wallpaper, carpet-covered floors, and fluorescent lights gave away too little information to grasp on and thwarting all attempts to find The Backrooms.

But this recent discovery leaves little doubt that the place where the famous photograph was taken has finally been found. According to an archived Wayback Machine page from 2003, the photograph was made at a place Oshkosh, Wisconsin, acquired by Oshkosh RC cars racing team in 2002, and was in the process of conversion into a RC cars racing track at the moment the photograph was made. While most images from the page have not been archived, two photographs of the East room, including "The Backrooms" photograph have survived.

If you're not familiar with The Backrooms, it's a creepypasta which was posted in 2019 on 4chan's /x/ board and which described a place beyond the edge of our world, somewhere you find yourself if you "noclip" out of reality. The post inspired a plethora of fan content, including fan stories, found footage short films, video game levels (and entire games), and much, much more, and also contributed a lot towards the popularization of the concept of liminal spaces online.

The discovered location, which used to be "a furniture store with plenty of partitions and fake inner walls", and is quite literally back rooms of a HobbyTown store in Oshkosh, was ultimately converted into an RC cars racing track. Here's what it looks like today:

The exact address of the location has also been found: 807 Oregon Street, Oshkosh, WI 54902. This innocuous building with the blue awning housed the eerie Backrooms over twenty years ago.

Now that we know that if you noclip our of reality you might fight yourself in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, there a bittersweet feeling that a little bit of magic has forever disappeared from the world.

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