Zoomerification meme examples depicting christian bale from American psycho and Liam Gallagher from the wonderwall video with zoomer perms.


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Zoomerification is a meme trend that involves editing images of people and characters by giving them a Zoomer Perm or other stereotypical Gen Z haircut and humorously editing their dialogue so that it includes a large number of Gen Z slang words and expressions, such as "deadass," "fr fr," "bussin" and "no cap." First popularized on 4chan in April 2022, the format achieved virality in early June that year.


On May 11th, 2021, an anonymous 4chan[1] user made a thread in which he posted a photograph of a teenager with a Broccoli Hair haircut (also referred to as Zoomer Perm and Mulatto Perm), listing several slang expressions associated with Gen Z (shown below). The post received viral spread online, with its screenshot being widely shared in the following months.[2] This image also provided the Zoomer Perm exploitable.

103KiB, 668x1024, AF595085- 5415-4BC6-81BD- 1517FD586BB5.jpg View Same Google ImgOps iqdb Sauce NAO Anonymous Tue 11 May 2021 17:15:05 [122/23] No.854186812 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>854186946 >>854186960 >>854187270 >>854188319 >>854188334 >>854189305 >>854189364 >>854190953 >>854192102 >>854192484 >>854192501 >>854194678 >>854195430 >>854195654 >>854196731 >>854196926 >>854197184 >>854197275 >>854199258 Zoomers >lets goooo >finna >no cap >vibing >rn >fr >ion

The thread spawned a 4chan trend of mocking Generation Z by posting photographs of teenagers with the Zoomer Perm, as well as Wojaks and Pepes with the broccoli haircut, combined with sentences consisting primarily of Gen Z slang (example[3] shown below, left). On October 5th, 2021, a user made a post in /tv/[4] in which they gave The Irishman character Frank Sheeran the haircut, with other users replying with The Irishman lines laden with Gen Z slang (shown below, right). On October 10th, a user edited an image of Adolf Hitler in the same fashion, posting it to /pol/.[5]

Anonymous ID:5zRTIHuv Sun 29 Aug 2021 02:30:19 No.336652228 Report Quoted By: >>336674769 >>336645280 bruh that s--- had me laffin no cap [205 / 29 / 97] Rep Anonymous Tue 05 Oct 2021 10:42:50 No.157234975 View Reply Original ort Quoted By: >>157236056 >>157236069 >>157236234 >>157236246 >>157238856 583KiB, 3711x2087, C310E072-7409-469E-8CC3- >>157239826 >>157241370 0172691830A6.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace >>157241399 >>157241403 >>157242050 >>157243200 >>157243304 >>157243309 >>157243457 >>157244371 >>157244803 >>157246080 >>157246986 >>157247296 >here's the kid I was telling you about Anonymous Tue 05 Oct 2021 11:10:27 No.157235865 Report test Anonymous Tue 05 Oct 2021 11:15:39 No.157236056 Report Quoted By: >>157236163 >>157234975 Ayooo I paint house fr let's gooo00 Anonymous Tue 05 Oct 2021 11:16:06 No.157236069 Report Quoted By: >>157236163 >>157236320 >>157234975 fr fr

Prior to November 17th, 2021, an unknown Twitter user posted the first such meme to Twitter, editing a photograph of a judge (shown below, left). The image was later reposted to iFunny[6] and 4chan.[7]

Multiple Zoomerification posts were made on 4chan in February 2022,[8][9] however, the trend did not become massive until early April 2022 when an anonymous user posted an edited image of Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men combined with Gen Z dialogue to /tv/[10] (shown below, right).

Anonymous Sat [244 / 48 / 157] 02 Apr 2022 14:21:52 No. 165994673 View Reply Original Rep ort Quoted By: >>165995770 >>165996446 >>165997451 >>165997609 >>165997683 >>165998869 >>166000466 >>166001563 >>166002187 >>166004276 >>166005338 84KiB, 1060x651, no country for zoomers.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace ↓ >>166005384 >>166005905 >>166006235 >>166007188 >>166007330 >>166013262 >>166013331 >>166013659 >>166013983 >>166020447 >>166022204 >>166025396 >>166027147 step out of the car please senpai, fr fr


In the thread, multiple users posted[11][12] similar edits combined with Gen Z dialogue (example shown below, left). On April 13th, a user made another /tv/ thread,[13] posting an edit of Don Draper from Mad Men(shown below, center), with one user replying,[14] "lucky strike, it's bussin." Within one hour, Twitter[15] user @hereliesthighs reposted the image with the joke, with the tweet gaining over 7,300 retweets and 80,200 likes in two months (shown below, right).

