Belle Delphine Reveals She Lost Money Selling Her Bathwater, Calls It The 'Biggest L' She's Ever Taken

May 6th, 2024 - 11:18 AM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Bell Delphine holding GamerGirl Bathwater under tweet reading "Since it’s been a couple years now I can finally share the biggest L I’ve ever taken."

Belle Delphine, arguably social media's most well-known e-girl, has revealed that she lost over $90,000 USD in a 2019 venture to sell her bathwater.

Five years ago, Delphine went viral after announcing that she would sell her bathwater for around $30 per jar. The product, marketed as GamerGirl Bath Water, reportedly sold out fast, leading many to assume that the product was highly profitable for Delphine and becoming a major source of memes that year.

Delphine herself even supported the idea that the bathwater was profitable. As recently as February 2024, during her interview with Louis Theroux, Delphine claimed that she made roughly $18,000 by selling her bathwater.

Now, three months after the interview, Delphine has made a post on X / Twitter claiming that she actually lost money selling her bathwater, writing that PayPal took around $90,000 from her in relation to the venture.

"Since it’s been a couple years now I can finally share the biggest L I’ve ever taken," she wrote, before breaking down how she lost money on her bathwater and why she lied about the profits.

She writes that, without warning, PayPal "closed my PayPal account and took the $90,000 that I earned from selling my bathwater." She claims she tried phoning them to get the money back, but they told her there was nothing they could do about it. The post included a screenshot of the PayPal transaction details showing a loss of $90,377.58 from her account.

Delphine then explains why she helped perpetuate rumors about the bathwater's success, writing, "I knew it would be a better news story to say that I made ‘sOoOo much money’ from selling my bathwater so I just kept this secret." She concludes that, ultimately, she's still glad she sold the bath water because "it was a really funny time on the internet when it happened."

About 10 minutes after making the post, she shared further details, claiming that every time she made a sale on her bathwater, PayPal hit her with a $2,500 penalty for breaking their terms of service.

"They wouldn’t tell me which PayPal rule I broke and they wouldn’t give me anymore information because of ‘security risk,'" she said, suggesting that the terms of service break might be because PayPal "doesn't allow s--workers to use their platform."

The post has inspired a lot of defense for Delphine in her comments section, where some followers are suggesting she try to sue PayPal.

One user wrote, "PayPal is just messed up and has lost its attractiveness the past few years." Another said, "Many many other s--workers I know have gotten their PayPal shut down for not even doing anything."

At the time of reporting, Delphine has no publicly known plans to take action against PayPal.

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