Part 3 Of Viral 'Zoom Court Hearing' Story Reveals That Corey Harris Never Had A License At All

June 6th, 2024 - 1:29 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Corey Harris never had a license / suspended license Zoom court hearing viral video update.

In what is frankly a stunning third development in a viral traffic court case that has gripped the nation, Corey Harris, the man who received much attention online for Zooming into his suspended license traffic court hearing while driving his car, apparently never had a license at all.

Michigan Judge Cedric Simpson, the judge who first expressed exasperation at Harris driving while apparently on a suspended license, set the record straight in yet another hearing yesterday, when he revealed that Harris has never had a Michigan driver's license in his life.

Harris went viral in mid-May for seemingly being the world's dumbest traffic violator, as a video of him Zooming into a suspended license court hearing from his car astounded Judge Simpson, who ordered Harris to turn himself in to jail.

Then, earlier this week, it was reported by various outlets and users that Harris was the victim of a clerical error and that he'd actually had his license reinstated in January 2022, but the order never went through.

Harris' revoked license suspension

Yesterday, Judge Simpson revealed that the delay on the order was because Harris never paid his fees to the clerk's office, so the clearance was never sent to the Secretary of State. He then dramatically declared that Harris "has never had a Michigan license, ever!" Harris also did not have a driver's license from any other state in his life.

In Michigan, one can rack up suspensions on one's driving record even without a valid license, and should they obtain a license, they would have to clear those suspensions before being legally allowed to drive. Thus, while Harris may have had the suspensions lifted, he never paid the fees to have that go through, nor could he have legally driven anyway because he didn't have a license at all.

The police officer who arrested Harris in the first place, way back in October 2022, said Harris knew he didn't have a license because he admitted it to the officer at the traffic stop that day.

Thus ends Harris' brief redemption arc, and he is now back in the Washtenaw County Jail.

Social media was gobsmacked by the dramatic twists and turns of what first appeared to be a simple, funny viral video.

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