Anonymous Sun 03 Apr 2022 03:58:33 No.166023881 Report Quoted By: >>166024086 Give me your country bruh frfr no cap View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace oskar zelenski.jpg, 21KiB, 360x325 Anonymous Sun 03 Apr 2022 04:08:28 No.166024086 Report >>166023881 that s--- is not bussin fr fr Anonymous Wed 13[33/7/25] Apr 2022 21:37:56 No.166516701 View Reply Original Rep ort Quoted By: >>166516915 >>166517053 >>166517131 >>166517344 >>166517508 >>166517552 >>166517657 >>166518236 You don't just want to appeal to your customers, you want to vibe with them, you want them on your wavelength, you want them to f--- with you. If you can't do that, there's no point in working with 59KiB, 599x768, 8v660bd39at81.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace you, but I'd like to welcome you to the 21st century, my slime. Report Anonymous Wed 13 Apr 2022 21:39:11 No.166516745 Pete when you gonna hit that, what are you a f-----, frfr Anonymous Wed 13 Apr 2022 21:41:07 No.166516810 Report no cap hells bells trudy sheeeeesh Anonymous Wed 13 Apr 2022 21:43:26 No.166516883 Report PEGGY, BRUH, THATS WHAT THE CASHAPP IS FOR FRFR!! Titus, beach bodied @hereliesthighs Everybody else's vape juice is sus. Lucky Strikes' ... is bussin. 10:20 PM · Apr 13, 2022. Twitter Web App

On April 14th, 2022, Twitter[16] user based schizo (@tulpapilled) posted an edit of a still image from the business card scene in the 2000 film American Psycho. The tweet (shown below) gained over 860 retweets and 9,600 likes in two months.

... based schizo @tulpapilled "That's a wonderful haircut. Let me guess, bussin?" "fr fr." "You look so breedable." "Your compliment was sufficient, Simp." 2:38 PM Apr 14, 2022 · Twitter for Android .

The meme did not spawn a major trend until mid-May 2022, when on May 15th, Redditor[17] GirlsInMerzbowShirts posted an edited frame from the music video for Tears for Fears' song "Mad World," accompanied by an edited lyric from the song, "I find it kinda bussin', I find it kinda cap." The post (shown below, left) gained over 870 upvotes in three weeks. Additionally, Redditor[18] JoCrude commented with another altered lyric, writing, "The dreams in which I'm dying are the ones that lowkey slap." The comment gained over 420 upvotes.

On May 20th, 2022, Twitter[19] user @LeaMaric copied GirlsInMerzbowShirts and JoCrude's post and comment in a tweet that gained over 7,000 retweets and 62,500 likes in two weeks (shown below, right).

Posted by u/GirlsInMerzbowShirts 22 days ago I find it kinda bussin', I find it kinda cap exuu @LeaMaric Sorry for this I find it kinda bussin' I find it kinda cap That the dreams in which I'm dying Are the ones that kinda slap 10:22 PM · May 20, 2022 Twitter for iPhone ...

In the following days, @LeaMaric's post was widely reposted. For example, on May 22nd, Instagram[20] user weteggs reposted the image, gaining over 6,300 likes in two weeks.

Starting on May 26th, Instagram user rad_milk posted a series of memes in which various people and characters were given Zoomer Perm and their catchphrases humorously altered with Gen Z slang. For example, on May 26th, rad_milk posted[21] such edit of Jim Halpert from The Office that gained over 6,000 likes in 10 days (shown below, left). On May 27th, rad_milk posted[22] an edit of Morpheus from The Matrix, which was reposted by numerous Instagram,[23] Facebook and Twitter[24] accounts in the following week (shown below, right).

Low key Pam is kinda mid tho fr

In early June 2022, the trend gained virality online, initially on Instagram, as multiple meme pages posted Zoomerificiation edits, including viral versions by trashcanpaul,[25] adam.the.creator[26] and sonny5ideup.[27]

Wave Check

Waves Hairstyle Photoshops, also known as Wave Check and Waves and Air Pods, refer to digitally edited images in which the subject has a curly hairstyle known as "waves" superimposed over their original hair. Often paired with photoshopped AirPods, the edits are considered a development of the AirPod Flexing meme.

arómub @pinkmeth.v2

Various Examples

prettycooltim E deadass mc² no cap fr on god SUBWAY TM บ้านการเป็นขนาดให Make It A Footlong WEWERY Premium SOUME 249 318 M40E 94433 CLASSICS weithe FAVORITES 269 338 ses/thum AVERY PREMIUM 299 368 8139 189 F Pary These mfs are cappin' Tone. That s--- deadass ain't gabagool. On God, Tone. 30 สังแซนด์วิช How To Order unforfunes Drinks *** TRUBUS Extras 1 PENE www ANA ld
sophie @netcapgirl "it's far better to buy a bussin company at a sus price than a sus company at a bussin price, fr fr" 6:32 PM Jun 4, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone . ... enjoyment enjoyer @paleocapital no cap sir a plane has deadass crashed into the world trade center and another into the mf pentagon no cap the situation is NOT bussin RE MA Сам 2:41 PM May 31, 2022. Twitter Web App Hol up, You think darkness is bussin'? You deadass fr took the dark you mad sussy baka fr fr.. Ngl no flex, I vibe it no cap fr "Sheeeeeshh..."



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