Dirt Man, wearing a hat, staring out at the camera.

Who Is The 'Dirt Man' And Why Are Guys Keeping A Little Dirt Under Their Pillow For Him?

Meet the Dirt Man, TikTok's latest megastar: he wants your dirt, he lives under the mountain and he's here to stay. In a sense, the Dirt Man is more of an idea than a real person… or is he? The central character of a viral internet song has etched himself into the memory of scrollers everywhere. But how many of them, one must wonder, are really keeping a little dirt under their pillows for him?


Where Does The 'Dirt Man' Song Come From?

The "Dirt Man" song was made by TikTok novelty musical artist Carter Vail, who posted it at the end of last April. However, the song only picked up significant viral attention later in May.


Who Is The 'Dirt Man'?

We don't know much about him, but there are a few key facts. He lives underneath the mountain, where he keeps his dirt. He is willing to resort to tactics like abduction and violence in order to secure his dirt supply. And, crucially, he appears to appreciate a gesture of consideration from non-dirt men, such as a bit of soil tucked beneath a pillow.


What Is The Meaning Of The 'Dirt Man'?

If you know, you know. But if you don't, then the Dirt Man could be numbered among a long series of meme cryptids with strange capabilities and relationships with humans. Like the critters of the SCP Foundation, he dwells in the shadows of the real and semi-real, lurking at the edge of what we post and what we know.


How Do People Make Memes About The Dirt Man?

Like with other TikTok songs, users post themselves singing along to the sound. Various TikTok musicians have also created covers of the smash hit. Carter Vail released an "open verse" for others to duet their own verse on top of the instrumental, allowing for theoretically endless and continual expansion of the Dirt Man lore.


For the full history of the Dirt Man, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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