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'Super Smash Bros' Community Prays That This 'Dating App For Smashers' Is Not Real

By Adam

Published 12 days ago

Published 12 days ago

"Smash Together," a supposed dating app for Super Smash Brothers players, has to be a gag — at least, that's what many in the game's community are telling themselves because the alternative reality where it's a real thing in development is too surreal to bear.

Late last night, an account for "Smash Together" appeared on Twitter / X and announced the development of the dating app, complete with a mockup profile, chat and bio.

Smash Together announcement

To put it bluntly, the mock images of the hypothetical dating app are filled with cringe details for those familiar with the franchise's competitive scene. The profile it shows is of the hypothetical "PsiNessMaster," a Ness player who is supposedly #8 in the MD/VA power rankings (no one by that name has ever ranked in MD/VA's Smash power rankings).

The "chat" mockup features some truly dire Smash-related pickup lines, such as, "Are you a gyro? Because I'm trying to pick you up," and, "I'd rather play offline… Maybe with dinner?" The "love language" section of the profile reads "When my partner lets me take their stock in doubles."

The logical explanation is that the "dating app" announcement is simply a joke for the community. However, at the time of writing, no one has said it's a joke, leaving a small, terrifying possibility that it's a real thing someone is developing.

With that possibility in mind, many are clowning on the "app," as well as Smash players, who don't exactly have a reputation for being smooth in romance. There are also many age-related jokes about the hypothetical app, on account of previous troubles within the Smash community.

Remember Lonely Ape dating?

It's probably safe to assume "SmashTogether" is just a bit cooked up by a prankster in the Smash community. But if it's not, and it somehow turns out to be a real thing, we can look forward to the extremely good, cringe content it will produce.

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