'Skibidi Biden' Sketch On Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Is The Cringe That's Fueling The Internet Today

May 23rd, 2024 - 12:14 PM EDT by Owen Carry

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The Late Show With Stephen Colbert's "Skibidi Biden" sketch.

"Skibidi Biden" is now canon in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert universe.

A writer (unknown) in that writer's room got paid to make this toilet version of U.S. President Joe Biden last night, referencing the beloved (but also infamous) Skibidi Toilet series on YouTube, captivating the Gen Alpha children of many American parents who likely watch Colbert's program.

The video is trending all across X / Twitter, among other platforms, as numerous users are calling it "cringe."

The video was a part of Colbert's monologue. The set-up? Apparently, the Joe Biden campaign posted a job opening earlier this week for a "Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages" position.

From what we know, this probably means more Dark Brandon content.

The Late Show writers, of course, took a different route, crafting up the imaginary Skibidi President bit.

As outsiders witnessed the sketch via a viral X post today, internet users are seriously powerscaling Skibidi Biden with Pokémon GO to the Polls over which cringy political meme will reign supreme.

Who knows how evergreen this Skibidi Biden thing is? If the Biden team embraces this cringe on the campaign trail this year, he'll truly be going for that brain rot vote.

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The Biden administration and cult of "He's not that bad guys!" has been a sight to behold.

The Trump administration was a train wreck for sure, but Trump knew he was crashing that train and never changed course, only throwing more coal into the furnace.

Biden's train wreck is more like a downward spiral that somehow gets worse the more people make attempts at damage control, like a Mr. Bean movie.

This FEELS like the apotheosis that, I sure as hell can't picture anything worse than this… but I know deep down, it can and will get worse.

It stings too, I used to like John Stewart. Steven Colbert was NOT the person to pass his torch of satirical news to.


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